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  1. What B2S.exe? Lets ask the author
  2. If it is a game that you played prior to the Pin2DMD install, the vpinmame default setting won't update those tables. Start the table, Press F1 and check the "Use External DMD" option
  3. There are already 2 custom entries available for you to use. Custom Output 1 and Custom Output 2. You could probably use Chime 4 and Chime 5 for the extra 2 outputs. Or send a PM to arngrim and request 2 more custom outputs
  4. Instead of gate3.collidable, you can also use and you will actually see the gates open, i.e SolCallback(51) = "Gate3.Open ="SolCallback(52) = "Gate2.Open ="
  5. With the newer vpinmame, the rom is controlling that post , but if the post doesn't exist in the Star Trek Pro model, then you can permanently disable it by deleting this line in the script SolCallback(52) = "orbitpost"
  6. I think you need the directb2s update or beta
  7. Use this version of FPLaunch
  8. Crazy that they would limit this version of Pinball Arcade to arcooda in Astralia... Who knows what they were thinking
  9. No idea, but have you look into the Pinscape do it yourself nudge/plunger?
  10. You can go with either 8 or 10 for just flippers and sling. Go with the 10 contractor since it is the preferred now
  11. Yes, it support the vpexetables.txt in the Settings folder. In the HyperRecorder.log you should see near the top the processing of that file, for example: Printing alternate exe list (3 entries) AbraCaDabra_FS_B2S, x.exe BadCats_FS_B2S, x.exe VP912_Baywatch_HR_FS_2.0.3, x.exe Try running this test version and send me the log file from it. This version won't record anything. It will just run through you entire xml file and print any alternate vp exe matches its finds like this: ALTERNATE VP EXE TO BE USED: x.exe -play C:\Visual Pinball\Tables\_VP9\AbraCaDabra_FS_B2S ALTERNATE VP EXE TO BE USED: x.exe -play C:\Visual Pinball\Tables\_VP9\BadCats_FS_B2S ALTERNATE VP EXE TO BE USED: x.exe -play C:\Visual Pinball\Tables\_VP9\VP912_Baywatch_HR_FS_2.0.3
  12. Hey Dazz, Here is the HyperPin equivalent. Just unzip to any folder and run the HyperRecorder exe to configure it. It uses screenres.txt to figure out where the backglass is. If it doesn't work right, let me know and I can tweak it.
  13. What if you try with no B2S Server, only using pinmame.controller?