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  1. All of these new colorizations have worked perfectly fine on my PinDMD3. Make sure you update to freezy's 1.7.1 release.
  2. World Poker Tour

    You can use the color/rom patch tool found on this site. The diff file name doesn't matter. If you don't already have the English rom, grab it from the Stern website. Extract the bin file from the zip and then use the patching tool (or bsdiff from a command prompt if you prefer). The bin file after patching should be called" wpt_1400a.bin" and then zip that file up into "wpt_140a.zip". Put the "wpt_140a.zip" file in your vpinmame/rom folder and the pin2dmd.pal file in the vpinmame/altcolor/wpt_140a folder.
  3. World Poker Tour

    Although the colorization isn't complete, it works fine with the English rom. You just need to patch the ROM with the diff file and then rename the wptcolor.dat file to pin2dmd.pal and place it in the altcolor folder.
  4. World Poker Tour

    For what it's worth, I was able to get the color working with just the files that Sharkky generously provided. I patched the rom with bsdiff (or you could use the handy GUI patching app on this site), and renamed the wptcolor.dat from Sharkky's files to pin2dmd.pal and put it in the alt color folder. It doesn't seem like I'll be able to complete any of the missing scenes with Pinball Browser or the Pin2DMD Editor software without going through the steps that PinballUser mentioned above. But I'd honestly be kidding myself if I thought I could do any colorization to begin with.
  5. World Poker Tour

    Really stupid question here, but what did you use to create the pin2dmd.pal file? The Pin2DMD editor? I've patched the rom, but I'm not sure how to create the pin2dmd.pal file to put in the altcolor folder. I tried loading this project in the latest editor, but it threw all sorts of warnings about palettes and would not let me export for a virtual pin.
  6. Thanks for the reply! The custom clip plays, has the right dimensions, and the DMD display panel (PINDMD3) does have full color. But, I only get the default red when the clip plays in PinballX's attract mode. Even the default "no real dmd color.avi" show the color of the PinballX logo in red, not the white as it should be.
  7. What do you need for PinballX to be able to play the custom color video files? I've been struggling with all of the color stuff to begin with. At this point, I would be happy to just be able to display the custom color video my brother in law made for me in PinballX's attract mode. Right now it's only displaying the video in the default red color. I have a PinDmd3.
  8. Ac/dc Helena Mod Lost Ball

    You were right and I feel like an idiot . Somehow it ended up on my VP 9.9 table list in PinballX and not on the Physmod 5 list. After I moved it back to the Physmod 5 list, Physmod just continues to crash everytime I try to play the table from PinballX and/or the VP Physmod editor. I've tried rebooting and deleting the NVRAM file, but nothing. At this point I'll just take it out of my list of tables.
  9. I've had the AC/DC Helena Mod table installed in my cabinet for a little while with no issues. Recently, when you start a game, no ball is ever added to the trough. I've tried using the "add ball" function in VP, but it never adds. Am I doing something wrong? I've tried deleting the NVRAM file and also the registry entry for the rom with no success. Any suggestions?