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  1. what is the deal with the black covers? I used to have some, but realized it was not worth it. Just want to know??? sorry drunk a little. Pinball is so fun and unique, I had to explain recently
  2. omg, I can't believe I missed the 1.0 (beta) download. It looks soooo incredible. I love the color even in the Score. I just started going over all the old coloring to make sure I have all if not most all of the color patches/altsounds of what out there. Thanks so much for this, it really make such a positive change to the game.
  3. Mine is working also, what table & rom is not working? You ran setup right?
  4. I know this is a hard request, but can you record you doing any of this colorization to teach others. I love your work and fear you might leave the scene. I had problems trying this myself.
  5. I need to test this. I guess I will switch between current and older version of vpinmame as its so easy to switch (I just overwrite and rerun setup, I sure hope that is all that is needed ) I love pinsound (I have many in real pinballs, but love improving vpx more ) thanks to all that work hard to improve the world (pinball)
  6. Not sure if this problem is VPinMAME or not but I was playing a game of Circus Voltaire and in the middle of the game, sound went out. Strange.
  7. I really like what you have done, great job
  8. sorry to post here, but can everyone else run GW_L5 with vpinmame sam build 4730? When I run in test mode it just hangs, when I run it in vpx table runs, but no dmd display and then crashes out when I try to quit. Any ideas? Sorry fixed it, I had a duplicate line in my dmddevice.ini file to turn on dmds for my tables
  9. Looking very nice, as nickbuol I also have a TOM with Color DMD (in another room from the VPin though), but am looking forward as this is such a great table, top 10 for me. Thanks looking incredible
  10. I really don't understand the NBA, or why people enjoy it. Not sure why games last more than 2 minutes, seems like the whole game comes down to the last 2 minutes or so. I do however enjoy NBA fastbreak and George Gomez stuff in general. Great job so far in the coloring and I'm sure many will enjoy all your hard work, thanks I forgot to mention, I kinda like how the scoring works. People who aren't into pinball might like the basketball type scoring instead of millions and millions of points.
  11. what are people getting in the info screen? Date?? I'm getting Feb 28th, very confused. I have run setup too
  12. Love these colorized Roms, make VP so much nicer. Thanks for all the hard work
  13. try the adamstillman link, it works
  14. Thanks, I really never played this much. Will have to now. Always top notch stuff from you, thanks
  15. congrats on owning a great pin. This was the first pin to truely convert me to a pinhead. Good luck on your conversion malenko
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