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  1. How does the virtual DMD work. I thought it was tied to textbox1, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Is it a flasher? I want to disable and just use VPM on the desktop and PinDMD on the cabinet. I don't like the extra window it pops up. Also want to learn. Great table though Figured it out, its was a dmddevice.dll in my VPinMAME dir. I was playing around with a pinDMD3 and changed the ini and all is good now.
  2. what makes this usable only on a pin2dmd system. I just got my PinDMD3 to work with family guy and I'm blown away. Just wondering what the difference is between that one and this one.
  3. sorry one more question, does this include toxie's new throttle tweaks?
  4. Thanks, I assume I should also run the vpinmame setup after moving the dlls?
  5. I did notice this weird ball path behavior earlier much more than I do now. I think the problem was friction setting of 0 on objects that can interact with the ball. (I might be wrong)
  6. Incredible new advances in the virtual pinball world. Love how quickly DMD extension has been updated to support both TPA and Pinball FX2. I'm buying another Pin2DMD from you lucky since its so awesome also
  7. pin2dmd

    any way to get one in the united states?
  8. thanks for this great project. Will add them to my cab. Hope to add some to your library sometime soon
  9. I have my cab working fine, but I have started another on and I have a sainsmart usb relay board. Where can I get software to run the sainsmart board for windows, everything I find is for an arduino
  10. was this done with the japanese Unreal SDK?
  11. CarnyPriest, that build works fine on my system with PinDMD3. thanks
  12. So does the PinDMD3 work with this new build with SAM tables working? Just installed PinDMD3, and all is working, even with SAM tables, Thanks guys
  13. dazz, which 3d printer are you getting. I want to upgrade my replicator 2x to something with a better extruder
  14. From what I have played with and read, this could be a real game changer. He got support working for VPinMame in 1 day, says he will add DOF support so force feedback will work with existing configs (this is huge), works with both originals and recreations, works with Oculus Rift (unbelievable). I'm going to be very upset if this doesn't go through. please everyone pledge something if they can (I have nothing to do with this project)
  15. are the roms on this site?