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  1. I'm the same boat, donated a little while ago but no responses either via twitter/FB/or email. Not sure whats going on....
  2. Just got this email yesteday, not sure who's close but someone might be able to take advantage more then I can right now.... _________________________________________________________ National Pinball Museum Moving Sale When: Saturday March 30th 2013 Where: 608 Water ST., Baltimore MD 21202 Time: 10AM-5PM Terms: Cash and Carry, all sales are final The National Pinball Museum is selling approximately 25 pinball machines to help cover the costs of closing the current location. The inventory for sale includes a wide range of games from electro mechanical to recently released DMD titles. Condition of the machines varies from projects to plug and play. Listed below are the current inventory and a brief description of condition. Pictures of the games for sale can be seen here: http://nationalpinballmuseum.org/museum/NPM_Store/index.html Pricing has not been finalized at this point, but you can anticipate fair market values common in the pinball collector community. Offers will be considered on any remaining inventory after 4PM. Please be prepared to haul away games at the time of purchase as we must vacate the build at the end of the sale. Avatar, Stern, Working. Very nice. Holes in coin from card reader. Black Hole, Gottlieb, Working. Very nice. Needs motor for black glass. Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Gottlieb, Working. Nice cosmetics. Old Coney Island, Game Plan, Almost working. Slight battery damage on MPU. Overall good condition. Fiesta, Playmatic, Working. Nice cosmetics. Frank Thomas' Big Hurt, Gottlieb, Working. Very nice. Jumping Jack, Gottlieb, Working. Clear coated playfield, new plastics and drop targets. Mars God of War, Gottlieb, Working. Very nice. No sound (sound components needs to be rebuilt). Monte Carlo, Bally, Working. Nice condition. Pro Pool, Gottlieb, Working. Very nice restoration. Pro-Football, Gottlieb, Working. Some PF ware and back glass flaking. Royal Flush, Gottlieb, Working. Nice condition. Secret Service, Data East, Working. Good condition. Weak upper flipper. Sing Along, Gottlieb, Working., Slick Chick, Gottlieb, Non-working. Above averageplayfield. Needs back box door. Back glass missing some ink. Spirit of 76, Gottlieb, Working. Good condition. Street Fighter II, Gottlieb, Working. Good condition. Subway, Gottlieb, Working. Average to good condition. Take Five, Allied Leisure, Non-working. Nice cosmetics. The Getaway: High Speed II, Williams, Working. Nice playfield. Avg. cabinet, DMD missing 6 vertical lines. Theatre of Magic, Bally, Working. Very nice. Thoro Bred, Gottlieb, Working. Good condition. Time Machine, Data East, Working. Nice condition. Wrong pop bumper bodies and caps installed. Time Machine, Zaccaria, Working. Very nice.
  3. I think I read somewhere the limit was increased to something like that, but the kicker was the objects couldn't just be copied and duplicated, they had to be added individually in the editor. But don't hold me to that, been a while since I read that, I'll see if I can dig up where/which forum I read that on.
  4. I came across this same breakout board while poking around for ideas, how well did this work for you in your setup?
  5. I'm a big proponent of the arduino options that are/have been developed recently, i'm slowly putting things together for my build so please keep us updated. Any mods I've played around with were hacking/rewiring usb controllers. While they worked somewhat they were no where near as elegant a solution.
  6. Well. what if that accel board, hooked to a uhid-nano. The nano has 8 inputs, configurable for analog/digital which could also cover at least basic buttons, or could use the standard U-hid for more inputs that might cover everything including something for plunger. I'm just thinking of having the accel separate from the input board that way the mounting options are left open (less wires). Or, I'm not sure if anyone has worked with it but the U-hidG has a built in accel chip along with configurable inputs. Not as many additional inputs as the standard U-hid, but again might cover the most basic of cabs when included with the plunger inputs. Was thinking of getting one to mess around with anyways, just thinking of options along the way. If I grab one I'll offer it up for testing/coding. Ultrasonic Distance Sensor for plunger??
  7. 3 way accel board to start with maybe? ** posted a gyro board at first
  8. ah lords of dogtown, one of my favs. table is looking good, hopefully one day i'll finally get around to working on mine.
  9. Thanks for the info farlos, I will give them a look in a little bit. As far as what kinda, my mind is kindof all over the place. I've had an idea for a table laid out to mimic an old skate park I remember back in the day. I've been slowly redrawing old logos and graphics so at some point i'll have a pretty good resource for it. I've been able to rough it out in FP ( i know everyone hates it) but I am able to use the 3d models I roughed out in milkshape. Got an idea for a beavis and butthead table, again tons of redraws and sound bite edits to work from. A Super Mario table, more based on mario 3, only I thought to incorporate the sewer pipes around the table, again roughed in FP due to model use. Last idea is an Invader Zim table, i've found tons of artwork, some needs redrawn but most is usable, but i've still got tons of audio clips to clean up and edit to be usable. I've got tons of ideas with this Zim table, setup as a Pinball2000 style. Might try Bills VPflash addon if I ever get that far with this HAHA.
  10. As long as someone buys me dinner I don't mind loosing my virginity....maybe desert to. HA! I'm definitely on board for some type of "class" so as to speak. Sometimes i'm pretty good at looking through a table and figuring out how/what/why, but especially on the code side i'm left scratching my head.
  11. I wouldn't mind seeing one with pointers on how any graphic redraws should be done/handled. Soon as i'm done my theme project on HS I'm probably gonna dive into the pinball world, try to at least help out graphically as much as I can. May not really require an entire tutorial though,.... just my 2 cents.
  12. Very true each is different, but I guess I was just looking to see if there was a better starting point then using the "new table" that VP starts you out with. Just the precoded templates you posted over in the building section. All I'm looking at are making original tables right now so these look like they might be a big help. Thanks!
  13. I've been looking at getting my head wrapped around developing tables in VP (I'm getting along with FP pretty easily) and was wondering if there are any settings or adjustments anyone could recommend to start a table with? Physics adjustments or anything along those lines. Sometimes in programs the "default" project is really lacking in some basic settings and was hoping to put together an updated "whitewood table" for me to start from. Anything is appreciated!
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