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  1. Good sir you were exactly correct! I actually got the solution from a youtuber who had the same problem asking for help. He said to disable windows defender. BAM. Smooth as butter. But thanks so much for the help -- your first suggestion was absolutely correct!
  2. Hi Carny. Thanks so much for your work, first of all. My question: I have noticed a a lot of stutter on a few tables when there is high amounts of flashing. I noticed this some time after I updated from an earlier version of 3.3 to a newer version, the one released about a month ago or so. Ive tried so much to figure out why this is happening more now -- is there a chance that the updated version can cause stuttering issues, particularly on some tables with flashing? ie, the lights flashing upon certain things like hitting a ramp, etc. The tables off the top of my head are funhouse, indiana jones, twilight zone, etc. Ive tried removing the backglass as well, no luck on stopping it. Thanks so much for any input. And if you wat any more details on my setup, id greatly appreciate it and would happily give. PS -- I know its unlikely that your build is the culprit...im just reaching for straws at this point.
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