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  1. Hey there thanks for the files.  there awesome.  I am trying to create a custom file in gimp.  I use the regular 128x32 and save as ppm ascii and raw.  they refuse to load indicating incorrect file type.  Is there something I am missing?

  2. I just can't get the hand of those fancy back glasses. Glad to know when no one else has a B2S I can find it through you!!


  3. thanks here is a WIP version of SPP VPX with the GI controller working http://vpinball.com/forums/topic/simpsons-pinball-party-wip-2-0/
  4. Wait what????????? so all those Sega/Stern tables Simpsons Sopranos Lord of the Rings that have the GI coded similar to a EM table can now be controlled by the Aux board? if so how?
  5. by your logic VPCabs, is also doing something Illegal, Even more since they are profiting from distributing as you put it "Illegal" content and copyrighted material, table authors thinking that, is almost as stupid as someone, thinking that someone is going to spend 7K on a cabinet to JUST play the Zen Studios library a rational persons should not have a problem with anyone making cabinets, the problem they have is when they include a Hard drive loaded tables.
  6. once I had over 500 tables, I realized I wanted Quality not Quantity. I removed all the LQ tables and I rather have a HQ table with a missing backglass/wheel then to use a low quality image of either. this gives me all the motivation I need to create a HQ version of the stuff I'm missing. currently Missing Wheels = 0 Missing backglass = 1 (Gold Wings and it sucks because I redrew the grill )
  7. given that their is a very nice table I would like to have this http://www.ipdb.org/showpic.pl?id=4455&picno=23414 but like you said, we need the BG image.
  8. you can't add lights because they will not look good in DT mode you need to add flashers you can add the lights to drive the flashers How to -add the lights and match them to the correct ID -add a flasher to each bulb (you will need to rotate it to match the bulb orientation) -add the flasher image -add a timer (named LSample) -code for the flashes 'Flahser Controlled by lights Sub LSample_Timer() FlasherName.visible = LightName.state End Sub add a line of FLahser#.visible = Light#.state for each flasher found in the table. you can download my Heavy Metal Meltdown *Bally 1987) to see how the flashers work. You can also copy and past the flashers, flasher images, timer and code. the lights need to be placed behind the table or they will be visible.
  9. if you are using the all in one installer their is no need to re install this, even if you want the cabinet version. The SAM DLL will have this built in. the VPx installer already installs this for you . You can find it at YOUR INSTALL FOLDER --> Tables this is not the latest version of PINMAME, this DLL will only give you the ability to play the SAM Hardware Stern Tables. the simple steps you should be doing to install VP in your PC is - Run the VP installer - go into the PinMAME folder --> run the Setup.exe --> click install (Optional click on paths --> change the paths if you like to) -drop all your roms in the PinMAME roms folder -as stated the B2s server will already be installed and registerd, their is no need to change or add anything. -Download the VPinMAME_SAM_NON_PINDMD_PINDMD2_PIN2DMD_2.27a.zip. (IF YOU WANT TO PLAY STERN TABLES) extract the VPinMAME.dll and SAM.vbs -drag and drop the VpinMAME.dll into or PinMAME folder (overwritting the exsisting one) -drag and drop the Sam.vbs into your --VP INSTALL folder /Scripts folder -open the PinMAME setup.exe file again and click on "Set Up Defaults" -Make sure "Cabinet Mode" and "Ignore Rom CRC errors" is checked -Optional if you want multy color DMDs make sure "Colorized DMD" is checked. -DONE!!!!!
  10. Version 1.0


    this is a batch conversion for my FS wheels to PPM You might be asking: what is a PPM file and how do I use it? PPM is an image file that can be displayed in your PIN2DMD driven LED display read all about it here http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/2331-pin2dmd-pinball-logo-images-ppm-format-and-how-to-load-them/ given that I don't have a PIN2DMD set up yet, I don't know how good or how bad they look. Feel free to replace the ones that look bad. this pack only contains images for the HQ FS tables I have in my set up, if I missed any let me know. I have over 1.2K wheels
  11. File Name: Shrek (Stern) DT Beta v9.9.1 File Submitter: 32assassin File Submitted: 07 Aug 2015 File Category: VPU Patching System - Table Modifications (DT) Original Table Author: Gronimod Original Table Version: Family Guy Beta Version - Groni Pinball - VP9.9.1 0.5 Original Table Download: given that Gronimod has been MIA for a few months,I did not get permission from Gronimod for this mod file will be removed if requested. updates - mini playfield lights by 85Vette -Center post fix by Aldiode - Most if not all of the Shrek images by Ninuzzu Click here to download this file
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