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  1. Maybe it was 4K!!! LOL.... sorry had to... -Mike
  2. I used a real coin door and made the coin returns into buttons. I also used a real plunger with a pinscape, so I can use the plunger as a launch button when needed. Then it’s just start and exit actual looking buttons (I also have a buy in button, but wouldn’t put one in if I did it again) -Mike
  3. Thanks man! I appreciate it. And thanks to you for the BG and to Westworld for the info on how to make it work. -Mike
  4. It's not 200 steps, it's 360 steps. 200 is the length of time to rotate 1 full rotation. But the real answer is that I don't know. The ROM is doing it and it just worked for me... -Mike
  5. OK, I got it (I think). There was only one item in front of the wheel and I found that Z Order setting in the snippit properties and was able to set it to a higher value than the new wheel snippit. Can you check it and make sure it displays correctly on your machine as well? Thanks! -Mike Cyclone-WIP.directB2S
  6. The clocking of the image isn't correct to work with 360 steps of rotation, and end up on the correct value. Here is my image with the clocking that works (it looks ok, but it's pretty egg -y when it spins) -Mike edit: thanks for checking it WM. I did manage to delete and import a new snippit (just scaled down this image), but now it's in front of everything and I couldn't figure out how to get it back behind stuff again. I don't know how you manage to work with the editor so well, it seems pretty odd on a few things.
  7. You can quite literally, right click on the file.directb2s and choose open with: choose your favorite text editor (sublime text or notepad++ or similar, I've been using Visual Studio Code lately. You might even be able to use notepad, but it's really just a port forward of a 16bit app so it may not have the memory to handle it) I just did a search for the name of the snippit in the file and found SnippitRotatingSteps="90" and changed that to SnippitRotatingSteps="360". Saved and closed. Opened my wip and the wheel spun smooth like butter. Bummer you can't re-import an image on a snippit. I'll have a go at making a new snippit. -Mike
  8. 1. Didn't know it could be open with text editor. That's cool! 2. You can just type in a higher number and it does work! Super cool! 3. When you type in a higher number in the editor it just auto reverts back to 90, so something specific to that field in the form setup restricting the input. 4. @Wildman dumb question, I see that the image in your b2s is at a different rotation than the one I used in my WIP. How do you re-import a different snippit image? I am just not seeing anything like that, in resources when I click it's just re-saving the file somewhere, no option for re-importing. -Mike edit: the backglass is just Wildmans Cyclone BG here:
  9. @Westworld ? Sorry, not trying to spam, just seems that the @ someone didn't work from tapatalk. -Mike
  10. I was making a new version of Cyclone which has a wheel in the backglass. I created the desktop version first and I easily created a wheel that I rotated with 360 steps (cause it's a circle). Wildman pointed out to me that b2s editor only goes to 90 steps per mech rotating image. So my current WIP doesn't jive with existing directb2s file. Is it possible to change the editor/server/files to allow 360 steps? Thanks! -Mike
  11. Very cool! Need to rework my speaker setup in my cab now. So when are you going to add a cool grid that represents the table to the Sound Position window so you could just click on a spot on the grid and it will translate that to the balance/F/R settings? -Mike
  12. Need to get some time to test this out! Seems super cool! -Mike
  13. I personally have not ever lost anything when I updated mine. -Mike
  14. Cool, That's got it working. Now to see what I can do with it. Thanks! -Mike
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