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  1. Great great Job, it looks fabtastic, don't forget to Donate for this huge job ;)
  2. Great job, I will try it soon and tell you. merry christmas to all of you
  3. Due to the difficulty to change the sd card in real pin, I was waiting for an update, I wil try this one by the end of the week great job by the way
  4. Great, thank you. Working on real pin ? is someone made a video ?
  5. You're damm right, it's a real pain in the @#& each time you want to update... thought to cut a part of the plastic around the dmd to acces to the sd card but not sure it will be enough.
  6. Yes and lot of things are Ok now but I'have some red frame most of the time at the beginning of sequences. The French rom seems to be faulty, will try with US rom/.
  7. Hello Jus come back, I tried today your last update and it's just amazing !! Many things are done but I'm quite sure the remaning red frame are due to the French rom ! So I will go for a US rom and I will tell you if there's some problem again. you have done an incredible job ! A friend come by this afternoon and tell me it was incredible "a New pin" for him, and the color choice are "TIP TOP" I will try before the end of week . 👍
  8. Well it's just amazing !! Everything is just perfect, you have done an incredible job ! 👍
  9. I will download right now the last version and try tomorow . COOL Yes it was at the beginning of the sequence ALWAYS at the beginning of the sequence You're more than welcome. My pin is not in my home but in my Gaming Room wich is 60 KM away from my home. I only go there twice a week I will try monday all the changes in your new version.
  10. I downloaded 20/09/2020 on the drive. Again I' don't mind to get rid of the French rom to use US one
  11. First of all WOW !!! I didn't expect your work to be so advanced. A huge thank'sfor your achievement it's just splendid, the colors are well chosen and the use of a lot of red balances the yellow tones of the games. It's nearly perfect for me, and your work is much more advanced than some colorizations that say they are finished. once that is said, just some little things. I'm using French rom wich I'm not really found of, and I'm thinking to go back to US rom (first of all my pinball was with italian rom...) My main problem is that some sequences start with a red frame or have a red frame in the middle. 1) skill shot all the colors are ok , and when I trigger the gun, if I miss the skill shot , helicopter and arnold is red 2) Cops car (can't remember the name of this sequences) all the cars are red 3) Multiball, at the end of the sequences MULTIBALL is full red (maybe it's normal ?) 4) Save danny : first frame is red Cat million / world premiere/ SAME 7) Preview tales from the crypt in attract mode, the beginning is ok then it turn red again 8 )END sequence at the end of play, after saying to be or not to be 1 red frame. Again a huge thank's for your incredible work ! it's just amazing 👍
  12. Sorry I said previously that I have come to receive my new pin2DMD so tests will be easier
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