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  1. Playing on the x-arcade.. First I had the problem with adding coins on left/right(?) flipper which were extremely annoying.. then the game atleast started.. When I solved that, by opening the VPMbindings file and made the coins 1-4 beeing buttons: H J K L .. The coin button dont respond on any tables. It did just sometimes, so seem to be extremely random. When adding coing I were pressing every button, including the H J K L, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc on the keyboard and every button on the x-arcade. Even rebinded the coin buttons on the x-arcade to different buttons but just cant seem to start the table and add coins.. What is the damn problem? Never seen so much troubleshooting with any program/emu ever. Seems like a million of problem with this emulator Please help!
  2. Hi, not sure whats wrong, but when I played on one table "Bad Cats" on latest version, the red cushions under the paddles/flippers are blinking, same with the ball.. sometimes I cant se the ball, its also blinking and sometimes dissapearing like its underneath the tables graphics.. anyone know whats wrong? Thanks.
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