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  1. I also might add that I further tested with SpiderMan rom and the latest released Star Trek LE colored roms and they work fine without audio stutter/echoing at all. So for me, it seems only the mustang rom up until now has this issue, what again points to the fact that I do not think it is a performance issue for me, since the other two runs fine. Disabling brute force 4x for this Mustang table did not change anything. still echoing.
  2. No I can run all vpx tables faultless. It's an Intel I5 3gz+ and a Nvidia GTX 1080 TI (second best nvidea card to date)... So I don't think it's a hardware performance issue.
  3. Thanks, I tried it but I still have double sound, some speech or effects are played like echo
  4. I tried the Mustang LE color rom for a Virtual DMD running on a normal lcd screen. The colors are fine but the sound is a little distorted with an echo sometimes. You here the samples two times like an echo. I do not have this with the normal roms. Any idea what would cause this? Thanks
  5. Omg yes. This did it for me. Now it works, using a comman instead of a dot. Thanks for pointing that out to me.
  6. Hi, I tried these coloring roms in my cab. It's a 3 screen LCD setup, so i'm using the Virtual DMD from dmddevice.ini. I can see the colored roms fine and they are placed on the correct dmd display. However I don't see "dots". The lcd/dmd screen is just full solid graphics without a dot pattern. It's the same like you would enable "Compact Display (no dots)" in the vpinmame setup program. I made sure this option is unchecked when enabling external dll but it's like this option still is enabled internally as I don't see dots. This is a rather ugly unrealistic dmd ofcourse because of that. Any idea why this happens? Thanks