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  1. it, THANK you! I thought that replacing the old dmd sub dir's with the newer ones which comes with the new SAMbuild was enough but you really need to copy/paste the right .dll file into the pinmame dir. Thanks and also for the colorized Metallica upgrade: looks fantastic!
  2. I'm having severe problems with the new setup. As I wanted to run ME LE color I updated everything: latest Pin2DMD flash-firmware (2.37) latest Pinmame (2.9 rel 4228) When I start a DMD table (i.e. Cactus Canyon but all other tables as well) the display is blinking constantly and very fast but irragular (so not with a steady tempo). I found out that when I overwrite Vpinmame.dll (from 2.9 back to the 2.8 version) everything is ok so it's not the new firmware on the pin2DMD, it's not one of the files in the other folders of pin2dmd (including dmddevice.dll) , it just doesn't work right for me with 2.9 As soon as I copy Vpinmame 2.9 (and I check it by running setup/info) the blinking comes back do I do have to get back to 2.8 to get it working. Ooh, and yes...after installing the new SAM I did press "install" on the setup program. Can you give an advice for this Lucky? thanks
  3. Thank you so much for this (updated) table. I love to play IRL the original table but with these prices....... this is a fantastic work-around :-) !
  4. Thank you Lucky for this file and your on-going support here!
  5. I would like to say I strongly agree with bent98. On tables without dmd I use a company logo in PBX to show. When starting the table the logo remains being displayed on the dmd, very good option and it would be a pity when just a blank dmd shows up. So it would be great if this option remains valid in the updates, thank you!
  6. It works! Great, thanks! I updated the pinmame.dll so therefore there was no change. I tried also some 'obscure' colors by just randomly picking them in the Windows color-chart and they all work well (although the result on the display might not what you want but technically said it works, great!)
  7. thank you. Did you update it under the same name (2.43b)? I just downloaded and tested it but the small values still don't work . Cyan as you describe does work.
  8. Thank you for that suggestion. It seems to work partially however there is something strange about the colors selected and the colors not being displayed on the DMD. i.e. I want to have magenta as is one of the default PIN2DMD colors. By pressing F1 I select magenta: R7 G248 G248 and shade 76% 33% 20% (changed this last one to 0 as well). But with this settings the display remains totally blank. Changing it to more hard/100% colors seems to be ok (like R255 G0 B0 for Red etc). What s the secret around here?
  9. @lucky1 Tested this version with the very new Star Trek LE and the good news is that that the external Pin2DMD is now working. However: THIS is not working anymore: With 4 color Stern table GTXJOE made a script which is called Palette loading: it does a call to the pin2dmd.exe and you can pass p x as parameter (x= 1 to 8) for the (monochrome) palette color. Now, when using the new files I do see when starting a table that the color does change to the color I did specify in the script command but when the table initioalizes more the DMD color will turn back to standard-red. When replacing the vpinmame.dll file to the older one (as can be found on this site at the start page) the script works flawlessly so it's in the dll file. Are you able to change thiss? Thank you for your work!
  10. Thank you! Will go through that..
  11. if I say "do not colorize" it will colorize but according to the default palette.... that might make sense, will try that out. Do you have a preferred color setting for this table GTXJOE? Thank you for making this table, it's really awesome!
  12. thank you for your answer. I know that only 4 colors can be displayed but the pin2dmd display does not use the 4 colors I define when I press F1 and then select the colors. Even when I uncheck the "Colorize DMD' box it still gives colors on the Pin2dmd but not on the backglass dmd (as is on the picture above. So...I do not want to use 16 colors but only 4 is fine but pin2dmd is not using the 4 I shoose in the software. Is it something I'm doing wrong?
  13. Hello, is it possible to solve this: I just installed the great table from GTXJOE Star Trek Stern. I do know that Stern tables only are able to use 4 colors but I'm getting very strange colors even when I unchecked the option "colorize DMD' (and yes I did restart the table after changing this: There is a lot of red color in the pin2dmd: (the photo is more oange but in real it is (ugly) red) However: if I enable the DMD on the screen (the upper one) it is monochrome: These are the color settings (but color is turned off): Even if I do enable color and choose the first ones to be white and the last one black (so 3* white, 1*black) the pin2dmd gives strange (and ugly) colors. Is this Stern-color related or is it possible to get 4 good looking colors? Thanks!
  14. Hello, within PinballX you can have a DMD video to show up when browsing through the table's. I do have a lot of them coloured but as they are not in 128*32 they mess up a lot so it's useless as I found out today..... Now, I searched <here> and <there> but although I ws able to find B/W video's (thanks to Sigma415) I couldn't find color DMD video's in the right size/format. May-be I did a wrong search, may-be they aren't there but if they are could you pls point me in the right direction? Thank you!
  15. I'm trying to make a drawing in with a 128*32 resolution but I see that the resolution is to low to make stripes (as a lot of dots could make stripes but not here....) OK. so, not possible and the only thing is changing the color to orange, no problem.