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  1. dstott

    World Poker Tour

    I patched it to the English ROM and it worked fine. I was skeptical but had to try it.
  2. this is the first one that worked for me on my PinDMD3. thanks!
  3. Okay, I have run this with all display varieties under VP 9.9 and 10.2. Everything is displaying properly and VP has not crashed. I experienced a ROM dump using the new VPX TSPP, but I suspect it to be an issue with the new table, since nothing else showed the slightest problem. Four colors displayed properly on TSPP and JY. Alpha display was crisp on BOP. SAM tables showed excellent separation of shades and Fren's Star Trek LE looked fantastic. As always, a pleasure to contribute to your project.
  4. Okay, this combination works 100%. IT took everything I threw at it with NO crashes. Most excellent!!!!
  5. I have tested with all iterations of DMD. the two most recent versions do not display on the DMD at all, ever for SAM tables. The first of the two runs the tables and B2S without a DMD and the most recent crashes Virtual Pinball. The current standard download of SAM PinMAME runs 100% without errors or crashes. I experimented, with earlier versions, with at91jit and found that setting it to 0 on my configuration caused an echo of all sound, so I'm leaving it at 1.
  6. No change. Does not display on DMD, crashes VPX and 9.92.
  7. This one doesn't work at all. It doesn't put anything on the DMD in any mode and crashes VP10.2. I switched back to the previous version and restored function, but still no four shad colorization. I should be around most of the day if you want me to try new versions. This evening I will be unavailable as we will be attending the Great American Cooter Fest in Inverness, Florida. It's important to stand up for what you believe in!
  8. All table types play fine with no problems, however, my 4 color DMDs are now only appearing in one color on my PinDMD3. The problem is fixed by going back to the conventional 240 SAM build.
  9. The newest version fixed my TWD flipper problem but did not help the double sound issue. Setting at91jit back to 1 stopped the double speech, but I am still getting dumps named after the ROM. Fortunately, it does not seem to affect play. Continuing to play,,, I mean, test. I sure do like Fren's Star Trek.
  10. I'm using the modified 1.56_CLELAND with the voices changed.
  11. My games play fine, with the exception of TWD, which has developed intermittent flipper failure, but I did notice crash dump reports piling up in my tables directory. I tried changing at91jit to 0 and I now have double speech on those tables. It didn't really help the TWD flipper issue, either.
  12. I loaded the new version and removed the pinDMD.dll from the tables folder. Everything now works as expected. Thanks for the tune-up.
  13. I copied the new pinDMD.dll into the tables folder to make it work. And it works great! Are there any tables or types of tables you would like me to test? I've been concentrating on VPX tables, so far. I will try some PM5 tables next. I also made sure the DMD extensions program running my Pinball FX2 was still working and it is fine.
  14. I just set this up for pinDMD3. The current build also wants the DLL file in the tables directory. It took me a bit to figure that out. Once I did, I've had no issues with it, other than figuring out I had to turn off the software DMD through the menu, rather than by right clicking the backglass. The B2S menu no longer has and effect on it. Certainly not a deal breaker by any means. So far, everything I've tried has worked perfectly. I've played pre-SSM DMD games, pre-DMD games and Fren's Star Trek LE. Everything is working great. This concept is definitely a winner.
  15. BTW: I think this is a fantastic idea. It not only makes it easier to release updates, but it also eases concerns down the road that your device will no longer be supported. I thinki its a win all around!