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  1. Not that familiar with the game, but what is the DMD-Clock. I do have some run-dmd clocks around the house, but very interested if something else is out there that I don't know. Nice looking stuff so far, great job
  2. I have a ColorDMD for my Getaway, but I would just buy a Pin2DMD nowadays, the coloring has gotten that good. Thanks guys, your the best. I hope someone will color No Good Gofers, as thats the only non color DMD that I have now.
  3. That is so cool, Can you tak a short video of the real machine (I have 1 but with a colorDMD product in it)
  4. I get a page 404 when trying to download the editor. Is there a new location for the editor (PC)?? thanks
  5. love all your b2s's wildman. Truly a hero in the VP scene. I assume it will work better than your older one. Testing now. Thanks
  6. Backup is so simple and doesn't take much space. Its so easy with backups as you can go back in time so to say. Post questions here, we can help. Color DMD is incredible!!!
  7. Please continue, more authors the better. I'm sure people will help with any troubles you come across. Good Luck!!!
  8. Looking great, Hope you continue till end. Trying to motivate, not complaint
  9. This way I can move my visual pinball setup to another machine without copying the registry
  10. I have more tables that do not need the VPinMAME display than do (real DMD tables). Most of my tables have the display in the B2s, so I only add tables to my DMDDevice.ini that need the DMD turned on.
  11. PS. I just found that I had cGameName = "TAF_L7" in the script, so I guess I had to have it capital in the dmddevice.ini to match that, whereas in 3.2 it didn't matter. Great find outhere!
  12. outhere, you are amazing! That worked, so it got me thinking what it could be as I want to have the default turned off as I list all the games that I want the DMD to show up. So I tried my exact setup but changed the dmddevice.ini file from [taf_l7] to [TAF_L7] and it WORKED!!!!!!!!! must be something with the new aliases??? strange 3.2 didn't care about case but I guess 3.3 does. I think this should be noted in the new beta so others don't have this issue. Strange that most others work fine, not sure how many didn't work with 3.3 as I have over 2400 tables in my setup. THANKS guys
  13. I've cut out tables that aren't needed to make it a little shorter. I turn off DMD display by default and turn on the ones that need one. [global] ; how to downscale SEGA 192x64 pixel games to smaller displays: fit, fill or stretch resize = fit ; flips the image horizontally fliphorizontally = false ; flips the image vertically flipvertically = false ; enable or disable frame-by-frame colorization (inactive in VPX bundle) colorize = true ; a DMD that renders with nice dots on a computer monitor [virtualdmd] enabled = false ;enabled = true ; virtual dmd stays on top of all other windows stayontop = false ; hide the resize grip ;hidegrip = false hidegrip = true ; ignore the aspect ratio of the rendered dots when resizing ignorear = false ;ignorear = true ; use VPM's registry values when positioning the virtual dmd useregistry = false ; x-axis of the window position left = 0 ;left = 1924 ;left = 1500 ;left = 3300 ;5772 is for 100%scaling on 4k monitor ;left = 5772 ;4625 is for 125%scaling on 4k monitor ;left = 4625 ; y-axis of the window position top = 0 ;top = 352 ;top = 580 is for 100% scaling on 4k Monitor ;top = 580 ;top = 470 is for 125% scaling on 4k Monitor ;top = 470 ; width of the dmd in monitor pixels width = 420 ;width = 1072 ;width = 1890 is for 100% scaling on 4k Monitor ;width = 1890 ;width = 1500 is for 125% scaling on 4k Monitor ;width = 1500 ; height of the dmd in monitor pixels ;height = 256 ;height = 288 ;fails ;height = 512 ; scale the dot size (set to 0.8 for same size as pre-1.6.0) dotsize = 1.0 [pindmd1] ; if false, doesn't bother looking for a pinDMD1 enabled = false [pindmd2] ; if false, doesn't bother looking for a pinDMD2 enabled = false [pindmd3] ; if false, doesn't bother looking for a pinDMD3 enabled = false ; COM port, e.g. COM3 port = [pin2dmd] ; if false, doesn't bother looking for a PIN2DMD enabled = false [browserstream] ; if enabled, stream to your browser in your LAN enabled = false port = 9090 [vpdbstream] ; if enabled, stream DMD to https://test.vpdb.io/live enabled = false endpoint = https://api-test.vpdb.io/ [video] ; if enabled, writes frames to an .avi file enabled =false ; path to folder or .avi file. if folder, gamename.avi is used. path =PinUP [pinup] enabled=true [taf_l7] virtualdmd enabled = true
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