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  1. Somebody can modify this pinball to version vp 9, or vp 9 physical mod Can it modify vp 10 to vp 9?
  2. Thanks to all for the information!!!, they are all you very generous!!!!, thank you!!!
  3. When I stop 2 balls with any flipper, after a time one of the balls does pass over the flipper!, is this normal?, does this happen to the pinball Physmod5?, does this also happen to vpx?, do I have something not well configured?, thank you!!!, English is not my native language!
  4. Excellent work gtxjoe!!!, do I want to make a consultation, When I stop but of a ball with any flipper, does one of the balls pass over the flipper, is this normal in the pinball Physmod5?, do I Have something not well configured?, in vpx it does pass the same thing (have not I even proven it)?, thank you!, English is not my native language!!!
  5. primojac

    Star Trek

    aguante la banda!!!!!!
  6. Dear friends, I understand the anxiety of all here to play THE WALKING DEAD!!!, I had the luck to play recently to this pinball and I can assure them that it is one of the worst pinball that have played!!, really boring.........!!!!. They don't GET LOST OF ANYTHING!!! Does somebody say different?, because?
  7. GRACIAS!!!, por tu respuesta hermano!!, te mando un gran abrazo!!
  8. TOCALLO !!, GRACIAS POR TU EXCELENTE TRABAJO !!!!, se me Acaba de romper mi placa de video, sea cual me aconsejas Para Que ACDC funcione Con Todo un tenia ?, completa Una geforce 9800 gtx, y TODOS LOS pinball funcionaban de Maravillas salvo ACDC, tenia bajar Que dimensión máxima textura un 512.
  9. Have I proven all that says before and doesn't it work me the rom of AC/DC!!!!, pinmame something needs especially so that this ROM works?, does all the other rom work to the perfection and with great fluency!!!, Is the rom of AC/DC bigger than any other ROM, does this have to do with the pinmame operation???, do I have to configure something especially in pi PC??. pardon for my English, is not my native language!!!
  10. EXCELLENT JAVIER!!!!, this better than the original pinball, that of the glass broken this impressive one!!!! EXCELENTE JAVIER!!!!, esta mejor que el pinball original, la del cristal roto esta impresionante!!!!
  11. Because nobody carries out the pinball of the ROLLING STONE?, can you emulate in vp?, or is a very bad pinball?, do I ask because they are already made that of AC/DC and that of metallica!!!!!!
  12. Thank you to share this wip, with the whole community, Thank you for the whole work that yours are making!!!, Thank you to make a pinball that you can share or to publish, and not to make as other authors that constantly show us wip of pinball that cannot be shared neither to publish!!!!!!. Pardon for my English!!!, it is not my native language!!!!
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