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  1. @lucky1 It's confusing if I enter 00 00 00 00 FE 00 (01-05) I can hear small sound samples (2-3 secs) perfectly but if I press F6 I only get 3kb WAV files with no data in it. What I am doing wrong?
  2. When I used the address FD00 I got a bunch of files bigger than 3kb but after entering FE00 I only get 3kb files. Is that correct?
  3. Okay, now I got it I always enter FD00 -- -- -- -- -- but you have to enter -- -- -- -- -- FD00
  4. Thanks @lucky1 and @Thalamus
  5. I tried to dump a rom with PinMAME32_VC2012 by lucky1 but the ID's seem to be wrong. I only get tons of 3kb files. Is it possible to manual change the ID's like the manual record option (F5) ? I noticed if I enter 00 00 00 00 01 ... 02 ... 03 all tracks are played in correct order. Is it possible for example to change the starting address 10101010 into 00000001 ? This is how my CSV file looks like ID,CHANNEL,DUCK,GAIN,LOOP,STOP,NAME,FNAME 0x10101010,,80,50,0,0,0x10101010-,0x10101010-.wav 0x1010110,,80,50,0,0,0x1010110-,0x1010110-.wav 0x1010111,,80,50,0,0,0x1010111-,0x1010111-.wav ...
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