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  1. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    @CarnyPriest I totally understand. For a long time, I was doing manual DLLs for pindmd users and one without. Modularizing would have made my life easier, too. I helped @arngrim take it over, at least until I "disappeared" with real life. Imagine reverse engineering the original SAM DLL, trying to fix bugs, and then releasing 2 DLLs over and over as tests... The guys here from the BBB chat would know what I was going through. Kudos to you, arn, and @DJRobX and the rest of the community.
  2. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    Unfortunately, I dont have as much time as I did in the past. Everyone has made such great progress in VP. I recently upgraded my cabinet and VPX along with the emulation improvements is amazing. This was the future I had hoped for by releasing the code... the community and the progress is astounding. Great work everyone! Wow... it still took years for them to add SAM to the official source... still, glad it finally made it in.
  3. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    I'm the one who decompiled the dll and made the original sam.c years back, too "Merry xmas!"
  4. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    Congrats on the progress of the dll! Things have moved fast since I've been around.
  5. Stern Sam - Pinmame Source Code

    Just thought I'd say hi everyone. Been watching the progress and the SAM PinMAME community growth... and one word comes to mind... "Amazing!"
  6. Stern Sam - Pinmame Source Code

    Howdy all. Glad to see someone picked this up. I havent really had any time to do update, sorry everyone.
  7. Stern Sam - Pinmame Source Code

    Haha... all I gotta say is "kids". I never knew how much time they consume. Plus work has been extremely busy. Work some nights til 11pm. Even worked 1 night til 2am.
  8. Stern Sam - Pinmame Source Code

    Hmmm, updated DLLs Added: XMEN 1.30 Pro and LE Metallica 1.22 Pro and LE VPinMAME25svn.zip VPinMAME25svn_pindmd1.zip VPinMAME25svn_pindmd2.zip
  9. Stern Sam - Pinmame Source Code

    Updated DLL: - Added Metallica Pro 1.13 - Added Metallica Limited Edition 1.13 Known issues - Speed issues with Metallica Limited Edition 1.13 (core issue, possibly) VPinMAME25svn.zip VPinMAME25svn_pindmd1.zip VPinMAME25svn_pindmd2.zip
  10. Stern Sam - Pinmame Source Code

    Another update: - Added Metallica 1.12 Pro - Updated to 3477 SVN VPinMAME25svn.zip VPinMAME25_pindmd1.zip VPinMAME25_pindmd2.zip sam.zip
  11. Stern Sam - Pinmame Source Code

    The bottom line is that Virtual Pinball EMULATES... and the physics engines dont compare to a real pinball machine, no matter what. A mediocre pinball machine is still better than a perfect recreation of a good machine, simply because of the physics and mechanics. Virtual cant compare to the real feel and action of a flipper hitting a silver ball around and the machine which in turn gives feedback by hitting a bumper or destroying a castle, no matter how hard you try to emulate it. What emulation does do is open the door to more pinball lovers. It gives the opportunity for someone, like my 1 year old son, to experience something (when he gets a little older), that I loved without having to travel 3-4hrs just for him to get the chance to play just 1 or 2 tables (most kids dont have the attention span and would get bored with just playing 1 table over and over). Also, if my son gets addicted to virtual pinball, dont you think that my son would tell his friends about it? And that opens the door of him or his friends buying a real pinball table (when they can afford one). All virtualization does is open the door to those that would have never experienced it in the first place, which in turn, creates more of a demand. As long as the community sticks to the 3/5 year rule, people already know those tables, and would buy the real thing regardless, if they wanted, therefore not hurting sales, because those 3/5 year machines would no longer be in production. If you have a warehouse full of pins to sell, wouldnt someone want to play test a pin first before they decide to buy it (unless its a new pin)? Basically this "fake" agreement was made for other reasons, because its obvious that Stern isnt bothered by emulation, as far as we all know.
  12. Stern Sam - Pinmame Source Code

    Since Stern posted Metallica in the gamecode on their site, here are the DLLs
  13. Stern Sam - Pinmame Source Code

    Tables will be made when the table creators decide to make em, and ONLY if they are 5 years or older. Please be patient.
  14. Stern Sam - Pinmame Source Code

    Unfortunately, its still not shown publicly on their site, so I wont release a dll, yet.
  15. Stern Sam - Pinmame Source Code

    I will not add any ROMs not publically available on the Stern site