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  1. star wars data east

    Love this , awesome work man
  2. Is it 2.4 or 2.5 update , may be it's 2.6 ? @hanibal2001
  3. Terminator 2

    Link to this folder is dead , and for the others folders , some palette missing
  4. Terminator 2

    Thanks , so i have to rename it to pin2dmd.pal of course .
  5. Terminator 2

    Great job , i love it , what file does it work for pin2dmd on pincab machine ?
  6. Pin2Dmd Editor

    i started too a tron stern colorisation with the advices of our member sharkkly but it's really time consuming , tron has some videos very complicate to do what i want , perhaps when i have much time i finalyze it
  7. you have to create a mt_170h.zip and put the mtl17le.bin in , that's all
  8. thanks for precision , i had some divergent reviews in a post of my forum , if you want some people to test , i'm your man , Now i'm fixed , i search in script's table and in editor to reproduce your effect but not possible so i decided to post here
  9. @sliderpoint a version of metallica LE is on youtube but some effect did not correspond to yours , is it a modified of this one or not ? is it an other version of yours you don't post ? i know it's a work in progress but this table is much better than the pro version and would like to know informations of course
  10. Thank you I would test it when I go to my friend's house, but it lives a little far I think it could be possible next week or later .
  11. Just test to the pincab of a friend , with all update , vpm , vp10.2 , b2s and cie , phenom x4 2.8ghz , 6 go ddr3 ... SMb sluttered , why this table has this problem and not others , perhaps it's in the rom , the script , what else ??
  12. @toxie @ DJRobX thanks guys , i test it with an A8-6600 in turbo mode and gtx970 , 10 go ddr3 it seems that SMB don't have sounds issues now , it runs perfect , i do some others test with an i5-6600k and gtx750ti 16go ddr4 when it will be functionly , later i think i have so much work at home , thanks again friends , great job ...