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  1. Hi, i have update SAMbuild 3.3 beta and overwright all the files. I have also run setup and install. After this my ACDC, Metallica stops. I have tryid to reinstall but get same error. "script error: Line 137 game name not found." Both of these game works perfect yesterday and yes these tables have colorDMD and reinstall it but nothing😢 I have edit in regit with: At9jit=0 and installed the Visual C++ Help please
  2. any news? The table crash with this DMD =( I love this game and i want it to work
  3. Hi my table freeze when i get the ball into the "TV" hole. Its start to lag then the table close down =( I have use the "at91jit" guide but it dosent works.
  4. Can someone tell me how to remove "free play" in this wonderful game 😃 I want to add my High-score on it!
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