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  1. This was the thread. And yes, Mustang looks off the charts!
  2. I posted them on vpf, but I'll have to pull the numbers again since the time I posted them I changed my dmd contrast and some other settings. Since I use compact display (no dots) bright colors had a tendency to make the whole screen 'glow' a little, for lack of a better word. Here is an example, although in the video it's hard to see the contrast between white and yellow, but in pefson it's very pronounced.
  3. I'm also curious why full colorization hasn't been implemented into vp yet. Colordmd is actually an LCD screen, and once Batman goes into production no companies even use dmds anymore. I colorized all the standard vp dmd's already, but it's not the same as those full color ones.
  4. Game plays great, but it starts to lose audio sync after a little while. Only other game I've had that issue with was Big Buck Hunter, never resolved it. Any thoughts?
  5. Can't thank you enough for all the work you've done on VP. I truly appreciate it and I appreciate you releasing Metallica on Vp9 because VPX so far plays like ass on my cab:) Hope to see you here again soon! Happy New Year man!
  6. Word? Seems like 5 years
  7. Seems like 5 years. Yeah, I'm almost positive.
  8. I've already done all that. I'm sure my version is a few generations back now. I'm waiting it out. I've already done all this with all the different versions of VP, from 8 to Physmod5, I have like 10 versions of AFM and 6 MM's. That grows old to me. When the actual release is finished, I'll do it all again. If someone already had a patch to convert to Shrek, I would give it a try. The FG patch is awesome btw, looks and plays very very nice.
  9. Is there any way to get the Shrek cabinet table for Vp9.9 or Physmod5? I'm holding off on installing VP10 on my cab until the official release. I would appreciate it!
  10. I can confirm the release on the Loki Multiball works on this version. Most shots feel super nice too! The ramp still has a slight issue. I moved it down just slightly in the editor, which made it better, but not perfect, so I added a bunch more points to the curve and made it much smoother and rounder and made the walls around the round screws smaller, now I can make that ramp about 90% of the time with a good shot (that ramp is weird even in the real machine). I still experience a jump when I really nail it. Like it hits the plastic or something, I'm not sure. But this is as good as it has even been on my cab so I'm pretty happy with that. If anyone has a suggestion of how to stop that hop/jump, I'd love to hear it. Thanks again for the link!
  11. Any chance of this title getting a Physmod 5 update? It really is a great table, would love to see it finished in PM5.
  12. I'm having a slight problem with this table. It plays fine, no stutter what so ever, but I'm losing audio sync especially on multi-player. The flipper/bumper sounds are fine, it's the rom audio that's lagging. It can lag almost 1-2 seconds by the end of the game. I tried switching from samples to emulation, no difference. I'm open to any suggestions, this is the only table I notice it on, regular and physmod 5 tables both do it.
  13. Thank you, that will help a lot!
  14. You nailed it! That is perfect, exactly what I wanted. Is there a tutorial of how those settings work and what number adjusts what? I'd love to learn what those numbers mean exactly so I don't have ask people to do this for me.