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  1. The 1.13 rom is the unofficial updated rom and I have had some issues with it. I would stick to 1.12 for now. For reference in future if it is updated to support it, the changes are listed here: https://sites.google.com/site/lahpinballmod/home
  2. I am on Firmware 3.15. I see there is a new 3.16 but I haven't updated to that yet. The animation just starts but I can't see it. I "think" it is the Data East logo animation but I will have to confirm. I do see this animation sometimes though. The Participate in local tournament (with your avatar ) work good. I can look at dumping a file tomorrow for you. I will have to research how to do that.
  3. @dtatane Did you order an EVO? They are the best I have found. I have found a few issues but I am not sure if I am using the latest version. I will update in a little bit and see if they are still there. Do you have any new files available for real pin? Also I think you should stick to just 1 ROM version for now. I would love to get the custom updated rom working (it does but has issues) which is here https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/lah-firmware-mod-coming-soon but I think it is important to just work on 1 so it isn't too much work for you. Again thanks for all your work and will donate some more soon! Edit: I have just updated to your latest version and I am still having the same issues. I will start listing them as I go. Last Action Hero - Real Pin Pin2dmd Files dated 16 October 2020 last modified CPU Rom: 1.12 (latest) Display Rom: 1.06 (latest) Attract Mode: - The Animation after High scores starts for a second and freezes. This happens most times. - The Data East Animation during attract is mainly red - The Sound logo after the Data East Animation seems to stay for the bottom half a few seconds before it disappears. - Tales from the crypt animation is coloured well until the last few seconds and then goes all red. (Also I am having issues with my display board from taking it in and out so much lol, an all in 1 solution would be awesome!)
  4. @vbobrusev Thanks for the awesome work. Is this project finished or is it still a WIP? Thanks!
  5. @dtatane I'm a fan of the constant updates so I have just sent you a donation, keep up the good work! @lucky1 Any chance you would ever design a Pin2DMD that has the display PCB integrated on it for Data East games like LAH, JP, TFTC etc? I know it doesn't make a heap of sense and will cost more, but it would be awesome to not have to take off that back plate every time to update the SD. Could be even useful for testing purposes.
  6. Just wanted to say a huge thanks for your work on this! I installed it into my real LAH tonight and was amazed at how good it was. Keep up the awesome work!
  7. Have also got the text clipping/dull lines on the Game Over and say no to drugs screen, also have the issue with the high scores being white or having the green/red parts over it. I have sent vbobrusev some additional pictures of the issues and he said he will look into it. It would be great to get an update about the Rom 1.13 version questions as well. Thanks for your time and work.
  8. Hey logen563, I was wondering what ROM version you based this off? I can't seem to get the files you uploaded running on a real pin. Thanks!
  9. Hey NetzZWerg, do you have a contact address for donations for real pin files? Thank you
  10. Hey dzorbas, thanks for the info and the offer, I appreciate it. I may just go for an order of 5 as I have a few friends interested now too. I finally got all my parts for my standard ones and absolutely love them and need to put one in all my machines
  11. Hey guys, I'm thinking of ordering a 128x16 pcbs and panels for my TMNT. It looks like there are a lot more components on this board than others due to the controller being integrated, I was wondering if anyone has purchased either a single one or a small batch and had a rough estimate of what they cost for the PCB fully assembled with parts? Thanks
  12. Thanks lucky1. They didn’t offer any alternative in the email so wasn’t sure. thank you
  13. Hey lucky1 I have just been informed that TS2940CP33 (IC3) is out of stock. Is there a specific alternative I can use? Thank you
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