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  1. Hi! I find those without the "mm" typo. http://www.filedropper.com/hyperpineditor3264
  2. MY OPINION is that the "feeling" of FP "Floating" is generated by the way it was calculated. FP uses Newton Physics library and it's an old one. With the "tools" in hand, I think the creator of FP did the "almost" best he could. I think that some stuff could had been better thinked. The ball floating is one of them. The Modded physics like Zed or 2.6 have less "Floating" because they change the relation between table slope and ball gravity. The bad of that is that changing any parameter of the Core Physics will interract with all objects in a way or another. VP can do stuff that FP can't in this case but it's more complicated to tweak (compared with NO TWEAKING of FP) Maybe if FP were rewritten with the new Newton Dynamics Lib it could be the "One of the Best Flipper Simulator Ever" but the REAL THING will always remain the REAL THING! It's a shame for the FP community and it's a shame for FP that his dev. has stopped but, the programmer is the only one that knows why and we must respect hi will (I don't like his will but have no power over it... so I soak up and silently just WISH) Sometimes the expectation is so high from others that the faillure is unforgivable. Sometimes it's better leaving the things as they are and risk the speculation, the criticism, the uncertainty than risk the reputation or pride. So... in conclusion... I want to HATE the creator (Chris) for not giving a sh*t of the calling of the FP comunity to update FP or share the code BUT... (as a former professional programmer) I can't because... maybe... if that was me... I could do the same. (I doubt if BUT maybe) That was my opinion and the my "get-off-the-chest" speak.
  3. Ringorian, thanks for joining. The Angle of flippers and swing is changing between tables so not all are aiming more or less good. Try to put 120/54 and 240/54 on the table you see that aiming is BAD. Maybe it will get better.
  4. Loafmeister - Good point. Way off topic but good point. If I'm not mistaken, you have said that before and in another site (and I agreed with you then, but still, not the point) Sharing is always good.
  5. Gimli.... Coooooool! R2 physics are Hardcoded so no need to external .xml. The good news for you is that (since you use BAM) you can play ANY table (Zed,2.5,2.6) bla bla bla. AND... you have the bonus of being an R2 you can have a peek at the \Programming directory and use the templates (VB and C++) do do stuff from the API returned by FP R2. Of course, only READING from FP is possible. R2 cannot INPUT stuff (like APIs) only OUTPUT stuff (APIS ClipboardData and OutputDebugString). I'm using the VB6 template to capture AddDebugText "" from a FP table and Resending it to the COM port where my Arduino is. My Arduino gets the commands from Windows (Send by my tiny program) and do his programming (that is light leds, motor and contactors). Maybe I will do a LedWiz commands compatible in the future (at this stage, only the commands defined in my program and in the Table Script work. I add a line like -> AddDebugText "ARD:Strobe250" and the strobe in my cab lights up during 250ms every time a Strobe or Flasher is referenced in the Table Script and this special line is added. For helping in the process of WHAT in the script will light WHAT in my cab, I've done a Simulator of my Cab whith the light in place. Now, I can test HOW the lights will light up (AS SOON AS I FINISH CONNECTING THE DAMN THING. lol ) As soon as I finish my electronics in my cab I will post a Video of it)
  6. Loaf- Install R2 then unpack R2 Physics Mod overwriting the R2 .exe and you're done. The R2 Phys. Mod only have the R2 executables modded. Try it and come back. I want to hear your opinion. NB: So far... I heard that Zed Mod is better that any other Mod out there BUT it was BEFORE R2 Phys Mod. Personally, I don't use Zed or any other Mod beside R2. I will not make a point of promoting "R2 vs Zed" or "R2 vs xxx", I gave up the idea long time ago.
  7. Loafmeister - You made your point in the aiming. Have you tried R2 with Physics Mod? Is that aiming wrong? Freneticamnesic - ??? Where's the Pro and Con and compared to wich version? Thanks for participating.
  8. I start! I preffer FP2.5R2 (the "Physics Mod" version) PRO: From a programmer's perspective... more capabilities. Better physics Most of the tables pre-zed and pre-2.6 work fine (some tunnig can be done in tables for the most perfectionists) the rest... is in the README.TXT of the R2 download file. lol CON: I don't see any compared to the others MODs. Maybe the ball could feel more heavy (like it seems to feel in the Zed MOD (for what I've seen. I don't have it)) by the way... here's R2 in action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBJZ3pOhh0s
  9. Hi Guys! What Future Pinball MOD do you think is better? Original? FP 2.5 FP 2.5 R2 FP Zed FP 2.6 (Slamt1lt) Why? and the Pro and Con. Please no personnal wars in here, just state your opinion and justify the Pro and Con so we can all agree and disagree in a polite manner.
  10. Version Final Release


    Hi Guys! This is the "Final Release" of the FP2.5R2. Only executables. Download the FP2.5R2 Pack first and then replace the executables with those ones. WHY this and WHY now???? - Well, the "R2" have his "Core" enhanced BUT the physics were "close to" FP2.5 for compatibility issues and "No! Not another physics mod" issues. - F*ck that! - I want to share MY version of the physics with this MOD! - It's the last time the R2 will change (unless a Miracle happens or something will really benefit the gamers) So... have a nice play! I hope this version will be the best you ever had. As always... this version works with ALL the tables (but non Zed and non 2.6) without any (or almost any) modifications! To be released soon... my "FPR2<->" "Arduino Side" Source Code and "Windows Side" monitor. I will post a Youtube video for it and share the code in here. It only works with FP2.5R2. Bye
  11. Version Release 2


    Future Pinball 2.5 Release 2. Based on FP2.5 Original from 2013 (Based on the FP latest version 2010). This version besides being almost the same as 2.5 in "Physics" aspect, has a lot more to offer. (since I had lot of ppl asking me... here's the changes) Faster "Splash" screen closing, starting of game more rapid, no Objects Limit,no "Table MAC" check, "Save for Arcade" mode, registry values added, RSS Feeds and "Table Laucher" working, API calling, no "Table Slope" limitation, support for using 4Gb virtual memory in x64 system, "Black Bar" effect of FP2.5R1 resolved.
  12. Hi! Do you know what that means:? "HKCR { Bumper.Bumper.1 = s 'Bumper Class' { CLSID = s '{CA8FA6B3-49E8-4D90-BB7F-30E31A4030A5}' } Bumper.Bumper = s 'Bumper Class' { CLSID = s '{CA8FA6B3-49E8-4D90-BB7F-30E31A4030A5}' CurVer = s 'Bumper.Bumper.1' } NoRemove CLSID { ForceRemove {CA8FA6B3-49E8-4D90-BB7F-30E31A4030A5} = s 'Bumper Class' { ProgID = s 'Bumper.Bumper.1' VersionIndependentProgID = s 'Bumper.Bumper' ForceRemove 'Programmable' LocalServer32 = s '%MODULE%' val AppID = s '{15F84EF4-DC72-4242-8E85-E51198DCEB74}' 'TypeLib' = s '{FB22A459-4AD0-4CB3-B959-15158F7139F5}' } } } " It was taken from the registry. I guessing is some kind of declaration for using "Bumper" object. If so, can I declare other objects? Thanks
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