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  1. Hello I tried to upload the firmware and I had a problem, and I share the solution I was in my gameroom and I booted the pin2dmd EVO in dfu mode, using the power of a pinball. In the device manager of my PC, the device was saw as a stm booloader with an exclamation as the driver was not installed. After installing the driver with the Zadig utilily it was worse, the device was saw as a serial device, but not dfu device and I was still not able to use the Dfusedemo program. In fact, in my gameroom there is no wifi, and when the device was plugged in the driver was not automaticaly installed. I desinstalled everything and made a manual install of the driver (http://deviceinbox.com/drivers/1157-stm-device-in-dfu-mode.html), and everything works !
  2. Hello, I compared your photos, with one board (rev1.2) working in a real pin, and I saw no difference with the orientation of the polarized componants. For the moment, I put 2 pin2dmd (commercial) for testing in real pin, and I'm very happy with them. I'd like to thanks Lucky1 for sharing this project, and this post that explains for newbies how to ordering board from manufactures. Now, I have to take the decision if I launch a run for the rest of my pinball collection. Thanks
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