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  1. I think you need the directb2s update or beta
  2. Use this version of FPLaunch
  3. Crazy that they would limit this version of Pinball Arcade to arcooda in Astralia... Who knows what they were thinking
  4. No idea, but have you look into the Pinscape do it yourself nudge/plunger?
  5. You can go with either 8 or 10 for just flippers and sling. Go with the 10 contractor since it is the preferred now
  6. Yes, it support the vpexetables.txt in the Settings folder. In the HyperRecorder.log you should see near the top the processing of that file, for example: Printing alternate exe list (3 entries) AbraCaDabra_FS_B2S, x.exe BadCats_FS_B2S, x.exe VP912_Baywatch_HR_FS_2.0.3, x.exe Try running this test version and send me the log file from it. This version won't record anything. It will just run through you entire xml file and print any alternate vp exe matches its finds like this: ALTERNATE VP EXE TO BE USED: x.exe -play C:\Visual Pinball\Tables\_VP9\AbraCaDabra_FS_B2S ALTERNATE VP EXE TO BE USED: x.exe -play C:\Visual Pinball\Tables\_VP9\BadCats_FS_B2S ALTERNATE VP EXE TO BE USED: x.exe -play C:\Visual Pinball\Tables\_VP9\VP912_Baywatch_HR_FS_2.0.3
  7. Hey Dazz, Here is the HyperPin equivalent. Just unzip to any folder and run the HyperRecorder exe to configure it. It uses screenres.txt to figure out where the backglass is. If it doesn't work right, let me know and I can tweak it.
  8. What if you try with no B2S Server, only using pinmame.controller?
  9. Turn up the rom volume
  10. Use this rom test table, enter the ROM diag lamp tests and walk go to the RGB lamps listed in the LE manual. You will see 3 extra lights flashing. You may want to verify these but it should be 24 (168,169,170) 33 (195,196,197) 36 (203,204,205) 41 (152,153,154) 57 (187,188,189) 79 (136,137,138) 80 (133,134,135) 81 (120,121,122) 82 is Horde Flasher Also if I remember right, some of these lamps will be GI illumination for 4 areas of the table, so it looks like 106, 107, 108, 109 ROM test - TWD
  11. Start game, press F1 and make sure Use Sounds and Use Samples is enabled. You do not have to download music files for Stern tables
  12. Do I missed the boat... What do I need to combine this release with to get PIN2DMD working. I know there was modular vpinmame.dll discussion,...
  13. preferences->video options. visual nudge strength=0
  14. View File Mustang Pro Physmod5 - 85vett - gtxjoe mod Drag Race... 1970 Mach I ! Special thanks to 85vett for releasing the Mustang Pro WIP, DJRobX for adding SAM aux board support. This mod release would not exist without their work Requires Physmod5 exe AND SAM pinmame.dll from Oct 2016 (revision 4028 or later) This release based on 85vett's release. Grid inserts and Sign lamps fully working now with new vpinmame releae. Minor lighting and sound updates also. Enjoy Submitter gtxjoe Submitted 10/22/2016 Category Recreations ROM Name Link to B2S Link to Media Pack Permission to Mod VP Version