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  1. SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    Thanks again for another update. Just checking if I did anything wrong. Normally I copy over the files and rerun install. I then check the info and it tells me the date. This (r4635) says Sept 15th, is that normal?
  2. wow, looking so nice. Great work being done here. Thanks
  3. A quick little tutorial video on you coloring a scene with the editor. I have had so much trouble with the editor with simple coloring of an intro scene. Crashes or doesn't save in right format for using with VP. Do you use a mac or pc and what version of the editor are you using? thanks
  4. so incredible, sorry I didn't test this out before tonight. Everyone needs to test this. Hopefully you can buy a beer or 2, just donated. Can't wait to test 1.1. You my sir has some talent. Could you make a small video??
  5. vPin as I ran out of space for real pins last year. So sad as hunting down machines was so much fun.
  6. I Don't think Pin2DMD will work in a MMR, but I could be wrong. Would love to know the answer. I can't wait to try this out in a few minutes, looking incredible. Thanks
  7. Creat a new Pin2DMD - 128X16 - What's need?

    I still have many real pinball DMDs if you want an orange one. Make me an offer. Steve
  8. Pin2DMD Editor Tutorial

    Wow, this is just what I have been wanting. I tried just to color a few frames but had trouble as the editor has changed a lot over time and was a little hard to follow the older video tutorials. I know what I will be doing tomorrow. Thanks!!! I tried again to create a simple coloring of the first few frames of Addams Family. I just want to color the first words in the game to make sure everything is working. I get the editor to crash many times, and can only create a .pal file. I think I also need a .vni file. I have done this in the past, but can't remember how I created that file. Running the windows 64 bit version 2 program. Will try the MAC version later today, but any pointers would be very helpful. It can't be that hard to do what I want. Thanks (I was only using replace mode with 1 scene) Can we report bugs here. If I click start new project while I have 1 scene selected, program removes Imported Animations as it should, removes scenes from list box, but scene is still showing in the large DMD area, weird.
  9. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    I have ditched my PinDMD3's in favor of a LCD screen. I'm willing to ship one of my old PinDMD3 to someone to try and find the issue if you want (DJRobx I guess) if you want. I do want it back, but I can live without it for a little while.
  10. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Now that dmdext 1.7.1 has been updated to allow coloring of roms to be played in VP, I want to try coloring a rom. I tried to follow steve's 3 tutorials, but program has changed a lot since it came out. I was hoping someone could upload a new one with just a simple coloring of say the title screen. I can't seem to get output of anyting except a white dmd when using altcolor/roms/pin2dmd.pal & vni. This is great stuff, thanks for all the hard work. I can mark a start and end, which creates a scene, but how to get a keyframe (hashes are greyed out, along with color scene) I just need a little "push" in the right directory. I have had a little success now, but still very confused about scenes. I', just trying to colorize 1 word in TAF. I mark a start, click on hash to use move to the end of the dmd animation and mark end, then cut it. now when I click on that scene the hash is not checked. I must me missing something basic. Using 2.4.3 how can I change pallete and output a vni & pal file. I get nothing (I think it needs a scene, but not sure)
  11. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    I check to response to the left flipper in the stats provided by hitting F11 during play. If you see < 8ms flast flips is working
  12. World Poker Tour

    why do some colored roms require a patch and others just use the .vni & .pal files?
  13. thanks newer editor worked creating VNI file, thanks for the link. Have everything working great with 1.7, awesome work guys. Is there a chance that someday DMDext will support animated GIFs or any video formats?
  14. anyone know the version of pin2DMD editor to use with baywatch. I want to create a vmi file.
  15. DMD Extensions v1.7.0 released

    wow, this is awesome. Thanks so much. I have to look into how to color roms now that this works. One question, any advantage to running the x64 version vs x86? I thought I had to run the x86 version. I just tried out World Cup Soccer, amazing (just like my real color DMD on my real pins, great job guys) I can't seem to get dmddevice.ini file working right for baywatch. I want to move the top up from regular dmd on my monitor. I have [baywatch] top = 352 ;top not working virtualdmd enabled = true in my dmddevice.ini file, but it doesn't seem to do anything except enable the virtual dmd for baywatch. by default I have the dmd turned off. Any ideas? i'm a moron, forgot to add virtualdmd top = 352 in the inifile, sorry sometimes I just can't read.