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  1. Question: yesterday was playing my cab with PIN2DMD perfectly and today I start it and everything that uses the DMD just crashes. After a lot of checking/reinstalling/trying I found that when I change back to the small dmdevice.dll that comes with the installer of VPX everything works again, but the DMD flickers (I had that before but just updated the DMDDEVICE.DLL everywhere). When copying the latest DMDDEVICE.DLL and start a test of Vpinmame, Vpinmame crashes, PinballX does not show anything on DMD. Here is the DMDDEVICE.LOG file (bottom part): [1] 2017/05/01 01:54:47.420 INFO | Opening virtual DMD... [8] 2017/05/01 01:54:47.657 DEBUG | PinDMDv1 device not found. [8] 2017/05/01 01:54:47.686 DEBUG | PinDMDv2 device not found. [8] 2017/05/01 01:54:47.686 DEBUG | Checking port COM1 for PinDMDv3... [8] 2017/05/01 01:54:47.768 DEBUG | Error: De parameter is onjuist. [8] 2017/05/01 01:54:47.768 DEBUG | Checking port COM3 for PinDMDv3... [1] 2017/05/01 01:54:52.413 INFO | [colorize] Setting palette of 16 colors via side channel... [1] 2017/05/01 01:54:52.413 DEBUG | [colorize] Setting new palette: [ #FF000000 #FF272727 #FFFF8000 #FFFF6A6A #FF6B6B6B #FF005E2F #FFAAD5FF #FFC0C0C0 #FF770000 #FFFFFFFF #FF643200 #FFFFFF00 #FFFF9595 #FFFFBFBF #FF00468C #FFE60000 ] [1] 2017/05/01 01:54:58.322 INFO | [vpm] Close() [1] 2017/05/01 01:54:58.322 INFO | Closing up. I tried also to change the driver with the ZADIG utility to the WINUSB driver instead of the LIBUSB32 but this keeps happening. Also tried latest firmware for PIN2DMD (2.38) This happens with every rom that I start with the Vpinmame test. PIN2DMD.EXE works perfectly. I cannot think of what can be different from yesterday that made this happen. Anyone have an idea ? EDIT: I could not let it go, so tested further. DMDEXT did also not find the PIN2DMD. Then I went into device manager and looked up the WINUSB device and deleted it. Then put the LIBUSB32 driver back with the ZADIG utility and it worked ! Using the latest DMDDEVICE.DLL without flickering. I will leave this here for anybody having this problem.
  2. Hi 85vett, Thanks for your reply. Your pointer of changing the global physics override caused that the table starts here, but again with the error that the TS has reported. After changing the name of the romfile to sman_261.zip (containing sman_261a.bin) and the change of the script line 28 from sman_260 to sman_261 everything works. Thanks for your help and thanks for the great tables that you made/worked on.
  3. Just tried the same. I tried vpinmame test with the rom that is available on the Stern website, but it does not work. When I change the name of the rom to sman_261.zip and then start the same test from vpinmame, the DMD will start. After changing the romname in the table script, the DMD is showing for about 0,5 second, then it disappears and the table is not started, without any error message. I think something in the new romfile changed that is not compatible with this table. I guess that the only solution would be to obtain the right sman_260 from somewhere or the table must get an update so it can use the new romfile. The romfile on the Stern site is version 261 (iguess, becaise it is names SPD26164.zip)
  4. Hi All, First of all: great table ! Nice work. But I have one issue: I tried the table on a Windows 8.1 64 bit system and all is fine. However when I put it on my Cab system - which is Windows 7 32 bit - and I use the B2S.Server controller line in the script, then the table does not start and it gives an error that the table has stopped, check the rom. I can play it perfectly (albeit with the same error of the Object Required) when i change the line in the script to the Vpinmame.controller line. So I guess everything is the same on both machines (I even copied the complete Visual Pinball directory from the working system to the other) but on Windows 7 it crashes with the B2S background. If I use a static background it works. Other tables work fine with the B2S backgrounds. Also when I start the Setup of Pinmame and test the rom it is ok and it also starts from there and shows me the DMD. Any suggestions ?? It is not a very big deal as I can play without the B2S background, but was curious if someone else has encountered this problem.
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