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  1. Take one Post link to the game and the Rom that don't work
  2. Did you try turning off ddraw -- http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/3880-cursor-disappears-vp-x-10-please-help/?tab=comments#comment-42286
  3. This may help http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/3370-attack-from-mars-colorization/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-42753
  4. That's funny because the post above yours tells you what you need to do
  5. Try this Combination --- VPinMAME 3.3, Freezy dmd 1.8.0 r122 x86 & Sambuild_r4906
  6. Try this Combo1 is for the back Combo2 and Combo3 are for the side stripes http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/2695-configtool-big-update-for-teensy-users/?tab=comments#comment-30746
  7. http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/3370-attack-from-mars-colorization/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-42753
  8. Post a some pictures Comparing Medieval Madness DMD to wizard of oz may not be a good comparison because wizard of oz is a UltraDMD table
  9. This is what i Use ( I have a Pin2DMD ) Use Popper with FutureDMD to show on your Pin2DMD -- https://www.nailbuster.com/wikipinup/doku.php?id=emulator_future_pinball
  10. http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/4278-sambuild33-beta-thread/?do=findComment&comment=46732
  11. The 1.8.0 should work with sambuild r4906
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