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  1. Good Morning Gentleman, Want to say I have Star Trek Next Generation and this mod works absolutely fantastic, giving VP a great new dimension(2.0 sub in front, 2.1 sub upper table and creative speakers in the BG), everything works as intended. The issue I have is most any other table I try to play I get no sound out of the BG and all rom sounds come thru the table which make it pretty much unplayable do to the vibrations and sound being overly loud. A couple of examples would be Start Trek LE, Mustang. I am wondering with the modded tables do I need to add something to the non PMD tables to get the rom sounds back to the back-glass( I always thought they were ROM driven and directed by VP as to where to go ?). So just throwing it out there before I pull that last hair out of my head :). The other thing if I am on say Star Trek LE and switch my BG and upper table jacks on the sound card the sound is separated as intended.(BG to BG table sounds on the table). Being how this mod greatly enhances the realism and game play - I am hopeful someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks
  2. wallclock

    World Poker Tour (Stern 2006)

    This table looks awesome, Thanks !