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  1. I haven't kept up with this lately. What is the difference now after the official sam builds on vpforums and these builds here?
  2. I have had flipper color lights working in VPX but not in PBX in the past. What i found was that PBX was looking for the directoutputconfig file located in the direct output\config folder. when i copied the directoutputconfig file from my tables directory to overwrite the one in the direct output\config folder all was working.
  3. Thanks for the info, i will give it a go. Cheers
  4. Hi I bought a pin2dmd from ozstick here in Australia, the shield version 3.1c is basically un-populated. I cannot find any reference to this version anywhere. What i want to be able to do is save the configuration settings such as brightness so i don't have to set it each time i power it up as i like it a bit brighter than the default. Can i just solder in a sd card reader or do i need to do more. Cheers
  5. For Teed off if the dmd says you need to install 4 balls then you need to download the nvram file with the settings already done or there is a procedure via the dmd menu system to set it up, I cant remember exactly what the procedure is but a search should pull up both. For the other tables with the slow flippers and not loading a ball i believe that is the result of running a physmod table with the vp9 exe and not the physmod exe, are you using the correct exe to run the tables.
  6. Is the table you are now trying a physmod table, I had a similar issue with some of the early physmod tables. They were the only ones on my system that no mater what i did it would reset the DMD position every time. I ended up searching for a table with the 4 lines of code for the dmd position and copied that to the physmod table and manualy set the values to solve the problem. What about running the rom from vpmame directly to see if the position sticks, to take out any table or vp issues.
  7. I just generated a new file to test and it is still working for me. Did you put the @allrgb@ in the rgb flipper field of the pinballx table config?
  8. Download the rom from the download section here and give it a try. I remember reading this solved it for others.
  9. Thanks for the explanation, if i add setting the rgbflippers to red in the pinballx config returning to PBX it lights them red so i will go with that. Thanks for your help.
  10. I have all tables working now by matching the table names in the tablemappings file so it is fair to say that dof is using it. The only thing left for me now is when i exit a table back to pinballx the flippers go out until you select left or right or if you wait 1 minute for pinballx to go into attract mode. It lights the start and coin lights straight away after exiting a table but does not seem to read the button color again, It will pick the color on pinballx startup and cycling through the menus fine just not when exiting a table.
  11. Thanks for the replies i tried the @allrgb@ in the config tool as arngrim mentioned and it works great. There are a few tables that are mapped in the config tool but do not display the color when in pinballx, popeye,amazon hunt and terminator 2 are some of the ones that don't light up. I can't see any reason why they are not displaying the color on these ones.
  12. I have been playing around with the pinballx plugin in the new beta R3 for the most part it is easy to get going. I have read the documentation and got to the point where i have the coin lights on and flash the start button. I want to light the flipper button color per table and i can do this by adding the $rom name and color for each table to the pinballx entry in the config ini. Is there a command to read the button color directly from the rom name in the config file rather than the pinballx entry so i dont have to enter each table manually to the pinballx line in the config.
  13. Thanks for the pics evile, good luck with the roulette shooter. On the 4th pic under the small plastic is that an optical sensor for the ball position, i cant seem to find a manual for this machine. Cheers
  14. Thanks in Advance. Pics would be great i have been using this simple table to try and teach myself in VP10. A pic of the instruction card if you have it would be great. Cheers
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