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  1. @Rappelboxi waiting for my shameless money return 700€ i have waiting too long for the stuff and i don't want anymore your items if you have some.???? seems like you have no money and your shop have no stock. you can run a business this way this is not a game. people have pay and waiting patiently. shame on you you are not a nice guy please don't run a business anymore.. christmas coming and i don't want to spend that holy days thinking if my order coming or not. BTW. you are a liar and of course you scam and rip off people.. i hope nobody else order from you dominik (german scamming supplier)
  2. you have damn right man .like i say i have don't expect this from a german shop my mistake i didn't search in the forums...
  3. what's wrong @Rappelboxno reaktion nothing not even a fake promise..
  4. Very bad expirience with Rappelbox I ordered and paid 700 € for many things from germangamingsupplies.com about 3+ months now. PIN2DMD - Display "Evolution.LED Matrix .LED stripes Pinscape Expansion Board Set. Teensy Control Box... flipper buttons..Plunger Set......all the nice stuff. Never recive very strange for a german shop never again.!!! A big respect to all nice guy in the pinball community for the hard work. but no respect to that disappointing guy. i didn't expect this from a guy with this hoby....too bad for him. i don't wanted to post here vpuniverse is not the place for this conversations i know sorry folks. But i think is good to know to protect others. people off earth beware if you don't want to get in this shameless situation And here is the it goes to MARS launch status of (DHL.de) traking.nr.CA640704891DE 🚀 Now i need my money back to find another shop Can anyone recommend a serious shop.? i will inform evrybody of the status. greatings from greece.
  5. @RappelboxI trusted you and I chose your shop because it looked serious and you answered seriously before I gave the money. after that no response nothing ! not even a sorry from you for the 2,5 month delay verry bad experience i run a buisnes too.!!! if you can not deliver the next days send me the money back.no problem.. sorry about that.. chris..
  6. @Rappelbox Hi dominik what's wrong with my order from 18. August 2019 i think i waiting too long. You sent orders to other customer the have buy later than my order.. it's not funny anymore 700€ is a lot of money. then things get serious I think we do not want that.! let's have a good time respectful greetings one more time from GREECE.. chris.
  7. I ordered and paid for many things from GGS about 2 months now. PIN2DMD - Display "Evolution.LED Matrix .LED stripes Pinscape Expansion Board Set. Teensy Control Box... flipper buttons..Plunger Set......all the nice things.. i live in greece not far away from germany I got no response to my emails for weeks .(that's not nice) and of course i don't have received my stuff. i don't wanted to post in public my problem i told him .always with respect several times privat it's no good to post this in public. No response. i don't wanted to post here because i think vpuniverse is not the place for boring and bad conversations but a funny place i understand he make business .!!!( then make it right.) and we make our hobby ..many people in this place working hard to build something new and share this .without profit. it's not all about money. Not a good start for my first posting..what you think.? i don't wanna say or doing more now. not yet.!!! i wanna start have fun with this hobby Greetings from greece.
  8. No pain No game. buddy .. greetings from GREECE..
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