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  1. Autofire and kickback start with the same frame animation and become "random" from there. In your version it wouldn't sync correctly. Now it's a bit nicer compromise. I found about 7 different explosions so far but there are more. I guess your solution is the only one that is not gonna make me go crazy. So, I spent so many hours in this you guys will have to check out all the fixes and changes for yourself. Some stuff I want to get done first.
  2. Got it working with some settings. Dpi is now set by system, not the program. Works perfect.
  3. We (Lucky1 helped again!) got the Autofire and Kickback to trigger almost correctly now. So that looks much better. At the moment I'm doing custom scenes for Warning and Danger. It's a lot of fun!
  4. I changed the resolution. I will look into changing the resolution with a batch. Thank you!
  5. I was looking forward to work on my new Microsoft surface but the editor cannot scale. It will hide some of the tabs. That makes it so small I can not see stuff. Possible to do something about that?
  6. OK. The Problem is much bigger than I thought regarding the explosion of the ship. There is a large number of different positions for the explosions, also for the keyframe. As of now it seems like there are multiple positions of explosions for getting the multiball, getting the jackpot and getting the super jackpot. Ouch! Finding them all is already pretty much a pain in the butt so... Anyone in for helping? As of now this is becoming a much bigger fix than I thought.
  7. Hunter Killer is the ship. It explodes when you hit the target. But I can already tell what's the problem and need to see if I can find a workaround. This games uses the same starting frames in different situations.
  8. I was able to fix some stuff but then find new stuff. So one problem is that the first frame of kickback and autofire seem to be identical.
  9. Does the hunter killer explosion trigger for you guys? Seems like this still needs some fixing.
  10. It's in the attract mode. If you look at the source from Malenko the scene is called "t800-bolt"
  11. Hi, I made my first replacement for an animation that always bothered me. Is there any interest? Do you like my work? I can release if people want to use it. I will draw more animation or at least recolor them with more detail.
  12. @pudd1nG I'm coloring the extra ball right now. Maybe you want to use it.
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