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  1. Here we are, now everything works like a charm, thanks! For others: I downloaded , commented out line 130 as described above, copied it to shared/tools and registered it using
  2. After copying and registering, CCC works without additional "dummy" file, but Evil Dead crashes with these errors: When re-registering the old version, everything works like before.
  3. No problems so far BTW and FYI: This is the error box without copying game_default_settings.yaml to CCC config folder:
  4. I'm with you, but in my case Python somehow got corrupt and for me it was the easiest way to resolve the issues!
  5. I reinstalled P-ROC from scratch now and together with your latest hotfix and the described actions in the ReadMe (note to myself: RTFM ) Evil Dead now works like a charm. The only side effect is, that the update actions somehow killed CCC! When starting, CCC reports the missing file "game_default_settings.yaml". Copying this file from Evil Dead config folder to CCC config folder resolves this issue. Any idea, why this file is suddenly necessary for CCC?
  6. I'm sure, you are right, I think I will start from scratch, thanks HorsePin!
  7. After entering "python game.pyc" only this output is displayed: Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\P-ROC\games\evildead\Game.py", line 11, in <module> ImportError: cannot import name api_client Request was already installed, just a typo above ;-)
  8. I just installed "requests" and copied over the hoftfix files, no success so far, the same VBScript boxes as mentioned above. Here are the entries in the log, many thanks for your help:
  9. Thanks for the update HorsePin, unfortunately replacing VPX and copying over the game folder does not work, the table throws three python errors:
  10. BTW: http://www.vst4free.com/index.php?m=VSTfx
  11. Equalizer APO: https://sourceforge.net/projects/equalizerapo/ VST plugins are produced by countless companies, much freeware, even more payware. Steinberg did only create the VST interface standard, therefore the directory name 😉 I guess, you found the BlueCatAudio and Voxengo VSTs, they are free, the Klanghelm is Payware, but there are numerous free compressors out there also. VST plugins are a real special world, so try to get into it slowly, start with only one and make your experiences adding some more. An EQ is a good start, the Stereo widener is a real eye opener 😀 As a hobby keyboard player I have collected a lot of them during the last years, so please feel free to ask, whenever you have questions 👍
  12. Yes, in late December 2017!
  13. This is my current solution: All VP versions have now surround sound included, so a much more simple solution than the one above is necessary to use 7.1 together with VST plugins and some tweaking actions: Equalizer APO! Equalizer APO is virtually inserted between your sound source and your soundcard, so that all these manipulations get possible. Install EQ-APO Activate it for your soundcard using the "configurator" program. Use "configuration editor" to customize your sound landscape (see screenshot) In the screenshot you can see different "racks" (described top down): The first one sets the sound device (my onboard Realtek card) Now the channels for the following racks are defined, First Stereo LR, where the next two racks (VST plugins, an EQ and a compressor) are assigned to. The same for the Center channel except that another VST plugin ( a Mono to Stereo converter with spatial widener) is added. Then same procedure for Rear LR (EQ + some amplifying for the tactile speakers) then again for Side LR. EQ-APO always runs in the background, no need to start it seperately Not THAT difficult, isn't it The purpose of all this is to improve the sound quality and to compensate level differences between the channels. Not really necessary for a proper function, but much fun! You can find VST plugins as freeware for all kind of applications, feel free to ask for some neat ones. Have much fun improving your surround pinball experience!