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  1. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    Hi Lucky, as discussed on VPA I'd test the new 2.50 version, this is my result in 1 evening (will do more later): - this week I had the NASCAR dmd freezing. Table plays fine but there was a moment the display just stopped. Did have that before on an other table as well but tonight, after 8 games of NASCAR all were fine so...may-be an accident then? Will do more tests later this week - as I did have problems with the display not starting up at all in a previous version I tried it this time again: started Avatar a 50 times: all are fine so IO guess this issue is solved. - NOT solved, problem was present before and now: in PB X I have 2 kinds of displays : one of them are static pictures (when there is no dmd on the table like EM or early SS) where the manufacturer is being displayed. When starting a table the display should remain visable when the table starts and during gameplay. Well.....sometimes it isn't. When starting such table mostly it's ok but sometimes (say 1 out of 5) the display blanks when selecting and starting that table from PBX. I'm sure the "hide dmd" option on that table is unchecked : checked it in the game manager and (2nd check) same table starting again from PBX will display the manufacturer display. I did run the usb capture program so I hope you are able to have a look at this. When I saw the problem I did exit the table, did exit PBX and closed capturing so the problem should be visable at the (almost) end. Good Luck(y) :-) pin2dmd_port6
  2. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    as a test....25 times Avatar opened / closed and about 5 times after that Jurassic Park...all good! Thank you again for your (quick) support!
  3. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    This evening played Jurassic Park, also a .pal coloured display but also a freeze. Needed a reset with the tool and then it worked. Was running 2.46 It looks to me that if you start with a reset when a table gets loaded it would be solved but don't know if that is a good solution though.
  4. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    Should have known that.... But....no good news... 2nd time Avatar...no display. Was testing color enabled.
  5. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    Hello Lucky, in the normal 2.45 version: Tested it with Avatar which does have a color .pal file but no colored ROM. With the 7th start-up of this table the DMD remained blank, no display at all. Unchecked the color option in the F1 pinmame menu, reset the pin2dmd, without color now but...the 11th time same problem, no display at all. So, unchecking the color option soes not seem to have any influence. What I do notice however is that when I double click on the pin2dmd icon to run pin2dmd.exe it takes far more longer time then before before the program comes up, it will take about 15..20 seconds now where before it was directly there. Do not know what to do with the .bin file you sent so did not check that version. Thank you for your support!
  6. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    Will test it but needs to wait 'till tomorrow...will report then to you.
  7. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    Hello Lucky, can I ask for your support on this one? When firing up the cab and pin2dmd the first table and the dmd works fine. But after closing that table (and VPX) and running a new table the display stays blank, no info at all. Also no error, VPX works fine except no display at all. When starting PBX, same. No display at all. Need to start pin2dmd Colorprism and "| Reset Device". After that, display comes up with the initional pin2dmd display (the coloured blocks and firmware version) and after that it's possible to run a table again with display. It's not always the case it's not working right, sometimes it's just fine, sometimes it's the 3rd or 4th table that does not wordk but it does happen quite often. I'm on version 2.45 but an other user told me he experienced this problem also when he was moving from 2.43 to 2.44 His experience is that it was ok in 2.43 but after that the problem arises. Can you please have a look? Thanks!
  8. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    .EXCELLENT!... This one works fantastic..no problems at all. Can do reset, can do everything, then reset again...everything works! Can you tell me what you changed? What was the problem?? Thank you!
  9. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    The short answer is YES. I can change everything....brightness, color palette etc. When I exit the pin2dmd program I can run tables, exit the tables, go back into the pin2dmd program, modify etc, no problem. As long as I do not press the reset device button. When I do that, I do see the display performing a reset and coming back but the program responds with the error as described. Trying to run a table now gives the same error. What is working this evening: unplugging the device @ USB port and replug it, pin2dmd will reboot and start and everything is fine, I can do whatever I want as long as I do not touch the reset device button. One other strange thing: when it works and I exit a table the display will blank so no info on display at all, perfect. When I start pin2dmd normally the screen comes up with the pin2dmd logo and the blue letters underneath it and I can perform brightness controll etc (but not touch reset device). Now...this works mostly but I also had it a couple of times that there was no reset at power up,, display remains black. I can change the brightness slider with no erro but of course I do not see any change on the display (it's black...). Exiting the pin2dmd gives no error but when I start a table, no display is being displayed and also no error this time. Need to exit the table and perform the unplug - reset and everything is ok. So...for me....it will work as long as I do not perform a Device Reset in the pin2dmd program. Most of the time the pin2dmd gives no problems (besides the Reset Device, that is a 100%) so as long as it works with VPX and PBX it's ok with me....nevertheless strange. Never had these problems before changing to 64 bit and 2.41 and that pin2dmd works fine, later versions (2.43, 2.44) does not but I'm not blaiming anything, could be anything, no clue but I'm glad it works perfect with VPX and PBX. Thanks!
  10. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    Using this driver : Strange thing is....cable is connected with USB2...worked until now perfect. And no problem with 2.41 so I do not know if it's hardware related..... Does pin2dmd use the .dll files? PS: I do use pin2dmd/ reset function in the normal mode, connected to the same usb port on the pin2dmd board to play the tables) If there's anything I can test for you let me know.
  11. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    Colorprism: I mean the pin2dmd exe file as it comes with the package under \tools. When I run that: first thing I noticed is that it takes more time than I was used to see : now it takes about 20..25 seconds before it comes up where normally it was almost direct. But it comes up, then I press 'reset device'.. it does reset the device but then comes with the error message " "Error: firmware not supported please upgrade". As soon as this message comes up I can make it disappear by clicking OK but then VPX will give the same message when starting a table. I do not know what happens if I do not press reset device but only use brightness or so... I was using the reset button to see if the firmware programming was correct but then the problems as described occur. Now....after a re-install of everything and NOT using pin2dmd / reset device it works with the latest firmware (I can tell by unplugging / plugging in the device) in VPX and PBX. Thanks for your support!
  12. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    Thanks guys for your help and suggestions. I spend a couple of hours trying to make it work...did everything( and more) I could come up with but with no succes. It's gonna be a long story what I did but I hope you will go through it so we can exclude as much as possible and may-be find a solution. OK...here we go: Here was a long tekst but...I think I've found something......... As long as I DO NOT touch pin2dmd Colorprism I do have a working dmd within VPX! But...... once I touch Colorpism (and I reset the device) I got the Error. After that error gotten once no VPX with display is possible, even not after a full power off / on. What I did now is delete the driver in device manager, opened zadig, insatlled it again and I got it back working now....won't touch it..and I hope it will continue to work.... I must say... I tried that earlier (deleting and installing the new driver) but that didn't work at that moment. But now when it didn't work anymore after colorprism even Zadig couldn't find the device anymore so I rebooted the PC, did a firmware update (same version 2.44, ST Link was able to see the pin2dmd where Zadig was not anymore) then run Zadig, pin2dmd again in the list, install driver and ..got it working. For me as I see it now....colorprism on 64bit in this version ...I'm not sure but for now (tested 5 times) it's working as long as I do not touch this program....
  13. Thank you so much Javier 15, FRANSISCO666, ROM, GTXJOE, MAKUSTE, WILDMAN, ARNGRIM, Bodydump, Koadic, Zany, Dark and 32Assassin A real surprise! The modification I did for myself is to lower the volume of the motor.wav file wilth -20dB because it's really loud at startup and when the skull is moving. Great game, thanks!
  14. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    Hello Lucky, can I ask for your support? Tried everything I could come up with but no clue... I migrated my VP PC to win7/64 coming from win7/32. Therefore I made a backup of all my VP files and dir and installed Win7/64 on a fresh SSD. After that and all the Windows updates I used the VP all-in-1 installer and after that I moved all my files from the backup to the SSD. ThenI got problems with pin2dmd, my firmware was 2.43 and running VPX it says "Error: firmware not supported please upgrade". Because now it's a 64 bit machine I copied dmddevice64.dll to the pinmame dir but same result. After some try-and-error I found out that everything is OK when running firmware and the .dll's from V2.41 so, VPX is fine and PBX is fine. Trying to install 2.43 or 2.44 gives the same error "Error: firmware not supported please upgrade". But..,,, strange thing: if I directly after installing the firmware (and I put the dll's in pinmame) run the corresponding colorprism and I press "reset device" it will reset the device but it gives the same error "Error: firmware not supported please upgrade" so, this is without visual pb or pbx, only the files from the github section. The way I update : first install firmware with STLink utility, this is all fine. Then: from integration -> pinmame copy dmddevice.dll ,dmddevice.h and libusbK.dll to pinmame dir from integration -> pinmame copy dmddevice64.dll , and libusbK.dll to pinmame dir (this libusbk is much smaller then the first one: now 52,8kB versus 82,3kB) That's it. I did do a search function on the total SSD to see where .dll's are but only in PBX. I do see a 2nd directory in Pinmame called DMDext and this also has the same dll's. When it was running ok (2.41) I removed this dir to not have duplicate drivers and 2.41 was still working. Later when testing I also did put back this dir and updated the drivers in here like I did in pinmame dir but same error. Do you have any clue where to look? I think most important here is that 2.41 works fine and that also colorprism gives same error. This DMDext dir with the dll's is this necessary? BTW: when I was running 32bit 2.43 did not have any problems. Thank you for your support.
  15. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    Installed this version and yes, 10 / 10 it works fine now when starting a table from PBX : the colors on the pin2dmd are kept well where before 2 out of three went wrong. Thanks for the update and your work!