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  1. yes , i change some things in pov settings . And now its working . thx
  2. Hi , i have a problem with this table . You have the red pipe on the left , when the ball go in the hole its stuck . And this happens always . And i hear the sound going in a loop . And after a while i get "ball stuck call serviceperson " on the dmd . Tried to reset the settings for this rom , But didn't work . Could i have some help please , i like this table . what else could i try? thx
  3. Hello , I have i question regarding cables . Installed 2 extra fans in my cab . And i extend the cables with Utp cat5 cable . Is this ok to use this cable ? Could i also use this for my buttons ? For the lights 12v i will take thicker cable . thx
  4. Hi people , Would like to share my first pinball build 😉 What do you think about it ? gtz
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