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  1. DJRobX

    SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    If SAM fast flip support is missing for a specific rom, it does not break the table. VPM won't send the "fast" signal, and you get "regular" flippers all the time. So if you're getting an error popup you have some other issue. If you can take a screenshot of the exact error it may be helpful. ACDC 170 and 170h both have fast flip support.
  2. DJRobX

    SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    Once the color ROM patch is updated, then I"ll work on it. The instructions to determine the FF address are in the source if anyone is more motivated to do it sooner. @stumblor also knows how to do it, if he wants to take a stab at it.
  3. Unfortunately I really haven't had any VP time lately and am not sure when I'll be able to get back into it full swing...
  4. Is there any chance that I could get a copy of the Joystick Center program that you wrote for the Mot-Ion?  I found the thread where you posted it, but downloading it ends up with an empty file.  I'd really appreciate it!

  5. Yep we decided to tackle this table. That way I can work on the colorization keyframing while testing the table code itself.
  6. Remember that you can double click to "jump" the ball somewhere. Also you can point and shoot across the ramp so it will go in a straight line - you don't have to always drag it with the mouse
  7. That works out because I enjoy keyframing way more than coloring dots. I just wish there were a VPX of this table as it's much easier for me to debug with. Maybe this will help inspire someone to create it though. The XL ones are really amazing looking. The Baywatch colorization is gorgeous.
  8. Definitely interested (vpin). Love RBION!
  9. DJRobX

    Pinball not showing up

    Another thing to check is that you don't have an uncalibrated game controller plugged in. If VP thinks it's a motion sensor it may be prohibiting the ball from making it out of the trough.
  10. These colorizations are definitely a tedious process, it's not at all surprising to me that many of them are incomplete. Just coloring the dots requires a ton of hard work and stamina. Then you get to keyframing, which can be quite a problem solving adventure; I can't wait to see cb3's tutorial chapters on this. I think we're starting to pick up steam as more people understand the tools and we're all able to help each other out. Exciting to see projects like this come to life for sure.
  11. DJRobX

    Pin2DMD Editor Tutorial

    On p5, about the plane selection: You can try checking the other plane to see which one is the most clearly defined. As you state 90% of the time it won't matter, but if you encounter something that's only a couple of dots, you may find that the other plane could be a more reliable choice. I would also probably make a short note here that whenever this frame is seen, the keyframed animation will play. So if there is any repetition in the animation it might restart the sequence from the beginning. I sure you'll dedicate whole chapters to gotchyas, but this is a big one that we probably want to get into people's heads sooner rather than later so they start to understand how they need to break scenes and frames up.
  12. Sort of: We wanted to ensure that people who use the new 7.1 setups are able to configure VP9 appropriately. In VP9 it was possible to configure the table sounds to a separate card. If you switch to 7.1 or even 4.0, with the unmodified VP9 you have no way of getting the table sounds in the right place, it only supported two cards. So we ported the surround sound code and configuration bits, but did not enable the additional fade parameter in the PlaySound command. This allows you to put the playfield sounds in the right place (like a VPX table with no surround code), but the table is not able to control the fade position of sounds. It wouldn't be hard to port the final bits that allow the last fade parameter to work, but we weren't looking to add new features to VP9. We just want existing tables to play correctly on a modern configuration.
  13. Yes it is possible to build a .spk file out of the TPA bin. It's fascinating because it's kind of a hybrid of SAM & Spike - it has SAM ADPCM audio samples instead of the stereo ones the real SPK has. But PinballBrowser has no trouble with the format.
  14. DJRobX


    You keep saying that but it does, we fixed that in 1.7.1. There are just keyframing issues so the 128x32 replacement scenes don't always play. But they do, sometimes, and when they do, they work fine.