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  1. Toxie, thank you for the reply and all the work the Dev's do for VP! I just looked and seen that the 122k version is included in the VPX10.5 beta. What is the basic difference between the 102 and the 122k versions? If I install the 10.5 version, what issues might there be if I then ran an earlier VPX.exe version? I like to keep the last vpx final VPX version set as the default in my front end, but selective run the newest beta when downloading/testing the latest tables. Rich PS: might it be a good idea to include the bass.dll in the Beta downloads as well, in case some one decides to try the beta but never installed the official version where bass.dll is included..
  2. Bass.dll question moved to the support thread.
  3. In the SAMBuild3.0 Official there is a Bass.dll dated 12/24/17 size 122kb. In the Official VPX10.4 final minimal and Vpinmame 3.0 official the Bass.dll is 102kb. Since to my understanding there should be a copy of Bass.dll in both the Visual Pinball as well as the Vpinmame folders. Should the Sam 122kb version be copied into the Visual Pinball folder as well? Thanks Rich
  4. Thank You for your continued support and dedication!
  5. Dazz. If you have your VP tables folder in a drive other than c, I found that you can create an empty P-ROC folder in the root of that drive, then create a Shared folder in it and copy only the log.txt file from the same directory of your c: drive install into the new shared folder. ( IE: D:\P_ROC\shared\log.txt ). My VP install is on d: drive, and I run my tables from d: normally, but on my desktop PC I download new tables to test first on my F: drive, then move them to D: and also to my CAB after testing and adjustments. So On my desktop PC I have P-Roc installed on my C: drive, but I also created a P_ROC\shared folder with the log.txt as shown above on both my D: drive as well as my F: drive and I can run P-ROC tables from either drive.. I like to keep my C: drive as small as possible to create periodic image backup files in case windows get corrupted, I didn't want to move my VP install to the C: drive either. It took awhile to figuring this out. Glad I could help you out! Rich
  6. Carnypriest, Why are your Dll's around 1.6 k and DJRobx's versions are around 6k in size? Do you use a different compiler? Just wondering? Rich
  7. Wow, things are really advancing, isn't cooperation great!! Do we just copy the DLL for existing installations, or copy all files and run the Servregister.exe again? Thanks Rich
  8. DJRobx, I Just updated to the VPM101816 and now the Neon colored tubes don.t light up on the Tron Legacy 1.3f table that Fren linked to last night. Works fine if I reload your VPM101416 version. I also downloaded the new VPM v2.40 on VPU the lights are out on it as well. Rich I'm running VPX 2806
  9. Good to know! Thanks for sharing your work, all these VPX tables look and play great.. PS: I was using ver2157 and the Ghost didn't display properly, and the FPS seems faster with 2162 as well !
  10. Fren, Just found these VPX tables. What version of VPX do you recommend for these? Rich
  11. I'm having a problem loading the table in PM5, it starts to load the pauses and gives a error " Couldn't create sound buffer for load ". I deleted my NV ram file, tried VP9.9.1, redownloaded the table and still get the same error. I even Downgraded the Vpinmame to a non unified version. If I run the DMD from setup/test the display will load and run. I'm out of ideas? Rich
  12. Yes, I can't see the ball in there until after it comes out. It's a nice effect but to bright in that area to my taste. I'm really enjoying playing it though, thanks for the great Christmas present, Fren
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