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  1. My first reason for using PBX was because I had focus issues with HP.
  2. yup. You just need to know where the contactor is in your config file and add the extra events to it.
  3. Do you have the B2S controller enabled in the tables script?
  4. Yeah, DOF goes by ROM names. What doesnt work? The table itself or DOF effects? Old B2S table, what controller is the game loading in the script?
  5. I think DOF assigns feedback to "nearby" devices if you have any. For instance. I only have two contactors in my machine and they are on the sides of the cab by the flipper buttons. They obviously provide feedback for the flippers but also provide feedback on games that have pop bumpers and what not down toward the apron side of the play field.
  6. was direct b2s working before you uploaded to his machine? I was having some trouble getting stuff to work after a recent file migration myself. I copied letter for letter the drive tree from another working machine and it didnt work on my machine. I think I had to go back through the re-install process to get everything working. Re-install as in PinMAME and re register the B2S server app. BTW, those files moved from the other machine were ALL blocked when I moved them to my machine. 100's of them not just a few. In order to quickly unblock them I zipped the folders and unzipped them to their final locations.
  7. Not sure if this has been covered yet or but thought I'd post this here just incase. I've got the 16th port on my secondary LEDWiz driving a WMS 20VDC knocker coil. While going through all of my tables to make sure they were all set right (fullscreen back glasses, freeplay and all that) I noticed that as soon as I started IJ4 (Stern Indiana Jones) The knocker coil energized and stayed there (until something blew and it let go ). I have not looked into what fried but I'm willing to bet one of the traces on the Sainsmart relay board opened up. Not going to be a big deal to fix but I thought I should point this out incase something is amiss with the DOF tool. I plan on deleting the lines in the ini file that drive that coin when the game starts. It really only needs to work when a replay is achieved anyway.
  8. Sorry about the old thread revive, I think I might be experiencing something along the PWM bug with my shaker motor. Its being driven by a replay thats connected to an LEDWiz output. When the shaker motor is supposed to be on the relay chatters and the shaker motor doesnt really get up to speed (sometime it doesnt even start). If I directly ground the relays drive signal the relay does not chatter and the shaker runs perfectly. Again, sorry about the old thread revive. I'm trying to get this figured out and its driving me insane.
  9. Its got something to do with the contactors.... WOW... I don't get it but they are causing some sort of issue with VP. After some pointers from Dazz I played several games (at least 45 minutes) with the contactors unplugged and no crashes. Within seconds of plugging the contactors back in, CRASH! I'm going to try 2 things. 1. Install damping diodes on the contactors. 2. run the contactors from +12VDC instead of +24VDC. Not sure if thats going to change much but its worth the effort.
  10. hmmm... Several games of Banzai Run with the contactors disconnected and NO crashing. I guess I need to add suppression diodes to the contactors. I'd hate to have to leave them disconnected.
  11. Anyone ever figure out this "fatal error render device" issue? I've been getting this at what seems like random times for a while now. At first the game I'm playing (doesnt seem to be tied to any particular game) will start to stutter BIGTIME and VP will eventually crash. From there if I try to restart VP it will crash as soon as I start the table. I have to rest the PC to fix it. Tried numerous options switches in video preferences, none seem to help. Updated the graphics card driver (GTX770). I'm running VP 9.9.1. I'm at a loss here. Only change to my cab is that I added contators. I cant imagine they are the cause of this but will disconnect them anyway. So close to being done "building" this damn thing....
  12. In each tables script (inside of visual pinball) you need to make sure that the line that reads "Set Controller = CreateObject("VPinMAME.Controller")" instead says "Set Controller = CreateObject("B2S.Server")." You'll know you have this right when you right click on the backbox image and an option screen pops up. Sounds to me like everything is installed right so I hope its that simple. Also, some tables have an option list in the begging part of the script that allows you to change which "controller" your going to use. Just search the script for VPinMAME.Controller and you'll see what I'm talking about. Good luck and welcome to the madness!
  13. Like a few others have said, if I had any idea how to help I'd love too. Looks great though.
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