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  1. Javier, just posted a informatoin request on a post about your Austin Powers PM5 table, but not sure if you would see it, so I thought I would copy and paste it here as well.


    I know this is a really old post, but this is by far my favorite table out of 500+ (including over the VP9 and VPX versions.  I have no issues with this one).   While I have learned a lot the past year on tweaks and adjustments of tables, I am reaching out for some help on this one.  I really want to change the "Dual Flipper" to fire the cannon to a Magnasave button (which I have also mapped to a top lockbar button) to fire like a real table.  However, I can not figure out where you have your code for the two flippers in the script for me to switch it out to the right magnasave. 

    Again, I know this is an old table for you and dont even know if you will see this, but if you (or anyone for that matter) can point me in the right direction, I would be very greatful... not to mention its driving me crazy that I can not figure it out on my own.  But alas, Im throwing in the towel.  Any help is appreciated.

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