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  1. Well, it might help if you tell us what you are doing. How would anyone be able to tell you what you are missing if you don’t even mention what you are doing. Maybe I should just answer “Yes, you are missing something” and then not even bother to mention what that something is...
  2. E is for user added DOF events that you add to the VP table script. Take a look at an EM table and you will tons of DOF E events added to the script.
  3. What happenned to table zzz?

    It got renamed. See http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=38450&page=36
  4. Minimum buttons required

    Maybe can combine coin and start to one button. Or set all games to free play
  5. Can't run modified ROMs?

    Start table and press F1, do you have "Ignore CRC checksum errors" checked? Maybe that is the issue
  6. If it's unplayable for you. Don't play it
  7. Pin2DMD / Visual Pinball - No dmd device found

    Thanks. That was it. http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/2728-sam-build-with-modular-dmd-drivers-for-pindmd123-and-pin2dmd/?do=findComment&comment=32578 https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2533623/microsoft-security-advisory-insecure-library-loading-could-allow-remot
  8. I had to re-install windows 7 on my cab. I can't get PIN2DMD to work in vp9 or vpx yet. I install VPX 10.3 installer PIN2DMD is v2.41. I copied dmddevice.dll and libusbK.dll from PIN2DMD v2.41 folder into vpinmame folder all dll's are unblocked PIN2DMD is showing up in Device Manager (libusb-win32 devices->PIN2DMD) Roms work fine with PIN2DMD when I test them directly via pinmame setup.exe When I try to run with vp9 or vpx, I get "No DMD device driver found" Any thoughts? Thanks
  9. Call VPCabs and Virtuapin and find out how they support new owners and setting up VP tables. I assume they support their customers
  10. Stern Sam - Pinmame Source Code

    For RGB, take a look at STLE script and you will see that the RGB insert consists of 3 lights R, G and B. Each RGB light instead of returning 0 or 1, it will return a value of 0 to 255
  11. Dof config website let's you customize each table and maintain personal changes. You will have to find the solenoid number for that power magnet I assume and remove it from the shaker field for TZ
  12. Do you have a [virtualdmd] section?
  13. Freezy's page has install instructions which tells you how to set up a default location for all and how to over-ride it per game if needed
  14. Here is a pic of the stm discovery board and the pin2dmd shield. This would replace the pindmd3 board. You wpile also need a 16pin hub75 cable to connect the board to the dmd
  15. I finally updated PIN2DMD from 2.07 to 2.39 and running recent vpinmame installs. I have PIN2DMD fully working with VP tables. The only issue I have is I lost the dmd video and image playback when browsing tables in Pinballx. I tried copying the newer XDMD.dll and XDMDNative.dll into the Pinballx root folder and also SysWow64 folder with no luck Is there any other setup needed? DMD works fine after selecting a table from Pinballx Thanks