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  1. Thank you for this beautiful table, also having a lock problem: when shooting into the lock (see green arrowed line in picture) ball won't return. Very sometimes I get a ball back on that red wire on the left but most times it does not. 2nd: ball was quicker then the kicker on the left outlane (see yellow line) so the ball got into the drain and never returned. I do think I did hear the kicker so I guess it was registered by the switch (it all goes very quick) but it was just to late to do so and never got it back 3r: what is that red small light on the PF (blue line). Thanks!
  2. We don't say it e-ve-ry time but.. thank you for your on-going work on this. One of the essential VP files...where would we be without it?? (nowhere...) And DJRobX...did try it on Jack-Bot...works excellent, thank you! (and also for all the other workt you do)
  3. This looks amazing good! And...don't know why...also plays better.....😁😁 Thank you for your great work!
  4. Thank you very much for your colorization on this pin! Looks great already 😂 Thanks! ! 👍👍👍
  5. It was the file coming from the 2.55 version of the pin2dmd git-hub section (my pin2dmd firmware is 2.55) Also tried it with the latest 2.58 version (both firmware and .dll) but same effect. When I do the new install I will use the standard pin2dmd dmddevice.dll which comes with the all-in 1 installer but what I do not know is with what firmware version is corresponds... therefore I did use the dmd file from the corresponding firmware version. Is there any benefit of using Freezy with a pin2dmd display?
  6. Mmmm....from memory: All the xx30 rev's did have the crash error. What I experienced with the latest rev 4738 that it runs with the color enabled the first time but not the 2nd time (as described above). I do not know if that was the case as well with older xx30 rev's but I am sure that the xx20 rev's did not have this problem. But now...after the Freezy test-install pinmame crashes immediately even the first time (even with the xx20 versions) and I couldn't get it back to work so now I'm totally installing a complete new build including WinX and VPX...... What I will do: install a fresh WinX and a fresh VPX first without any additions like DOF or Lucky's dll or whatsoever and build it up from there and test every step and see at what time it is going wrong. (if the new build has the same problem). Will report back but can take a while as I'm not at my cab for the next 3,5 weeks but will come back to you, thank you for the support!
  7. Thanks for testing. I did not have freezy's extention as I am told that it has no benefit when you use a pin2dmd-display. Nevertheless I installed it, but I couldn't get the real pin2dmd to work, only the virtual dmd which was looking 'freezy's ' (other pixel-shape) so that worked. I did check the freezy's ini file to see if the pin2dmd was enabled but it was enabled by default. Then I wanted to revert back to the working standard situation and...now nothing works at all anymore. Time to do a total Windos X and VPX install......
  8. Wow...thank you guys for your help and the update. As I don't want to waste this thread (more then I already did) I started a new thread in the general tab, see 'rev4638 2nd start problems' in 'Pinmame development' thanks!
  9. **note** this thread is a continu from the official beta 3.2 thread as I didn't want to spoil it more with my findings and questions.** Reason for my postings in the official thread was that pinmame startin with the xx30 rev's and further on are having the problem that pinmame fully crashes when starting a rom. No warning, no sings...crash. This only happens when the external pin2dmd is active. Disabeling it and having the virtual display will run the rom's fine (so it's not a rom issue). Now....about this 4638 version (thanks guys for your help and very fast response) Something weird but I can reproduce the error now. Ok...here it is: after copying the new .dll into pinmame dir and running pinmame/test my test-rom works out very well. (TZ94CH) Pressing start gives the note in pinmame that it is running and the pin2dmd shows the TZ graphics. But.....running a 2nd time the rom (press stop and directly start) is impossible: a direct hard crash of pinmame back to Win10. Starting pinmame again and running the test won't help: a direct crash. Now....rebooting the PC (soft reboot is fine) and starting pinmame / test : everything fine the 1st time but 2nd time the same. And now something more interesting: For this TZ94CH rom I enabled the color option in the F3 game menu. I do not have full color for it but a nice white graphics to a black background . pal file (see attachment). When I rename the TZ94CH alt color directory (where the pal file is in) to a weird name so that pinmame can not find it and I restart pinmame/test: Everyting is fine! The color option in the game menu is still on but, as it can not find the directory it will display some kind of orange colors but stopping and running and stopping and running...everything is fine. So it seems to be a combination of using a .pal file and running pinmame a second time. ** Edit: tested an other ROM-with-pal-file (term3) : same problem: after reboot first time ok, 2nd time crash, only reboot will help. Thanks again so far! pin2dmd.pal
  10. Great! thank you for the support....I'll give it a try..... where to find it?
  11. No problem, thanks for the link. I was thinking about the pin2dmd firmware as when disabeling it in pinmame the table does start but it is a total of a chain and if one thing in the chain doesn't work...the whole chain won't...so...will go check it out.
  12. Hi Lucky, can I ask for your support on this please: Since the latest updates on Pinmame it will crash when using the rom's or trying to play a machine. So, going into pinmame itself, press test, choose a rom, enable use external dll (for the pin2dmd) and press run: I see the pin2dmd light go very dim and then pinmame exits without warning. Checking the ROM-set itself says that the rom is ok and pinmame is able to use it but running it will crash pinmame. Now... up to Pinmame Version r3.2 v4621 there was no problem but upgrading from there with either r4635 or the latest r4637 does not work, giving the behaviour as said. Disabeling the 'use external display' will make it possible to run the same rom with a virtual dmd on screen. Tested with afm113b and tz94hc, ij_l7 but up to now can not make it work, random other roms do not work as well. After having this issue I did a complete new install of my total harddisk (to clean up everything as well) and also installed Win10 (coming from Win7) Installed the all-in-1 VPX ,installed the latest sam , checked it, problem as described. (not even starting VPX itself, first checking SAM) Then I downloaded the latest pin2dmd drivers from grithub, copied dmddevice.dll to pinmame, copied the xdmd files and installed the latest firmware to the pin2dmd (2.58) but no succes, same problem. Also checked at91jit (as my previous problem) but that value is 0. any clue? Thanks for the support,
  13. WOW..... fantastic add-on for a fantastic table. Have a drink! Cheers!
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