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  1. i cant seem to find the rom on this site, is there a link?
  2. Am too also having Rom issues loading this table, I generally never have these problems. Downloaded the Rom from stern website and no matter how inrename the zip file or the bin filename within the zip, I just can't get this to work.
  3. Awesome release. Quick question, how do I turn off the solenoid sounds for the flippers and pop bumpers? I have contractors so don't really need these sounds. Thanks!
  4. hi all was wondering if anyone has updated oooplayer1ooo's version of dr. who, or if not, is this a table that anyone would consider redoing? thanks
  5. I'll give it a go - not sure how to do all that but i guess its a good oportunity to start learning. Thanks
  6. Guys, bit of an off the topic question regarding the south park PM5 table created by ooooPlayer1oooo Really enjoying this table at the moment, its just that each time after multiball, it seems as tho when the balls end up in the trough, they arent all being accounted for and the game thinks not all balls have been lost (when in actual fact they have all drained) - and hence causing the game to search for balls. If i add a ball to trough manually (pressing letter 'B') then it comes good. Has anyone else had this issue or know how to fix? Thanks BB
  7. yea, this is an awesome project.
  8. file no longr available...any chance of somehow getting a copy?
  9. Certainly a loss to the community, your tables look and play well however life is more important (I know this first hand) so I thank you and wish you well in whatever it is you do from here on in.
  10. Well done. Just out of curiosity, will you or are you porting it over to VP10?
  11. Well that's true, assuming you have the ability to analogue nudge.
  12. Man, exciting times ahead! Can't wait for this one!
  13. Just a couple things i've noticed as well, 1. left loop should exit onto right flipper 2. each time i shoot the lightning bolt on left acdc targets from the cannon - the ball drains on right exit lane almost 99% of the time. Otherwise - fantastic fun, thanks
  14. guys, i often get the ball lost when hitting the left loop, anyone else have this?
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