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  1. One "feature" that should be really easy to add, and would be super helpful, is the ability to set an animation as "uninterruptable". Or at the very least, uninterruptable by itself. I think I spend more time fighting with animations that restart themselves than anything else. Example: In the Getaway project, there's the 2nd ball lock sequence where the car drives by the donut house. The ROM sometimes misses drawing the car at all (on at least 1 plane), which results in the same as the first frame. I've broken the first frame into its own individual frame, but this basically means each and every step in the animation needs to be individually keyframed and drawn if it's going to work correctly. Then there are 3 permutations of the same thing too (depending on how many police cars are parked). There's actually nothing dynamic about the scene once it starts, so if there was simply a way to let one animation roll uninterrupted, it would be way less painful. Another thing would be the ability to have a hash on all planes combined. I've run into some things are tough to detect the start of correctly with only one of the planes.
  2. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    I did some poking around when I added fast flip support. The Capcom games all seem to work differently and their addresses seem hard to map (relative to SAM/Whitestar/WPC), I'm not terribly confident in the support that I added, so more effort is required there. Flipper strength would be fun to get working in Kingpin, but the plain old flippers don't even work right as it is.
  3. TMNT

    Updated that in 1.7.1. I tested with an early version and it was fine. I haven't tested TMNT too much since I don't have a VPX for it yet. CyberPez has a nice looking VPX in the works. I'm sure this project will get lots of attention when that is released.
  4. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    The second flipper sound you're hearing is the upper flipper. Its on its own solcallback (so the kickout warning works). That will cause the F11 readout to be delayed, but the fast flips for the main flippers are working fine. You can probably comment out the upper flipper sound if it bothers you. I've mentioned it a couple times but it's worth repeating - the F11 measurement is not an exact science. It measures the time between when the left flipper key was last pressed, and the time when *ANY* flipper on the table moves.
  5. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    Done. And no, the address is nowhere near where tf_180h's is,.
  6. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    Yeah all four flips do get active at the same time when you beat the Stewie minigame. maybe try: '****************************************************** '* KEYS *********************************************** '****************************************************** Sub Table1_KeyDown(ByVal keycode) If keycode = PlungerKey Then Plunger.PullBack:End If If Keycode = RightFlipperKey then Controller.Switch(90)=1 Controller.Switch(82)=1 If MiniPF.Balls=0 Then PlaySound SoundFX("Stern_MiniFlipperUp2") MiniPF_RightFlipper.RotateToEnd DOF 101, 1 MiniRight=1 End If vpmFFlipsSam.FlipR true Exit Sub End If If Keycode = LeftFlipperKey then Controller.Switch(84)=1 If MiniPF.Balls=0 Then PlaySound SoundFX("Stern_MiniFlipperUp1") MiniPF_LeftFlipper.RotateToEnd DOF 102, 1 MiniLeft=1 End If vpmFFlipsSam.FlipL true Exit Sub End If If vpmKeyDown(keycode) Then Exit Sub If keycode = PlungerKey Then Plunger.PullBack End Sub Sub Table1_KeyUp(ByVal keycode) If keycode = PlungerKey Then Plunger.Fire:If BIP=1 then Playsound "Stern_Plunge" else If BIP=0 then Playsound "Stern_Hit7":End If If Keycode = RightFlipperKey then Controller.Switch(90)=0 Controller.Switch(82)=0 If MiniRight=1 Then PlaySound SoundFX("Stern_MiniFlipperDown2") MiniPF_RightFlipper.RotateToStart DOF 101, 0 MiniRight=0 End If vpmFFlipsSam.FlipR false Exit Sub End If If Keycode = LeftFlipperKey then Controller.Switch(84)=0 If MiniLeft=1 Then PlaySound SoundFX("Stern_MiniFlipperDown1") MiniPF_LeftFlipper.RotateToStart DOF 102, 0 MiniLeft=0 End If vpmFFlipsSam.FlipL false Exit Sub End If If vpmKeyUp(keycode) Then Exit Sub If keycode = PlungerKey Then Plunger.Fire End Sub
  7. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    4573 will also have fast flips for new SAM games: "acd_170h" "rsn_110h" "csi_240" "ij4_210" "twenty4_150" The whitestar supported games at the moment are: "sopranos" "elvis" "gprix" "nascar" "ripleys" "lotr" "sprk_103" "austin" "monopoly" "twst_405" "shrkysht" "harl_a30" "hirolcas" "simpprty" "term3" "playboys" "rctycn" "apollo13" There is also Capcom support for: Big Bang Bar Kingpin Pinball Magic Note however that VPinmame flippers never worked correctly in Capcom games, so updating these tables will require some mildly more extensive rework. Here are the latest .vbs scripts to go with the whitestar/capcom support. Once VPX comes out with an update you'll be able to just get them there. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fogwQnYYKgc_4DUUf0KMunPUK94-54fK/view?usp=sharing
  8. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    I strongly suspect the code can be improved. Just someone with a PinDMD3 to play with will have to do it.
  9. SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

    I think this is a PinDMD3 implementation issue. When you are using a VNI you are getting a 16 color DMD. Looking at the rendering code PinDMD3 does not have a high efficiency implementation for 16 color output, so it will revert to render it as a full RGB24. In 2 bit (4 color) mode it knows how to apply palettes. Note that it has always been this way on SAM colorizations too, but SAM tables aren't big on video modes so you may have never really noticed. I don't have a PinDMD3 so I can't really help fix it. Specifically a "RenderColoredGray4(ColoredFrame frame)" implementation as Pin2DMD has is probably needed here.
  10. World Poker Tour

    Except this extra special case (WPT) where people appear to have augmented the PinballBrowser colorization with Pin2DMD-editor keyframe detection to switch palettes. From what I saw in the Pin2DMD editor it was only keyframes palette switches, but it means you could have patch+pal+vni all at once.
  11. TMNT

    We need to get that into WCS somewhere too.
  12. TMNT

    Ok, I've added support to Freezy's for this. It no longer crashes and I see it picks up full 128x32 logo in attract mode now. You can get my update here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pFZmx9rVRi0vT5Me9kXvYLlS5TMSCgf-/view?usp=sharing I've sent a pull request to Freezy so he can include in the next version. @malenko, it looks like Mask 1 in your project has become corrupted and replaced by pixels from one of the frames. This happened to me when I was working on Jurrassic Park too. I think it's possible to overwrite a mask with a colorization frame when copying and pasting.
  13. TMNT

    Freezy's does not support upsized DMDs currently. Now that the WIP project has been shared, I can work on remedying that. Stay tuned.
  14. Similar to WCS, I took Rensh's project and put in a bunch of additional work to make it playable. The original author had provided a drop folder to put updates into, so I placed my version there, which has a VNI you can use. It sounds like he sold his machine so he won't be doing further updates himself https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ap585hMUVLvwiNY63erCQfsnOD6AsQ I think overall it's pretty good now. There's a lot more that can be done, but between the scenes that are colored, and the colored default palette, nothing comes off as grossly out of place. I think the biggest thing is the GAME OVER sequence at the very end, and some of the attract mode sequences. The match sequence looks good most of the time but sometimes gets out of whack (needs to be broken up into more parts to keep in time, I guess).
  15. Tee'd Off

    It looks like Lucky has offered to help a couple times, you may want to take him up on that. That is primarily what I did on the WCS 94 colorization also. Masking and dynamic scenes aren't normally too hard once you get a feel for them. Lets use the score screen as an example. You will want to start by finding a score frame in the recording and make a 1-frame "animation" out of it. With most projects that have 4-color original DMDs, you are looking to draw "blocks" that shift the colors from the 1-4 spots in the palette to other groups. So lets say I start with this: This is the "plain" 4 color DMD. The darker pixels currently have a red hue because of the first 4 palette entries. But in color mask mode, I can "shift" them to the other 3 palette groups. You start by picking "Color mask" as indicated by the red arrow. Then you pick one of the circled colors and "draw" over the frame (I usually use the filled square). This is a very powerful colorization technique because it does not lose the dynamic content coming from the DMD, it is only altering colors in certain locations. The message in the above screen could change and it doesn't matter, the colors are kept. But along those lines, we need to identify the proper time to use this colorization. That's when the *border* is there. Check "d-mask" on the right and move the number up until you find an empty mask. Empty masks will be all blue. You can then click the inverse button, pick the second color, and draw an appropriate area. In this case I'm going to use the upper right corner. More on that later. Now you can create the keyframe with the mask you drew. The mask will turn red (which means you can no longer change it) and you'll see Mx in the keyframe checksum. Now any time a frame with this border shows up I will get my color mask colorization, it doesn't matter what the message is (as you can see above, I keyed off a different frame than I colored). If you wonder why I chose such a small area, it's because there are a very limited number of masks. The more "generic" I make that mask, the higher the probability is that I can re use it for different things. The pixels it selects need to be specific though, you don't want it detecting at the wrong time. If the pixels picked in the preview area are all white for example, that's probably not going to work well. Hope this helps.