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  1. slydog43

    The Flintstones WIP

    I can't wait to see all your hard work. Maybe I will make a video comparing the 2, I still don't think people realize just how incredible VPX has become with all the DOF, Color DMD, Physics, PUP packs, etc added into the mix. Good luck with your colorization
  2. slydog43

    The Flintstones WIP

    If you want any ideas, I have the color DMD version for my real life flintstones machine that I can record a video of. Your looks very nice, and will fill in nicely when I sell my machine
  3. slydog43

    Demolition Man WIP

    Thanks for all your work, its great to see new people in the coloring community. Good luck with this project, looking very good so far.
  4. slydog43

    SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    when you say no color DMD yet, do you mean if I upgrade I will lose the awesome ability to have custom color DMD's by using a .pal & .vni file? I used to upgrade always to latest vpinmame and never had issues with color DMD before. Thanks
  5. slydog43

    SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    Thanks again for another update. Just checking if I did anything wrong. Normally I copy over the files and rerun install. I then check the info and it tells me the date. This (r4635) says Sept 15th, is that normal?
  6. wow, looking so nice. Great work being done here. Thanks
  7. A quick little tutorial video on you coloring a scene with the editor. I have had so much trouble with the editor with simple coloring of an intro scene. Crashes or doesn't save in right format for using with VP. Do you use a mac or pc and what version of the editor are you using? thanks
  8. so incredible, sorry I didn't test this out before tonight. Everyone needs to test this. Hopefully you can buy a beer or 2, just donated. Can't wait to test 1.1. You my sir has some talent. Could you make a small video??
  9. vPin as I ran out of space for real pins last year. So sad as hunting down machines was so much fun.
  10. I Don't think Pin2DMD will work in a MMR, but I could be wrong. Would love to know the answer. I can't wait to try this out in a few minutes, looking incredible. Thanks
  11. slydog43

    Creat a new Pin2DMD - 128X16 - What's need?

    I still have many real pinball DMDs if you want an orange one. Make me an offer. Steve
  12. slydog43

    Pin2DMD Editor Tutorial

    Wow, this is just what I have been wanting. I tried just to color a few frames but had trouble as the editor has changed a lot over time and was a little hard to follow the older video tutorials. I know what I will be doing tomorrow. Thanks!!! I tried again to create a simple coloring of the first few frames of Addams Family. I just want to color the first words in the game to make sure everything is working. I get the editor to crash many times, and can only create a .pal file. I think I also need a .vni file. I have done this in the past, but can't remember how I created that file. Running the windows 64 bit version 2 program. Will try the MAC version later today, but any pointers would be very helpful. It can't be that hard to do what I want. Thanks (I was only using replace mode with 1 scene) Can we report bugs here. If I click start new project while I have 1 scene selected, program removes Imported Animations as it should, removes scenes from list box, but scene is still showing in the large DMD area, weird.
  13. slydog43

    SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    I have ditched my PinDMD3's in favor of a LCD screen. I'm willing to ship one of my old PinDMD3 to someone to try and find the issue if you want (DJRobx I guess) if you want. I do want it back, but I can live without it for a little while.
  14. slydog43

    Pin2Dmd Editor

    Now that dmdext 1.7.1 has been updated to allow coloring of roms to be played in VP, I want to try coloring a rom. I tried to follow steve's 3 tutorials, but program has changed a lot since it came out. I was hoping someone could upload a new one with just a simple coloring of say the title screen. I can't seem to get output of anyting except a white dmd when using altcolor/roms/pin2dmd.pal & vni. This is great stuff, thanks for all the hard work. I can mark a start and end, which creates a scene, but how to get a keyframe (hashes are greyed out, along with color scene) I just need a little "push" in the right directory. I have had a little success now, but still very confused about scenes. I', just trying to colorize 1 word in TAF. I mark a start, click on hash to use move to the end of the dmd animation and mark end, then cut it. now when I click on that scene the hash is not checked. I must me missing something basic. Using 2.4.3 how can I change pallete and output a vni & pal file. I get nothing (I think it needs a scene, but not sure)
  15. slydog43

    SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    I check to response to the left flipper in the stats provided by hitting F11 during play. If you see < 8ms flast flips is working