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  1. When the game is running hit F1 Click Cabinet Also make sure you set the default in VPinMame by running Setup.exe
  2. Yes rename the 2 files and put them in altcolor/jupk_513 folder
  3. When I have both in the VPinMame Folder, IS there a way of turning off Lucky1's Dll file if I have the DMD my LCD screen
  4. For GB you need to use the DmdDevice.dll from Freezy 1.71 in the VPinSPA Folder Use Freezy 1.8 ( newest freezys) in your VPinMame Folder When using Lucky1 DmdDevice.dll there will be some puppacks that will partially work or won't work at all
  5. For more clink show more at the bottom of the page On the right click on the one you want, Then click on platform 86 Then click on artifacts, Then download the 86 zip file
  6. https://ci.appveyor.com/project/freezy/dmd-extensions/history
  7. Take one Post link to the game and the Rom that don't work
  8. Did you try turning off ddraw -- http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/3880-cursor-disappears-vp-x-10-please-help/?tab=comments#comment-42286
  9. This may help http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/3370-attack-from-mars-colorization/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-42753
  10. That's funny because the post above yours tells you what you need to do
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