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  1. Finally have it sorted..there was pup packs that I removed used the backglass link and all working perfect now
  2. Morning outhere I’m new to all this but have narrowed it down a little the file from here if I put it in it’s place in visual pinball it gives me a backglass within the file I guess and plays a little glitchy....but if I move it to desktop or cabinet play field and load there is no backglass and it plays perfect woohoo just like the original... question why does a backglass come up.. as I added a backglass to the file originally as I thought that is what you do and it glitched reel bad
  3. Heading to work but will have a look in the morning thanks for the help so far
  4. I’m having terrible ball stutter and it’s driving me mad..😁😂 is there any options I could change have hundreds of other tables and this is the only one giving me trouble.. playing in cabinet mode and loved playing this game when it was released in the 90’s please help me I dying to get it playing properly
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