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  1. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    Thanks a lot Carny!
  2. This is "Plogue Bidule", one of the most intuitive VST standalone hosts. I also use "Blue Cat Audio Patchwork" on my Arcade cabinet, similar functions, but not so powerful like this one. Together with Asio4all and my onboard Realtek HD Audio soundcard it works like a charm.
  3. [New B2S Alert] Flash Gordon (Bally 1981)

    Great, Wildman, thanks a lot !
  4. Update: Last week my tactile speakers arrived and I mounted four of them into my cab's front and backside. With the onboard Realtek soundcard it worked right out of the box, now I am struggling with my VST host solution, but there is light on the horizon! Here is a first screenshot from the current VST host with all channel routings for 7.1 (including routes for legacy VP versions), but many tests will follow, until it is perfect. One thing, which tortured me for a long time is, that I could not get any sound from the front speaker channels (-> backglass) using my virtual audio cables, until I understood, that most (if not all) PinMame sounds are Mono and therefore were routed through the Center channel The onboard soundcard seems to distribute them to the front channels automatically, the audio cable does not. So I had to draw an extra route from the center channel to a Mono/Stereo converter and put them together with the Stereo channels from L/R. (on screenshot see channel #3 leading to a VST plugin named "Stereo Touch" ! BTW: THANKS so much DJRobX and Toxie for this new sound experience! It is a huge difference, when e.g. the coin sound comes from the cab's front and not from the backglass speakers! VST host routing (Yes, spooky it looks ):
  5. Pro Pinball: Timeshock - Dof Support

    Happy birthday Arngrim !
  6. Pro Pinball: Timeshock - Dof Support

    Thanks, I read it before my donation, but I wanted to honor Arngrim's work in any case
  7. Pro Pinball: Timeshock - Dof Support

    Sure ! 20 Euro on the way, many thanks Angrim !
  8. BTW: I did not forget about the VST plugin guide, guys, but real life stuff is currently whipping me hard , so please stay tuned, at least I made the first screenshots...
  9. Don't feed this troll guys, it is definitely not worth it !
  10. I actually overlooked the build, thanks. I will try to route it through my plugin host soon !
  11. Well, we will see, when your new system will be public, but since most VST hosts are multichannel capable, surround channel routing through the different plugins should be possible. You are absolutely right, that some plugins will route only stereo sources, but then you can use the same plugin multiple times and each one routes two different channels. I already use this technique in VP 10.3 with ONE soundcard and two virtual audio cables to support two pairs of speakers (BG and PF). Sounds difficult, but some screenshots will show, that it is quite easy actually. And the difference is not subtile, it is huge BTW: There are a lot of great free plugins (and some plugin hosts either) !
  12. How did you guys know, that I recently added two speakers to my playfield ? BTW: I will soon write a tutorial how to use music VST plugin technology in a pinball cabinet. Since I am hobby musician and quite familiar with VST plugins, hosts and such gadgets, I can no longer imagine to drive my cabinet without it. You won't believe, what magic stereo enhancers, equalizers and compressors can do for your ears
  13. [New B2S Alert] High Speed (Williams 1986)

    And a big thanks from me too
  14. Great work, Hanibal, many thanks for it !
  15. SAMBuild2.9 beta thread

    Great to hear