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  1. freneticamnesic

    Wip - The Walking Dead Pro - Groni Pinball

    Oh yea he never released LOTR either! Wasn't he working on POTC? and maybe TDK?
  2. freneticamnesic

    Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    The main color we chose was 255,55,0 and then just down from there. We couldn't get the shades just right but that color at 100% is dang close. http://www.color-hex.com/color/ff3700 I guess it could be more orange, maybe 255,45,0? http://www.color-hex.com/color/ff2d00 randr should tinker a bit, he has plasmas to compare against.
  3. freneticamnesic

    Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    Hey quick question, is "true orange" possible with these displays? Seems to be limited to an orange-yellow. Thinking like the orange from a PLASMA display. The LEDs don't come anywhere close to this color, based on some testing... Here's plasma
  4. freneticamnesic

    SAMBuild2.9 beta thread

    @randr shared his vpinmame dir with me and it fixed my crashing. Must have had an extra dll or something, unsure, but works great now. with latest vpm beta
  5. freneticamnesic

    SAMBuild2.9 beta thread

    I've tried them all, 2.8, 2.8b, 2.9 beta r4277, and lucky's Freezy has one? Haven't tried that one yet I suppose
  6. freneticamnesic

    SAMBuild2.9 beta thread

    I do crash VPM 2.9 beta when loading color roms, if I load a non-color rom first, then the color rom, it works fine. Makes it impossible to play through the front end though. I apologize if I am missing the solution somewhere in this thread, I've got so much catching up to do.
  7. Thank you fren for nba and wof.

  8. freneticamnesic

    Wip - The Walking Dead Pro - Groni Pinball

    never released beta and nothing ever download at all
  9. freneticamnesic

    StarTrek Premium / LE

    You need to create a directory iny our VPinMAME directory called altcolor, inside that create a directory that matches the name of the rom, st_161h, inside THAT folder, place the pin2dmd.pal file that came with the download
  10. freneticamnesic

    Pin2dmd not supported in newer vpm builds

    I didn't think there was much change between 2.9 beta and 2.8 but I noticed something about updates if the files were included, so tried out 2.8 and sure enough that fixed it. Obviously, selecting the pin2dmd dll still gives the error but pindmd2 support worked at least. Still not ideal, and I see everyone having fun with the new palettes... sent you my device ID
  11. freneticamnesic

    Pin2dmd not supported in newer vpm builds

    Works with pindmd2 version of dmddevice.dll from the official vpm, flickers badly with the pindmd2 dll from the 2.9 beta
  12. freneticamnesic

    Pin2dmd not supported in newer vpm builds

    Libusb that came with vpm didn't see a winusb
  13. freneticamnesic

    Pin2dmd not supported in newer vpm builds

    Lol never
  14. freneticamnesic

    Pin2dmd not supported in newer vpm builds

    Trying not to be too annoyed by this... I never paid to get the colorprism fw so I'm still on the last open source build I was able to grab. I'm updating my cab so grabbed the newest vpm which seems to have modular dlls for the various DMD options. Using the pin2dmd dll it gives me an error that my firmware version is not supported and asks me to upgrade. Anyways what are my options here to get this to work? Use an old vpm? Pay up? Throw the damn thing away and go back to using an LCD? Or is there another way to get the DMD to work with the latest vpm
  15. Looks nice I'll try it out