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  1. @elluigi Je ne partage pas pour l'instant les fichiers "projets" mais les exports pour vpin et rpin uniquement. Par ailleurs, je souhaite mettre en avant la solution pin2dmd de @lucky1 qui met à disposition les outils (pin2dmd editor) pour réaliser le taf. On en reparlera dans qq mois quand le projet sera finalisé. Le projet Rpi2DMD est intéressant, étant équipé de matériels sous Rpi, je vais suivre ton projet avec attention. A+
  2. Salut Yopi, J'utilise la rom en anglais avec crédits, donc certaines certaines comme le score peuvent ne pas s'afficher correctement à cause du masque de détection. Pour le score, j'utilise la zone avec le mot ball... donc boule, ça passe pas ! Je viens d'ajouter un masque sur le "free play" qui doit être positionné au même endroit en attendant de faire mieux, je te laisse tester. Si tu vois d'autres anomalies avec la rom française n'hésite pas à m'en faire part ! Et je vais voir pour récupérer de mon côté la rom en française, je ne savais pas qu'il y en avait une !
  3. Ok guys, time for an initial release ! You can find the Virtualpin files and Realpin files at : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Rh5xZ9qzxnSPz8TGmgsCotiDrO1nKEFn?usp=sharing I'll publish updates on this drive, so do not hesitate to have a look at it, once a while. I won't bother managing versions for now, there's still too much to do !! It should be somewhere around 60/70% done. Your feedback on color choice and bugs report will be apreciated If you enjoy the job done and would like to keep me motivated, do not heistate to donate for a coffee, a beer or a pizza ! TO DO - EDIT 15/09 : - Ripper blow-out countdown => this one will really be a pain in the ass !! I will look for assistance, as i still don't know how to handle it - Ripper blow-out end scene => check trigger - Find benedict countdown : change trigger mask to allow it to work with opened doors to be tested - cat millions : change mice color to match the first scene - Multi-ball film countdown => change the color of the icecream stuck in the guy's head - red eye countdown : eyes shot - Save Danny countdown => change slater's jeans color ! - Bonus : CMsequence not loading properly - Double jackpot : check mask & trigerring scenes (conflcit with danger bar or crane runaway) - Gotomovies countdown : add a ball animation not colored (don't know how to do that) + colors to change - Ripper kick-back : some missing scenes at the end of animation - Cousin's franck : reframed -> to be tested - Extra-ball : change to replace mode done, I added addionnal frames to covere the endind transition -> to be tested - LFS animation (before 3rd ball) : to colorize - Skillshot : end scene while copter on the left -> to colorize - Ripper bounty : to colorize - smart missile deactivated : some missed frames at the end changed from ReplaceSequence to Replace => to be tested - smart missile : scene is not trgiered sometimes -> to check and add additional frames - "hero" dyn feature : not triggered correctly - "action" and "hero" magnet -> check triggering frames - 5 millions yellow signs -> not colored one some of them are won - lottery : winning animation to colorize - world premiere scene : to be tested - world premiere countdown : to colorize (LCM ?) - the roof runaway : to change to LCM - 20 more time animation : to colorize - Big mistake countdown : crane to clorize - check theater some frames seem not colorized - skillshot : added a missing endind sequence French ROM support : - score : change mask from "BALL" to "FREEPLAY", need to add "CREDIT" as trigerring frame mask
  4. Thanks to @lucky1, I'll be able to share a realpin file. I will do so in the next days. As I'm currently working again on this colorization, i'd like to fix some know issues first. I've been struggling using the Color Mask sequence and ReplaceSequence mode and i have to go back to a frame by frame solution for some scenes. Good thing is, as i'm testing my files, i get better in playing this table and unlock some scenes that i haven't recorded before. So in the end, it is a bit longer (close to 80h for now!) than I initially thought, but it's getting somewhere ! Here's a live demo :
  5. Hi, As mentionned in my message, i know I could use the colormask mode, but wanted to try this new feature. It took me 50+ frames colormasking the "big mistake" scene.. and I thought this new feature could help. But no, honestly, i couldn't make this work fine. But I also have some troubles with the "colormask sequence" or "ReplaceSequence".. Some new previews :
  6. Some have been asking for an alpha release, here are some files for vpinball. Still a lot of work to do for this large animated rom
  7. Hi, I've updated the dmddevice.dll file with lmateste version from freezy, and it loads ! The scenes are not currently working, but I will look into what was done for White Water to get through this. In the meanwhile, i've been coloring new scenes, and I realize when playing that my recordings are not really good, I miss a few frames from here and there. Therefore I need to record everything exhaustively to have a better result. Some new previews :
  8. I would need some help on these sequences that I try to color. I'd like to use (and understand) how ColorMask Sequence and ColorMask Layered function form Pin2DMD Editor work. ColorMask Sequence : I tried to use the colormask sequence function for this scene : the roof - runaway I colored every frame, and set a hash using a mask for each frame as explained on the tutorial. But, it seems that only the first frame colorization loads and the whole scene is played using the frist frmae color, which makes the running guy not colored well. I check several recordings and everyone as the same sequence of frames. ColorMask Layered : I found this scene interesting to learn how ColorMask Layered function works, as it will be useful for more complex dynamic scenes in this rom. This one is easy, the head of benedict runs from left to right. It could easily be done with "standard" ColorMask, but again, my point is to learn of to use the different features of Pin2DMD Editor. I colored the first frame of the sequence with a standard coloring for the background. Then I added every signle frame from the recording using the CTRL+C / CTRL+R as explained in the tutorial. I've set 2 masks : 0 - the 3 bottom lines to load the backgrouund 1 - the lines between the doors and the columns : which gives a unique hash for each position of the head I've set all the hash of the frames and when I try to set a keyframe for the first frame to load the scene, it makes my whole file not loaded on the pin2DMD ( no color in any animation at all ). I guess, there might be a problem with either my configuration or my usage of the function. - Pin2DMD latest firmware 3.11 - Latests dmddevice.dll copied in VpinMame\PIN2DMD sub-folder - DmdDevice.dll freezy 1.7.1 in VPinMAME folder I've exported two vni files for this project : one without the keyframe set for the colorMAsk Layered scene, one with. Here's a link to have a look at those 2 files : https://drive.google.com/open?id=13QSmyaufY3yq3vNjS8D0x8255ZOX3kTF
  9. Hi, As it seems some messages have been deleted, I'll post again some news about this project.
  10. Hi Malenko, First, thanks for this colorization and for sharing your project files, it helps a lot to get into pin2dmd editor. I play this table a lot with my kids and I realized the colorization was missing for some minor animations (double round, extraball left, next chun-li...) and i'm trying to improve the car crush animations that i find a bit below the overhole nice work you did with all ther animations. I'm doing that for my own use, but if i get somewhere, would you mind if i share these updates ?
  11. Hi, I've actively working on the colorization of last action hero these last few days. I'm learning how to use pin2dmd editor with this nice rom full of scenes and animations ! It'll be a great challenge. It's too early to publish any files right now, but here are a few bits.
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