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  1. Just a quick update...still printing. If you need to contact me for a quote send it to bjbowman045@gmail.com. Happy building!
  2. Apparently I have been remiss in updating this thread. Still printing artwork for the community so if you need something shoot me an email. bjbowman045@gmail.com. Just got a brand new printer and the quality is even better. Thanks for all the orders so far. Happy gaming!
  3. Hey all, remember, the best way to contact me is bjbowman045@gmail.com. Thanks for the orders so far!
  4. Looking good! Still printing away and always available, send me an email if you need something. Thanks.
  5. Just updating the thread...still printing away...if need artwork please let me know.
  6. Hey all....just updating the thread and the price for pinball graphics have changed. $135 plus shipping. Thanks for the orders so far. If you need something send me an email. Thanks.
  7. Wow...I guess I have been a little re-miss on updating my thread lol. Most people know how to get in contact with me but yes I'm still printing artwork. Shoot me an email if you need something bjbowman045@gmail.com
  8. Wow...been a while since I updated this thread lol! Most people post in Hyperspin there builds, but feel free to post here. Printing away and having blast...just bought a Theatre of Magic Pinball machine! Very excited, now I will see how the real one plays compared the virtual one, lol
  9. Damn Dazz...who printed that sexy cabinet graphics? lol Looking forward to the Allentown show and meeting a few people!
  10. Just updating this thread...still printing and looking forward to 2015. Thank you for all the orders. Hopefully this year I can add a Hyperpin setup back in the game room and maybe one more new pin. Expensive hobby! lol
  11. My prices are....INSANE!!!!!!! lol Send me an email freneticamnesic with your measurements and address and I will send you a quote. bjbowman045@gmail.com. Thanks for the plug guys.
  12. Sure thing...yes I did do some Bride of Pinbot decals before for Maxsinner on the Hyperspin forums I believe. Just email me when ready...thanks for the plug!
  13. Oraguard 210 is the Laminate and it is 2.5 mils thick. I think I answered this on the other site, but I figured I would reply here too. Thanks to everyone who ordered from me...here's to 2014 and all the new builds!
  14. Hey Everyone, So I thought I would give back to the community and offer my services with the printing of graphics and decals for your projects. I own a sign company in Connecticut and have a 54" digital printer. I have printed artwork for many members in the community over the past couple of years. You can see the quality of the printer and material on my build http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/sh...ad.php?t=13088. I am starting this thread here to reach some people that may not venture over to the Hyperspin Forums. Here is what you get and how much. Material: -Arlon 3165RA (Rapid Air Release Technology) Gloss -Arlon Oraguard 210 Gloss Laminate Quality: -All decals are printed at 720 x 720 resolution -Material is rated at 7 years outdoor (You'll probably have you cabinet sold 3 times by the time these decals fade ) -Rapid Air Technology means a bubble free application -Professionally cut to your size specifications, packaged and shipped Process: Design your graphics in Photoshop, A.I., whatever and send me the files at 100% scale (Using a file sharing site as files will be large). Samples for color proofing can be made if you require it. Once sizes and color profiles are checked printing will begin and the artwork will be sent out within 2 business days by ground shipping anywhere in the US. US Shipping is $20, overseas shipping is $60-$90 depending on where you live and if you want 3-5 day shipping or not. Pricing: For a standard size machine you will get: - 2 Side Decals up to 52" in length - Coin Door Front area - 2 Side Back Box Decals Cost: $135 plus shipping (Custom add-ons at an additional cost) This price reflects my cost for ink, material, and time for preparing and packaging your decals. To give you an example on value, I would charge a customer in CT for something like this about $275 (Plus $65 per hour for design and/or changes in color, whatever). I am doing this because I wanted to give back to this awesome community, and I enjoy Pinball and Video Gaming! I can design something for your machine if you like but to be honest, I don't have the time or the raw talent that a lot of other people on this forum have. I would much rather you design it and I will make it real. Payment: Paypal would be the preferred method for me. My Paypal address is bjbowman045@gmail.com. Payment can be made once artwork is sent to me or when it's ready to be shipped. I trust the community. Contact: Please e-mail me at bjbowman045@gmail.com and put in the title Hyperpin Artwork or something like this. You may use this thread as a place to ask specific questions for the general community and also your thoughts and feedback, but PLEASE do not use this as a place to ask me when your artwork is shipping, etc. All contact will be through e-mail at the above address. Thanks and I hope you can use my services as a cost effective way to get some great looking artwork on your projects! I welcome your thoughts. Here is a video on how to apply graphics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKqTJ5sewV8 and also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eb6PSCrVyV0
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