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  1. Hey guys, got my boards from PCBway and have set the board in DFU mode, Dfusedemo sees the board and I can select the dfu file but when I go to upgrade it just freezes the program. Any ideas? Thanks Edit: swapped to a different PC and is working
  2. Hi guys, have had a question from PCBway regarding the components, making sure they are all correct and the right way up, soldering is good etc. If anyone could have a look that already has done these and give me some guidance that would be great, thank you.
  3. Hi dzorbas, that makes total sense now. I haven't seen an actual picture of the front of the unit before! Thank you for that. Yep, Lucky1 pointed me in the direction of Coreman so that's who I am going with. It looks like their lowest brightness panels are about roughly half the brightness of the highest ones. So if you never go above 30% then these should be fine. Thank you!
  4. Hi dzorbas, Thank you for the information. I'm new to all of this and had got some mismatched info from someone local here that has never used them in a real pinball. Turns out they were using an old shield with components that were missing to run in a real pin. I've got the harness/wiring ready to connect to the header of my power driver board as specified. The soldering part for the red/black wires with the white connector that go to the LED panels, I see they plug into the panels in your picture above (one on each side) but the other end of that cable I can't see in your picture. I assume it connects to the blue connector that is to the left of the 12V DC power input connector? Finally, I have been looking for the panels to buy on Ali express and there are so many different options. Lucky1 referred me to a certain place but they have many different options such as brightness levels etc. I see a lot of people say that they never go to the full brightness that the panel is capable of so I was thinking of just getting the lower end ones as long as all the rest of the parts are the same in terms of quality. The one I am looking at is a P2.5 64x32 with 1600 brightness. The higher ones are 2000 and 2400 but I am not sure I need those. Do they all ship with the power and signal cables or is that extra as well? Thanks again for your time, I really appreciate it.
  5. Hi Lucky1, First thank you for the wonderful job you have done with pin2dmd. I am placing an order for some of the EVO PCBs and I just wanted to confirm with you that all the components in the BOM file will work on a real pinball machine as well. Also I read that you still need to solder the power connector for the display, is this still relevant on the latest pcbs? Thank you!
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