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  1. [New B2S Alert] Evil Fight ( Playmatic 1980)

    Wow!!! And still raising the bar with your latest work. Amazing! Thanks!
  2. Amazing! Thanks! The speed of your output make me wonder if you ever sleep...
  3. incredible work! Thanks for your dedication!!!
  4. You can find the latest developments and code over at the French site
  5. Thanks from me as well!
  6. When trying to play Jaws (game.pyc), I got an error. ED1.01, KR, and CCC are playing without any problems. Can't figure it out what I missed in the set up ( ) EDIT: While entering my post Sliderpoint entered a post with the same problem. So kind of double now...
  7. Thanks a lot! Love your VPX versions of the FP originals!