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  1. Nice! Will try! I was thinking some more and had some crazy ideas: if i record on a real pinball and use the timings and such, and it works, it would probably not work on the emulator, right? Is there concistensy in the timing-differences or is it any fluctuating? Something that could be patched in the emulator or made into a script thad we could use on the projectfile? It would be interesting to compare cycle-speed between the real wcs-board and the emulator:) Another thought: would it help any with the conversion-work if there was a button that cuts each and every frame into a scene and names them by the original scene-name plus a climbing number? This could be a script that edited the xml project-file i think... Not good at programming but pick up stuff from friends who is:)
  2. Thanks! I will check them out:) By the way, do i need the hardware to make recordings/dumps on gameplay if i just play on the emulator or is there any software that can fix that?
  3. Small update:) The dump-file is the same as above. Popeye colors.xml
  4. By the way, if i sounded rude or unthankful, I apologise, No offense ment:) sometimes i don't know how to lay the words right.
  5. That made the trick! I had both the old and new version in the same folder before and both acted the same (no tool-size for example) so i deleted all, redownloaded and voila! Thank you!!
  6. Thanks! Great program!!! Using it on mac os (the version in google drive two posts up) Some feedback:) -The arrow buttons doesn't work -Cant find tool-size -The tool that selects part of the image is still twitchy, when you copy, it copies the whole image mask regardless of what you highlighted (maybe i misunderstood what i should use it for?). After you (tried to) use it once the mouse stays like a cross and tries to rename every other scene/keyframe you leftclick on until you restart the program. -What you see on my screenshot is what fits on my screen. I have to move the program-window around to get to "Mask". My native resolution is 1280x800. I get a feeling that the mac-version is not updated, am i right? Thank you again for a superb program!
  7. So it seems i choose the right game to work on as a newbie-project😉 If/when i buy a display i may try the hard route:) I prefer keeping the animation if i can.
  8. Thanks for all the feedback! Good point. I will do that as i don't have a display yet, thus can't dump:) Edit: I sort them in scenes for now for convienience but the delay is massive since i converted the rom to recording by hammering the mousebutton using a program i found on this forum. If i don't work with individual frames and make it work for my hardware, will it fail on virtual pins then? Two more questions that popped up in my head: popeye uses a animation that starts as a cross, sort of, and rotates until the screen is filled, then rotates again revealing information that i would like to colorize like scores and game over. Is there a way to make this animation not pick up the colours of the masks "below"? Is it possible to use 2 hashes together? Like so: IF both are present at the same time THEN goto scene X Would that maybe be a way to mask animations and already know what is appearing?
  9. Good to know. Would it be more reliable if i record the animations from my own machine and either change each delay to the same as the recording or paste my finished animation frame by frame to the new scene with the timings from the game?
  10. Thank you! Forgot to mention: I own the real hardware (Christmas-present, how cool is that?) with ROM LX-5, so that's the firmware i aim to support:) Is there any difference in workflow when doing a colorisation for the real hardware compared to doing it for Virtual pins?
  11. Edit: From now on i will update the files in this post as i make progress. This is my first post in this forum, ever! Yay!:) I've started working on colours for my Popeye, but the thing is: I don't own a Pin2DMD. I hope to, one day (maybe soon, maybe years from now), and that's why i start now (less work then). My dump is just some frames from the rom, If you have a recording you want to share to help me out, feel free! I have not finished more than maybe 0,5% so far and i have no idea if the file will even work on the thing or if i have missed some settings but i will keep posting and updating as progress is made. I'm learning the program as i go along so expect all kinds of newbie-mistakes;) Feel free to contribute to the file, as long as you send me a copy of all the files needed:) Hope this will help someone. I am doing this on a small part my spare time (not much) and i may give up at any time if i get bored. This thread´s main purpouse is to (hopefully) help someone else so that the next person working on this game doesn't have to start from scratch. And now for something boring but important (I know i'm new here but i have read som threads here and there and a problem people who work on theese things seems to have is how other people treat their files. Therefore i will try to be as clear as i can from the beginning: The files i post here i post under GPL3 License. The point is: Use it, spread it, make it better (but please send me a copy or post it here if you do), DO NOT sell it! If you use my files and finish the rest 99% of the work you still have to release it, including all files needed to edit it, for free To make someone donate to get all the files needed is selling = not ok. Moderators: Please tell me if i violate any rules or agreements by doing this:) Happy painting! //karlandreasa - GSS 140120_134225_wpcedit_dump.raw
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