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  1. I'm still waiting on this table!!! I am headed to the Strern Birthday party on October 14th.
  2. All my games run great, I was just wondering if a Upgrade will be needed for VP 10 and the full blown tables. I think im gonna grab the 4gb version of the 960 GTX when it comes out and sell of the 770s, mostly out of boredome hehe.
  3. Then that would leave the other card just pushing the DMD then? Seems like 1 card would always be better doing the Playfield but what do I know hehe.
  4. Guys I was going to update my Cabinet with 2 770 GTXs that I had but the card running the BackGlass and DMD does it need to be that powerful? What im thinking is selling both my 770s, buying a new EVGA 960 GTX 4gb version for the Playfield and using a 660 GTX I pulled out of my friends PC for the Backglass and DMD. Does this sound good? Im kinda of future proofing the cab for a few years I hope.
  5. Marcdaddy

    Star Trek

    Wow this table couldn't look better! Going to be Fantastic, I tried the FP version to tie me over and wasn't very impressed.
  6. Wow Thanks!! Plays great in my Cab!!!!!
  7. WOW!! I cant wait for this release, I keep checking back every couple of days crossing my fingers its done.
  8. Cool, gonna throw it in my Cabinet in about 30 minutes. Been itching for something new.
  9. Hauntfreaks the table uses a StarTrek Rom? Just making sure. Thanks again for the hard work!!!!!!
  10. Guys is there a ROM for this table? I downloaded the file and its was the Table, B2s and Music.
  11. I can wait to play, Maybe ill look into making a backglass with my Challenger on it! LOL I just realized that after looking at Freneticamnesic Sigs those are all my favorite tables atm.
  12. Itchigo ill call you if I sell them, This weekend I think I might just put both 770s in and try them out.
  13. If that's the case I can sell all 3 cards and put a GTX 970 in there.
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