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  1. Hi I created for the frontend PinballX (V1.87) new PinballX System Logos (VP DX7 - VP Physmod 5) Enjoy it! System Logos.rar
  2. Hi I created for the frontend PinballX (V1.87) some things ... 1- Startup Video. 2 PinballX Frontend (Backglass - Video Table - Wheel) with video Love Pinball (press enter to view and select Gameplay Videos). Inside the folder PinballX / Databases / Visual Pinball is the info.txt file to configure the Database.xml PinballX to see the Frontend on the wheel. 3 Image load (Loading ...) Download Link http://www.4shared.c...e/PinballX.html Hope you like it and soon I'll upload 89 instruction cards. Enjoy it!
  3. Hi, I would like to know how this mod is installed, or where to put the. Dif, that Visual Pinball folder? .... And if you have to play with VPphysmod5. Thanxs!
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