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  1. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    |Ok...I hope I did it right.... think I found out that the pin2dmd is on windows assigned usb port 1. Captured this port. This is what the sequence was (and yes...it went wrong so the data must be in here...) 1) started capturing usb port 1 2) started pinballx, Fathom was already on the screen, the pin2dmd shows a good blue Bally logo 3) started this table and immediately after pressing start the colors change like the picture in a previous post 4) I wait for the table to load and come up (dmd still with the wrong colors as the table itself is a non -dmd table ) 5) I exit the table 6) machine goes back to PinballX, refreshing the display and showing the good blue Bally logo 7) I exit PninballX 8) I stop recording the usbport. Data attached. Is it something you can work with? pin2dmd
  2. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    OK.....I have no experience with this but I can install and make it work I guess..... so...give me some time to explore this and capture the data when things go wrong...
  3. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    Good thought! Checked it..but no. That's OK. So...Use external DMD is un checked when there is no DMD with the table (i.e. Fathom). Also in PBX Fathom the Hide DMD option is unchecked. But it's hard to get an idea about the diagnose: sometimes it's ok, sometimes not. I will revert to 2.37 and 2.39 and see how it acts as I can not remember having this problem in the past but will check. Thanks for your support!
  4. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    Hello Lucky1, can I have your support for this please: I'm experiencing a problem with the PIN2DMD when selecting / starting a table within PinballX. Problem is that PIN2DMD looses track of the colors. Example: see this: this is a static company logo as defined and displayed by the pin2dmd within PBX, everything fine: Now...when pressing Start to play this table the display immediately looks like this : Same with i.e. a Williams logo: Starting the tablew will give this: Some thing I've noticed: 1) the wrong colors are always the same "wrong" when starting a table so it's always the same wrong picture showing up 2) when a table has started and the wrong picture shows up: when pressing "pause" the display resets, showing the image again, always right. When exiting this VPX pause menu back to the table the picture now always is right. 3) These are static pictures used with EM machines or machines without DMD. When I have a DMD machine the pin2DMD shows an active (not static) movie in pinballx. When starting a table the color also changes to "weird" but because the display is being refreshed by the table itself the color comes back ok. 4) More difficult: not always the pin2dmd goes wrong (but most of the time it is. I can not remember having this problem with the previous firmware (not sure but I would remember) so it look likes it's introduced with the latest firmware. I tried both the latest driver found on your github page as well as the one that comes with the latest pinmame beta updates, both the same. Thanks for your support, if you want more info let me know,
  5. On feb 23 I posted this.....will post it again , thank you for your update, still one of my favorites! Great, thanks!
  6. Pin2Dmd - Table Support

    @lucky1 Wow....great! Tested the new dmddevice.dll and YES this works well with the pause menu within PBX! Slightly different behaviour compared to the dll before: Before when the pause button was pressed the in the PinballX gamemanager defined display video/graphic came up. Now with the new dll the last real running table display is stopped before entering the pause menu. But...both are perfect, can have a look at the flyer when I want to and no error message, haven't test the freezing of the colorDMD within SpidermanVE but as this was tested before and showed good results with the new win drivers I think this will be OK. Thank you for your (good & quick) support! PS: the pause key can be very usefull......if you want to have a look at the flyer..... take a beer...or want to let go the results of having a beer :-)
  7. Pin2Dmd - Table Support

    OK, perfect. Well....I'm glad it is possible to run a colorized pin2dmd without freezing (so far so good). Do you think it makes sense to raise this issue at the PBX forum? On one hand it is the pin2dmd driver but the 'no pin2dmd' only happens when entering the Pause menu in PBX. So...do you think it could be programming related to PBX?
  8. Pin2Dmd - Table Support

    Thanks! Well....almost sure one problem gone... sure one proble came. It looks like the original freezing problem with the SpidermanVE color rom has gone. Not finally sure but I was never able to finish a game without a freezing pin2dmd and now I could (and these are looooong games!) So far, so good, great news as these color on a pin2dmd look fantastic! But an other problem came in: When starting PinballX and browsing through the tables there are images or a video on the (pin2)dmd, defined with the PBXgame manager. This works fine. Starting a game andthe game takes over the display: fine. Normally when I press the Pause key to be able to pause the game and i.e. view the flyer the PinballX pause menu comes up and pin2dmd will display the same image or video like before before starting the game (as defined with the PBXgamemanager) However: with the new drivers when pressing the pause key the playfield screen will turn black and I hear a 'boing'. Normally you can not see what the error is but I found out it's a windows messagebox which says "no pin2dmd". When I click on OK (normally not possible because display is all black) PinballX will continue showing the pause menu but the display will remain the value it had when pausing the game from gameplay, not switching to the image or video defined within pinballX When reverting back to the old pin2dmd driver (libusb) everything works as normal. I'm sure I'm using the latest XDMD files (2 of them which are in integration dir). Any thoughts on this? Thank you again for your good and quick support :-) !
  9. Pin2Dmd - Table Support

    : question about the driver. Above you ask me to change to winusb driver. I did install it according to the instructions on http://pin2dmd.com/installation/ which I think is the libusb-win32 driver so this is a change? When I run Zadig this is what I see: (see attachment) When I choose libusb-win32 it says Replace driver so I think I did install this driver before (like instructions). When I choose WinUSB it says Install this driver so I think this is a new driver replacing the libusb-win32 driver. So 1) is it correct that I should replace the driver with the Win-USB driver? 2) the version of this driver is v6.1.7600.16385 is this the right one? USB port is dedicated , directly connected to motherboard. Thanks for your support
  10. Pin2Dmd - Table Support

    Good thought! So...I gave it a try. Color modified rom with both pin2DMD and the PinmameDMD active. Pin2dmd is color, other one is standard orange. Very soon it was clear that the pin2dmd stopped working (freezed) where the pinmame DMD continued to work. As you can see in the attached picture: the pin2dmd is still on the skill shot where the pinmame DMD says a mode has just been completed. Paused the game in the F1 menu disabled color, exit the game and restart it. Both DMD's now monochrome. This took me very long (>1/2 hour) but then the pin2dmd freezed as well where the pinmame dmd continued working. Strng thing also is that although color is off sometimes the pin2dmd gives a full different monoochrome color like very much green or purple instread of a kind of yellowish. Just for a couple of seconds before returning to the standard yellow-ish. This last thing is no problem at all but the freezing is not a very handy thing..... Thanks for your support!
  11. Pin2Dmd - Table Support

    Any suggestion for this?: Spiderman VE, Alessio 2.2 using rom smanve_101c : pin2dmd freezes after a while during gameplay but gameplay continues like normal. Will take a while so only when having a good game. Can't say exactly when this happens: I had it twice when Tell MJ was stared/running buit also once when a venom thing was on the DMD. When it freezes: when starting the pin2dmd utility (I do it with alt-tab so the table is still active in the background) communication with the dmd is back: it shows the pin2dmd startup logo showing the firmware version number (2.39). But, when returning to the table the display won't function : the startup logo will be displayed, no refreshment. Any thoughts on this or what to do? (also tried it with the previous 2.1 version (same rom) : same result) thnx
  12. Topper Videos

    Thanks a lot for your work. Really a true add-on for the VP!
  13. Pin2Dmd - Table Support

    -- can't delete had a problem with simpsons but everything's fine...
  14. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    Didn't know that was necessary.... but... I gave that a try and...no display. But...then I copied the other 2 files (dmddevice.h and libusbK.dll) also to the pb X dir and.... YES! it's working. Did some trying again and: PBX needs 2 files to run pin2dmd: dmddevice.dll and libusbK.dll. So... the .h file is not needed but will copy it anyway.... Thanks for the support!
  15. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    Update: the new dll 's for integration within pinballx (xdmd.dll / xdmdnative.dll) do not work with pinballx : no display at all. Tested with latest PinballX version, (2.36) Older dll's (my pc says 28-4-2016, 249kB/86kB) work fine,