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  1. @lucky1 No I didn't try it. My OS was 64, so I only tried the 64bit version. I will give it a try with the 32bit version. It'll probably have to wait until next week. My hardwood floors are being redone and my house it in utter chaos right now. Thanks!
  2. I will try this. Is there no documented 'official' way to stop a dump?
  3. Hi, I have the Remember Me checkbox checked, but every time I visit the site I need to log in again. After filling in my credentials, I see the attached error. Once I clear the error, the site reloads and I am logged in. This has been happening since I first signed up to the site.
  4. The program won't allow this. The Create Dump File is just a checkbox. Once I check the box and start the capture, I am not able to uncheck the box. This is the correct version? https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/blob/master/tools/Win64/pin2dmd_v3_win64.zip Attached is the gzipped RAW file. 290920_011414_pin2dmd_dump.raw.gz
  5. Hi lucky1, yes sorry. I should have provided more info. I am using my Windows 10 Pro machine. 64-bit version of pin2dmd.exe I am connecting via USB to the PIN2DMD, turning on the pin. I leave everything as default in the PIN2DMD.EXE program and just click on the capture. To finish my capture I'm just unplugging the USB cable. I asked earlier in this thread how to stop the capture. Am I stopping it incorrectly?
  6. How do I load the RAW files? I have tried gzipped and in the RAW form. I keep seeing the same error as before. This is a new dump file that I am trying. I don't understand what I am doing incorrectly?
  7. This is very helpful. Thank you. So, as a beginner, I am going to try something simple first. Baby steps. Here is my plan, please tell me if there is something you would recommend me adding. 1) I am going to capture all the scenes from attract mode. 2) I am going to gzip the TXT and then load it into PIN2DMD-EDITOR 3) I am going to select 1 single static screen (non-dynamic) and try to colour it using some of the online tutorials I have seen. 4) I am going to save the project and try to view it on my realpin. (I am sure I'll get stuck on this step). Anything I'm missing???
  8. I have a hundred questions. 1) When you say transition frames, do you mean animations? 2) As a first time user, what should I start with? TXT or RAW? 3) Why does TXT need to be gzipped when RAW does not? 4) Is there a size limit for the dump files? In the tutorial videos I've watched all of them state "The more you load the bigger your project", so wouldn't it make sense to trigger every event on my realpin and then load it as one file or would those files be to large? 5) How do you stop a capture in PIN2DMD?
  9. The only file I've been able to load is the TXT. The TXT must be gzipped in order for me to load it. I'm able to see images/animations captured from my realpin. My raw file must be corrupt. I have tried it gzipped and just as a RAW file. The editor keeps timing out (Not responding) when either is loaded. If I'm patient, I eventually get an error window.
  10. I gzipped the RAW file and tried again. Same error as before. When colourizing, you use the gzipped RAW file correct? Not the TXT. Why would the TXT work and not the RAW if they are from the same dump?
  11. I did not. I was able to get it to load once. Long enough to register using the key I was provided. It crashed after that. I gave up on it and moved over to my work laptop. My work laptop uses Windows 10 Pro. Once Java upgraded I was able to launch the editor without any issues. It launches without any problems every time now. I am not sure what the problem was with my home PC. I registered the key on my work laptop. Do I need to deregister on my home PC? When I try to load the .raw dump file from my CFTBL (attraction screens) the program goes into (Not Responding) mode and I get this error. [EDIT] I got it loaded. I was compressing the .raw file to a .gz I did not know it was the .txt that need to be compressed and loaded. What is the .raw file used for?
  12. Hi all, My first time trying to run pin2dmd-editor. The window pops up to tell me it is loading, but then it disappears and nothing else happens. I have read that this is possibly a java error. I am running Windows 10 Home 64-bit. I have pin2dmd-editor64.exe downloaded My java is... F:\java -version java version “1.8.0_261” Java SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_261-b12) Java HotSpot 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.261-b12, mixed mode) Do I try the 32 bit version? I see there is a link on page one in a post of this thread referencing another java link. BTW, I turned off all anti-virus software and even disabled my firewalls on a whim.
  13. I still can't get it to work. What am I doing wrong? This is what I get when I try to open the downloaded file;
  14. @slippifishi I have just finished installing my PIN2DMD into my Creature. I absolutely love, LOVE your colour choices. The purple in the background of the MEGA MENU, the use of multiple colours in the score - is it 3 or 4 colours in there? cRaZy! It looks amazing. One thing I love is that you use blue AND red in the 3D glasses when you obtain KISS letters. ColorDMD used only blue for one lens and it drives me batty that they didn't use red on the other lens! I am still in my initial plays but I think what you have done is wonderful here. Thank you! One thing that definitely seems out of place though, and @CalleV mentioned it back a couple post ago is the left ramp combo value. The layers are not aligned. He caught it in his screen capture. It's like the paint leaves the car behind. Is this something you thing you can fix or something that was just missed in the REAL pin version? Again, thank you. My donation for this file would have come through Dino on PinRev (not sure if you know him or not).
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