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  1. All mega links have been removed from my post and replaced with source . accept my apologies. all sources of all colorizations were all cited each time under each image for info , I made a mistake, but it was much easier for members of the forum and much more convenient to have everything on a page that dispatcher on several pages, sorry for everything
  2. Link to this folder is dead , and for the others folders , some palette missing
  3. Thanks , so i have to rename it to pin2dmd.pal of course .
  4. Great job , i love it , what file does it work for pin2dmd on pincab machine ?
  5. i started too a tron stern colorisation with the advices of our member sharkkly but it's really time consuming , tron has some videos very complicate to do what i want , perhaps when i have much time i finalyze it
  6. you have to create a mt_170h.zip and put the mtl17le.bin in , that's all
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