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  1. Oh also can someone reccomend me some anti-glare film because I don't appear to be able to turn these down.
  2. So I got some new P5 "Giant Dots" in to replace my defectives (just ended up ordering a new pair). When they came in it was beautiful to see it actually working then I donated and updated to the latest firmware. When I burned it the display came back up with line "doubling". not really ghost trails but whole lines duplicated on the next line which messes with colours and makes one line text (like on new sterns) pretty unreadable. also as a whole it makes the display dimmer.like this Source: (Stern test mode) output I wrote back to the seller and sent him pictures and he said I needed to debug my controller. I figured he was wrong and just trying to cover his ass. I had gotten ripped off again by these cheap things, But today with nothing else to try I went with some previous Firmwares from the repository. 2.11 "shadows" 2.07 "shadows".... 2.04...well All better. I couldn't believe it. So I flashed back to 2.11 doubled.. Back to 2.04... Clean. So it's a few revisions ago and I'm not even sure where I'd begin to look for the issue in the source. I figured it's your code you'd have a better idea what to poke at than me.
  3. I will say one thing for having them that large. I finally like "Video Mode" in games... I always thought it was kind of dumb, distracting, and dull. I set off video mode on IJ earlier and actually felt like I was playing something cool. That was my original idea. The board I got from Sacha has two hub75s. I was going with Standard 2.5mm where they belong and 5mm on top but that's where my flasher bar currently is. So I thought i'd see how blinding it was as a regular DMD. I think the panel is just busted. As soon as I apply any power to it that redline comes on. I tried pretty much anything I could think of bigger power supply, Multiple cables... Swapping the panel order. That's on a long cable but I tried a short one (like the panel to panel kind) and I had the same result. I'm not really a solder-level tech but it seems to me like some kind of logic fault is happening "after" that line. this is blank.ppm: This was the result when I swapped them If anyone has any ideas I'd be dying to try because I'm having a hell of a time getting a replacement/refund on them.
  4. Not sure If I've seen anyone else do this but I ordered some 1/16 scan 5mm LEDs instead of 2.5mm. like the "Giant Dots" displays that are available. As you can see there's some problems with the panels and I was going to refrain from sharing until I got new panels and a new speaker panel done but since I'm having replacement problems I figured I'd share. Coke can for scale They're HUGE As you can see I have a dead pixel, a constantly on red column, and two lines that are being duplicated from elsewhere I'm trying to get them exchanged so I'm not stuck like this but I don't think the seller understands I don't want to pay twice as much return shipping as I paid for the panels.
  5. I'm not PB registered so I just used BSpatch via commandline http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/2270-pin2dmd-table-support/?p=25017 I think the results are the same.
  6. Commercial users, Patents.... what a headache to open source life. That is a bummer but I guess you want to do what's best to avoid rocking the boat. I'm sure you'll find a way to verify/ID all of us end users who are behaving, So we can enjoy the full power of our units! I am super disappointed about the Keyframe thing because I'm not really good enough at pinball to use the "framegrabber" method that Pin2DMD Editor was on before and I was sure a complete capture like Pinball Browser has was the trick. I wanted to 16 colour some WPC titles. We should start a sign up list so we don't all work on the same things. I'm sure we're down but not out, Lucky1 Thanks again for your amazing efforts (even if I didn't get my LEDs yet)
  7. I started with "that's kind of a small table" but before I could even finish the sentance I was like "Look at that sweet power supply!" Good to see you got all moved in!
  8. This may be redundant but to help / elaborate on what lucky1 said for anyone else who asks: I have an LCD currently as my DMD, It's actually a small in-wall monitor so I could mount it flat without cutting in to my cabinet. So as you can see I'm pretty thrifty/lazy. So I was very interested in doing colour without any mods. I mean I already have a full colour monitor. You can patch the roms you can browse them in browser. It was even something I tried before PIN2DMD was announced because ColorDMD for real machines was an LCD and here's the difference...specialized hardware/software. The missing element is something to process that information... When you change the 4 colours in PinMame or theoretically 16 on stern roms. You change the colour reference for all frames. Pinball Browser/ Pin2DMD Editor/ColorDMD/SmartDMD colours each frame individually... each pixel (it's also how you can completely change all the images/sounds and customize a game). PinMame Ex: you set colors to white (100%), Green (66%), Blue (33%), Black (0%) Every frame is those colours based on "brightness" of an original 1 colour / 4 or 16 phase presumably orange LED. Colour Ex: You re-colour everything frame by frame whatever colour you choose . The rom calls on these frames (which is a hexadecimal reference?) either in a real pin or Pinmame using additional software/hardware, Even when you patch a rom the colours aren't actually in the frames but are referenced to a palette file So frame 1000 (a space battle) uses these 16 colours, frame 1020 (people running) uses these 16 colours. If you replace your Stern DMD with RGB, burn a colour rom, and don't have additional hardware you just get 16 shades of Grey because it's R+G+B at the same levels, It's all about that next step... So far is there is no "extension" for lack of a better term to perform these tasks with pinmame. Even moving to a 16 colour palette will still be 16 static colours for the entire set of frames. If you can write that or modify existing open source more power to you! but now that it's a pretty cheap option AND RGB... thanks to all the great work lucky has done on Pin2DMD, I'm finally going DMD Which just feels right. Like flashers or the feel of contractors... the DMD is just kind of a "thing" for people even if I am losing some sweet wallpaper / resolution from my 3rd screen.
  9. i'm on the list for interface board from Sash and I'm going to be ordering my leds this week but being antsy to start I'm checking out the color mods early. I bspatched POTC and Shrek and they look great in pinball browser (too late at night to try them out on my cabinet) I was wondering if anyone has the macros for AC/DC or Avengers?
  10. I've been away from pinball for a while and OH MAN is it good to be back and see this ... PLEASE Put me in for 1 F package. I've been DYING to replace the LCD screen in my few year old cabinet (other dmd options were monochrome and expensive) I might have to order an extra if you keep making them, just to have one on the shelf if I make another cabinet/get a dmd pin.
  11. Yup, complete triumph. Excellent work. Thank you. Where did my last hour go? I was going to play just once....
  12. HELL-O! Way to go Javier! I'm going to check this out right now. Merry Christmas to everyone! (except my neighbours... poor bastards) *input Mistress for Christmas and Let there be rock jokes here*
  13. Oh I forgot THANK YOU SO MUCH... Wow this game looks insane (For a new stern anyway) and I can't find one near me (or star trek for that matter) Hmm can't get the pro code from Stern... bad link. Damn it they're on to me!
  14. Not sure if this is being discussed elsewhere Just throwing this out there to see what more "engineering" types than I think about the practicality. Ever since I read that I've been thinking, The obvious solution is as Koadic suggested a transparent LCD over an LED DMD. They make them for display boxes.... X-Pin makes white DMDs. I haven't had much of a chance to look in to it but it seems like it'd probably be expensive and hard to size in to DMD solution A cheaper option might be an RGB LED "ambient" feature. Which could be controlled by DOF/LEDWiz. Could one place the LEDs in such a way that it would evenly light the DMD surface and be hidden behind or inside the dmd bezel? The "4 colour" levels would still be handled by the DMD itself the light would just be a solid tint. I'd test myself but... a white DMD & PinDMD are just slightly out of my budget. (seriously I don't think I've spent $350 on any part of my cabinet I have a $50 9" wallmount widescreen for DMD) I'm just curious if this would work or if anyone had tried it (here or on another forum)? Thanks, Darien
  15. Perfect thanks. Well kinda like that but tint-able transparency. The only thing that can't sell me on DMD is the colour issue. So not to thread jack but, Transparent LCD is a thing They use it to display details over a boxed display item. All you'd need to do is set up the 3rd monitor with a solid wallpaper of colour. Or there could be a cheaper way if you could create some kind of even tinting using rgb lights controlled by the Wiz/DOF...Ok new thread idea
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