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  1. 85vett


  2.  Option Explicit

         Const cGameName = "mtl_164" 
         Const UseSolenoids = 1
         Const UseLamps = 0
         Const UseSync = 1
         Const HandleMech = 0 
         Const SSolenoidOn = "Solenoid"
         Const SSolenoidOff = ""
         Const SCoin = "CoinIn"
        Dim xx
        Dim Bump1, Bump2, Bump3, Mech3bank,bsTrough,bsLHole, bsRHole,dtl,cbRight,turntable,cbCaptive,cbCaptive2
        Dim PlungerIM,LMag,RMag
        Dim cBall

        Dim VarHidden, UseVPMDMD
    If table.ShowDT = true then
        'UseVPMDMD = true
        VarHidden = 0
        lockdown.visible = true
        'UseVPMDMD = false
        VarHidden = 0
        lockdown.visible = false
    end if

    On Error Resume Next
    ExecuteGlobal GetTextFile("controller.vbs")
    If Err Then MsgBox "Can't open controller.vbs"
    On Error Goto 0

      LoadVPM "01560000", "sam.VBS", 3.10

        Set cBall = ckicker.createball
        ckicker.Kick 0, 0

      Sub table_Init

        With Controller
            .GameName = cGameName
            If Err Then MsgBox "Can't start Game " & cGameName & vbNewLine & Err.Description:Exit Sub
            .SplashInfoLine = "Metallica (Stern 2013)"
            .HandleKeyboard = 0
            .ShowTitle = 0
            .ShowDMDOnly = 1
            .ShowFrame = 0
            .HandleMechanics = 1
            .Hidden = VarHidden
            On Error Resume Next
            .Run GetPlayerHWnd
            If Err Then MsgBox Err.Description
        End With

        On Error Goto 0

        Set bsTrough = New cvpmBallStack
        bsTrough.InitSw 0, 21, 20, 19, 18, 0, 0, 0
        bsTrough.InitKick BallRelease, 90, 8
        bsTrough.InitExitSnd SoundFX("ballrelease",DOFContactors), "Solenoid"
        bsTrough.Balls = 4

    'Hole bsRHole - right eject
          Set bsRHole = New cvpmBallStack

  3. For the snake. This happens on the real table ;-) I set this table up to try and mirror the requirements of getting a clean shot in there to register the hit. You can change that by adjusting the walls and making them come together quicker thus funneling the ball to the sensor. Try adjusting the elasticity of the post if you are getting bounce outs from it. That is software controlled on when it goes up and down so I'm not sure how to adjust when it's going up and down and for how long.
  4. I love the look of FP but I removed 100% of those tables from my cabs as the flippers drove me nuts. Have the fixed the accuracy yet of those? They are/were just as bad as pre physmod/VPX. Felt like having a Ferrari that you couldn't get the wheels aligned right. Looks pretty and drives but you can't keep it straight on the road. The Tron Legacy original was one of my favorites as well as Friday the 13th.
  5. You could try one of the other roms (they are all on this site) to see if things change. As for testing that part. Here is a tip for everyone trying to test something. Create a ramp that goes to the item you with to test. Have it wide at the bottom and skinny at the top. Now it will be much easier to hit that item as well as control where the ball goes back to after you hit the item. For the graves. Also, put a wall in the outlanes and center. This way you can't drain which keeps you from having to start your test over. As for the machine. That set-up should run things fine.
  6. It can be done but you have to use pinball browser to create your own ROM. Check out - https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/acdc-display-and-modify-dot-matrix-images It's free software but can take some time to accomplish.
  7. Captive ball. That wall is round so if you are hitting the left side it should bounce left. Right side would bounce into the snake. Only a direct on shot would come straight back. Post Behind Sparky - That post is rom controlled and will stop the ball most of the time. Sometimes it does allow for it to go all the way around. It's possible your changes effected things a bit though as I don't recall seeing any issues at all with it in testing nor did my testers. Grave markers - This was a problem that I worked on in testing. I really don't know if changing the scaling would impact that (it shouldn't though). I tested that a whole lot before releasing and it was working fine on my cab as well as my testers. In this case, I almost wonder if your ROM is delayed a bit (the post being slowed down to from the above) and the ball exits the area before it senses it was there. You could try making the sensor (that green square) bigger, but not big enough to pass the last drop target. Is anyone else having issues?
  8. Never had that issue nor one of my testers. Sounds like an emulation issue for you though as when the ball drains it should be the same for all 3 balls.
  9. Go into the script and look for the - play sound line in the script for each flipper and each pop. Put a ' in front of that line and that will prevent the sound from playing.
  10. Pinbill - As Fren stated. But you also may need to bring it to the front. Right click on the image and select the "bring to front". That combined with adjusting the height should make it work. Right now your height looks to start off at 0. Try having the bottom of the ramp start at 80 and go from there. If memory serves me correctly that plastic above the drops is at a height of 55 units.
  11. Those that can't load the table. Do you have your global physics profile set up? I may have saved the table without the " override global physics" checked. If that is the case and you don't have a global physics profile set up the table will crash when it tries to load. Check that setting and either click it (if it is not already clicked) or set up a global physics profile in the main VP settings.
  12. File Name: Star Trek (Stern 2014)(85vett)(WIP)(FS)(VP9.9.x PM5) File Submitter: 85vett File Submitted: 29 Dec 2015 File Category: Recreations Permission to Mod: Yes ROM Name: 1.61 VP Version: Experimental - PhysicsMod Uploading this table as a WIP the same as Mustang. This table will never play as it is supposed to until the aux boards are figured out. The upper control gates for the top lanes as well as the coil that shakes the ship are on those boards. As it stands now a shot to the left loop will go all the way around the loop while a shot to the right lane will stop in the pops. Other than this it plays just fine. For the most part there aren't to many times a shot to the right lane would go all the way around in the real table so it's not a show stopper. Just wanted to call that out in case you thought it was a bug in the table. I also know there is a VPX version out there of ST. This table is just for those that don't have/want VPX. This is a PM5 version. It's not as graphically polished as most tables I've released but it is fully playable. This is a true WIP so all rights to mod and release are given at this time. I had help with the color changing code but my helper on that wished to be nameless. You know who you are, and thanks again for the help with it. Click here to download this file
  13. If it is asking for that code then the script is showing mtl_163. You don't want to change the code number in the zip file. Just looked at the Ster website and the newest code for the pro is mtl_164. You need to download it. Keep it as a zip file and rename the file to "mtl_164". Then in the script change it to show "mtl_164". At that point it should work just fine.
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