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  1. What are the functions of these 3 LEDS? They aren’t burning, and I saw one blue led burning on a pin2dmd from a friend of me
  2. I’ve downloaded pinball.exe, and my license key is activated. so I think I have to contact pinball.center..
  3. That's no good news, is there a way to check if i activated the key in the right way?
  4. Yes, i tried the pin2dmd in my CFTBL, and had the same error
  5. Yes, I've used a plasma DMD in my roadshow, and that was fully functional
  6. Also with a external use of power and without a flat cable connected does the loop error stay, could that be a clue for this error?
  7. @lucky1 I just Checked all my inputs, and they are correct. What is the next thing I can check? Regards,
  8. I'll check the pins tomorrow, Yes I've tried to reset the settings to default, but that didn't do anything. When I'm starting a gameplay, the display still stays on the pin2dmd start screen.
  9. When I'm opening test input on my dmd itself it says pin 11 & 17 closed, is that correct? And when I'm opening test Rs232 it says loop error. Could this be a link with my problem?
  10. Here a picture of the back side, I didn't build it myself, I ordered it at pinball.center I've got the power from j118.
  11. @magneek Thank you, i have a green LED who's lighting up at the back side of the display, I've tried the ribbon cable, but that is in the right position
  12. Hi guys, My pin2dmd just arrived, and I've plugged it in to my roadshow, unfortunately it just stays on this screen. I've activated the license key en copied the key to the sd card in my DMD. Who could help me out? Regards,
  13. Hi guys, does someone know how i can get that program on my dmd mk66 from pinballsp? by the way, great colorization
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