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  1. Version 1.0.1


    In tribute to the mythical game MKII created by Ed Boon in 1993. installation: To run the table you need vp10.2 rev2830 onwards. Enter the Music folder where you have VP installed. Rules: Multiples ramps for combos 8 16 or 24 ramps for extraballs Defeat all characters for multiballs Complete MK Targets for Multiball etc.. It's my first original table, so please do not be hard on me jajjajaj Thanks.. JPSalas, DevTeam and all those who work hard every day so that VP keeps growing more and more.
  2. Hello cyclemat, I think I already answered that question more than one year ago jajajaj thanks anyway I now take this opportunity to make an inquiry .. How do I turn off the accelerometer? I have a plate kl25z with which use the plunger and the nudge.
  3. I have installed one board kl25z in DOF use Arduino Ledwiz, but my problem is that it takes me shake with Arduino Ledwiz and not the board kl25z. The curious thing is that the arduino ledwiz not have accelerometer. Is there any way to configure VP to take me to shake kl25z board...
  4. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all the forum.
  5. Sorry to hear your problems, as gstav says .. is about to begin a new year and I'm sure that will come with many good things for you. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all the forum.
  6. As allknowing2012 says that may be the possible solution to the problem of backglass. Keep in mind that the rom this table is quite large and requires more memory to load the table. I hope you can solve the problem and start enjoying the table as a whole. Cheers, Javier..
  7. ok, Thanks VPin God!