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  1. imagamejunky

    Please Help With Evil Dead P-Roc!

    bump.. anyone... anyone.... bueller?
  2. imagamejunky

    Please Help With Evil Dead P-Roc!

    Another question. On this page https://bitbucket.org/horseyhorsey/pyprocgame-evildead/wiki/vp_game_map The instructions state.. Add the following entry: EvilDead: path: /../games/EvilDead kls: Game.Game yaml: /../games/EvilDead/config/GameConfig.yaml Path = Game folder that holds python modules. kls = Game entry class point. C:\P-ROC\games\EvilDead\Game.py yaml = Machine configuration file. Are we supposed to edit the kls:line that only says Game.Game with C:\P-ROC\games\EvilDead\Game.py ?? Sorry for the confusion Junky
  3. imagamejunky

    Please Help With Evil Dead P-Roc!

    Horseyhorsey, I followed your wiki guide and I'm still unable to load either Evil Dead or the Skeleton table via Visual Pinball X. I can load both from a command prompt opened in the EvilDead folder or in the Skeleton folder. Although this does not load VP, it only loads a small window with the evildead videos playing and then I can press 1 to "start" a game (but nothing actually starts) When I try to run the EvilDead.vpx table from within VP I am getting the following 3 errors (attached pictures). I get the same errors when trying to run the skeleton table from vp also. The evildead b2s backglass loads no problem. I can run any other vpx table without issue. I've gone through your wiki again and again. Please help me out. Thanks in advance Junky
  4. imagamejunky

    Openframe Solenoids (Zye1-0837Zp)

    I found some for you http://www.ebay.com/itm/Siemens-3RT1016-1BB41-Motor-Starter-Contactor-24-VDC-Coil-3RT10161BB41-/322021046247?hash=item4af9f337e7:g:hbMAAOSw0JpV5H~k Junky
  5. imagamejunky

    Openframe Solenoids (Zye1-0837Zp)

    A lot of guys (including myself) use Siemens 24V Contactors. There are a number of models that will work. The problem is that they're pretty expensive. I was lucky and able to buy 8 of them used on eBay. They sound great and have a good solid "crack" against the cab. Read this. http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=26379 Hope this helps. Junky
  6. imagamejunky

    Please Help With Evil Dead P-Roc!

    Following his guide, I installed a new version of visual pinball x inside the proc folder. This TOTALLY screwed up my normal vp folder. I had to re set up my vpinmame and also my b2s server
  7. imagamejunky

    Please Help With Evil Dead P-Roc!

    No. I can't get anything to run with proc. Just errors out. I followed Fren's guide here ... http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/2286-cactus-canyon-continued-proc-in-vp/?p=25166 I can get all the way to the step where he says "For the bridge to recognize this game folder you need to add this Template game into the vp_game_map.yaml see the following: SkeletonProc: path: /../games/SkeletonVP10 kls: Game.Game yaml: /../games/SkeletonVP10/config/GameConfig.yaml" And I'm lost
  8. imagamejunky

    Cactus Canyon Continued - Proc In Vp?

    I posted a new thread requesting help with evil dead. Please help me out here guys. this is completely foreign to me. I'm pretty good with visual pinball but this is crazy to me.
  9. Hi guys. I've spent hours now. I cannot figure out how to run Evil Dead Proc. It appears that there are many different ways to set this up. I'm VERY confused. For example, I tried to follow the instructions on vpforums for proc and also for evil dead. doing the test in command prompt I never saw the number 6 come up. I saw python with a version that ended in 6. Where is this 6 supposed to show up? I installed Proc with Python on my C drive, and I now have a visual pinball folder AND I have a games folder. I see the skeleton folder inside the games folder. Do I put my current visual pinball folders and files inside the games folder or inside the visual pinball folder? Do I need to create an evil dead folder to put inside the games folder alongside the skeleton folder? Shouldn't evil dead vpx be in the tables folder in visual pinball? I read somewhere that I"m supposed to launch this with something OTHER than vpx. How? Some instructions say to use the "install button". Where is this install button? I am completely lost here. Any help would be greatly appreciated Junky
  10. imagamejunky

    Cactus Canyon Continued - Proc In Vp?

    I'm very excited about Evil Dead! I hope you guys release this soon. ...... I'll swallow your soul! Junky
  11. imagamejunky

    Vp 10 Installation Help

    Hell yes Dazz! I just saw a FPV multi rotor that can also go underwater!I'm into 3d planes and have a little 450 T-rex too. Junky
  12. imagamejunky

    Vp 10 Installation Help

    You're welcome guys. RCAerobat, what types of RC are you flying? I love my rc aircraft almost as much as gaming. Junky
  13. imagamejunky

    Wip - The Walking Dead Pro - Groni Pinball

    Hell yes! When Groni and Fren are BOTH working on their own versions of tables WE ALL WIN. Looking forward to you work guys. Junky
  14. imagamejunky

    Vp 10 Installation Help

    **** RULE #1 that I ALWAYS follow when making big changes to VP-- Make a complete backup copy of your working Visual Pinball Folder!!**** 1- Download the "standalone exe" VPX from VPforums http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=11572 OR from VPU 2- Unzip and place all of these files into your existing Visual Pinball Folder (where your VP files and VP exe's already exist) 3- YES to overwrite existing files when asked 4- If you are like me (and many others) you already had your vbs files in your tables folder (core.vbs, bally.vbs, etc etc). If so, then copy/paste the new vbs files from the new Scripts folder into your Tables folder. YES to overwrite when asked. 5- Download/install the latest VPinMame files if you haven't already 6- Download some bad ass VPX tables and ENJOY "where do I place it so as not to screw up my vp 9 games?" VPX won't screw up your existing VP9 exe's (or tables). The VPX exe and the other VP exe's co-exist in the same VP folder. You will load the VPX exe to play VPX tables and you will still use your VP9 exe's to play the VP9 tables. VPX creates it's own registry values also, so it will save it's own settings and has no effect on the saved settings of VP9. NOTE-- You no longer need to download "cabinet tables". All of the VPX tables can run on both desktop and cabinets. Just set it up in the VP preferences. Have fun Junky