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  1. Dof config website let's you customize each table and maintain personal changes. You will have to find the solenoid number for that power magnet I assume and remove it from the shaker field for TZ
  2. Do you have a [virtualdmd] section?
  3. Freezy's page has install instructions which tells you how to set up a default location for all and how to over-ride it per game if needed
  4. Here is a pic of the stm discovery board and the pin2dmd shield. This would replace the pindmd3 board. You wpile also need a 16pin hub75 cable to connect the board to the dmd
  5. I finally updated PIN2DMD from 2.07 to 2.39 and running recent vpinmame installs. I have PIN2DMD fully working with VP tables. The only issue I have is I lost the dmd video and image playback when browsing tables in Pinballx. I tried copying the newer XDMD.dll and XDMDNative.dll into the Pinballx root folder and also SysWow64 folder with no luck Is there any other setup needed? DMD works fine after selecting a table from Pinballx Thanks
  6. Metallica LE and Metallica Pro have different DOF setups becaause the LE has more features. LE rom is mtl_170h or hc while Pro rom is mtl_170. So the prefix approach won't work, so you get the pull down rom option for MetallicA why don't you use the mtl_170h instead of 168?
  7. You do not have to rename it to cv. The DOF rom name is a prefix. All the cirqus Voltaire roms start with cv so you can use any version and it will work with DOF The only time you see multiple rom entries to select from is if the rom name prefix is different
  8. I thought the missing B2S issue when using pinballx was fixed with PinballX release 2.33
  9. I tried this out last night but site was down earlier try starting with the last color palette (amber?) and change the hue on all the colors to 7 i think the brightness slider should also be increased is ther a way to save default brightness to the SD card? Thanks
  10. Thanks - it is working with version 2.39. Enhancement request: If you open a palette file, modify and save it, is should over-write the opened pallete file. Currently is appears the palette file is always saved to the pin2dmd.exe folder (it does not overwrite the file that was opened)
  11. I want to modify or create a new pin2dmd.pal that I will put in the vpinmame\altcolor folder for pin2dmd and visual pinball setup I am trying this with the pin2dmd.exe gui. I can modify the colors and pin2dmd changes color right away, but when I try to save the palette by clicking on the "Save Palette" button, no file is saved or created, no dialog box pops up. What should happen?
  12. Physmod was a VP beta before VPX, so it never had an official release. Someone share this previously!31EFjR4K!TLAHtCrT2P7REc7cbXTCAA
  13. All the roms are all available on vpuniverse and vpforums and there is no daily limit
  14. Perfect. There have only been about 20 pinball machines released since 2012. So those 600 roms should Work for you
  15. Did you try googling "pinmame rom set"?