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  1. Sorry, I mixed two scenes on the french rom... ! It's corrected on the google drive
  2. Hi, Thanks for the new videos, it helps ! - New issue - The initial words "Last Action Hero" animation now lag and look like they have dropped a lot of frames. => link to new ReplaceSequence Mode.. not sure I may change back to previous mode... - First Data East logo animation is still red. The next ones still get stuck besides the one before the DCS animation. => I 'll send you some files to check before modifying again my whole project - The DCS animation gets cut in half at the last frame => ? - The finger for the push start animation also is stuck same as before. => Modified to ColorMask, hope it'll help - Tales from the crypt animation is still good! No red at the end now. => Changed to ColorMask, which is the best option when not havong to much colors.. ! - Participate in local tournaments repeats at the end. => Link to the ROM ?? - Don't Move animation, after he pulls back his gun a white square is left on the image. => changed the detection mask, should solve the issue - Second run of the above and the Last Action Hero lag is not presenting and the DCS animation is ok. Not sure why. I am compiling a video now. - Find benedict scene has an initial scene but doesn't show a countdown. Just stays on "Shoot scoops to search for benedict" => issue starting the LCM mode, i'll send another file along DATA east logo, just to test the two scenes - Hitting the 3 eyes displays the correct scene but has a red frame at the end (Benedicts bonus boost) -> added on TODO list - Chicken Car animation seems to be frozen with just the image of the car -> not sure why - Wild Card animation doesn't look to be coloured. => it was... I changed the colors (still has work to find out better looking colors...) - Balls Draining animation not coloured? and has the red frame in between => added on TODO list - Scene with person holding a ball just has RA L letters => added on TODO list (to chekc and add keyframes) - Next Ramp 10 million running animation doesn't look fully coloured and some red frames in between => will be checking - M-Ball ready animation with cars, red frame appears when the 2 men with the machine gun and dynamite in hand are shown => added one missing keyframe, should be ok - The Word "Match" at the end has a frame of red => added a few extra frames, should colormask this if possible, let me know if you still have red frames in the end !
  3. Hi @Terranigma, @Yopi has tried to update his realpin with the lastest file, but it seems the pin2dmd is stuck at the very beginning. Did you have the chance to test the lastest file on yours ? I've been spending some time converting the animations that were in "replace" Mode to "ReplaceSequence" Mode in order to have a better sync for the scenes, and hopefully get rid of the final frames that remain not colorized. Did you see any improvements ? Could you please also confirm if the "catch the red eye" countdown and "find benedict" countdown scenes are colored ?
  4. Yes, I did have all the scenes, I'm just missing a variation where you get action first, then, hero. I will have to record this one missing ! I've reset all keyframes for these sequences and all the variation. I couldn't find a solution to colorize world premiere using LCM, so I did a basic colorization.
  5. New update - see changelog : @Pinballuser ok, I'll try what you suugest to see if the result in different on my vpin
  6. To illustrate the differences, heres a slowed GIF of the frames recorded REALPIN : VPIN :
  7. Thanks again @Terranigma for sharing the dump files.. I can move forward ! Attract mode has been changed to ColorMask Mode, and it should display "Tales from the crypt" with the right colors and continously. I've added the missing frames at the end of the skill shot sequence, displaying "skill shot" correctly. The fact is that my recording is definitely on the right ROM but for any reason, the sync is so different from real pin to vpin that I miss a lot of frames : - when it happens at the beginning of a sequence -> the color is not loaded correctly (it was the case in your dump with one DATA EAST logo in attract mode) - when the colors were displayed, there's almost 10% of additional frames on realpin due to sync issues -> the color sequence is not long enough and the last frames displayed are, therefore, not colored To correct that, I will switch as much sequences as possible to ReplaceSequence Mode, i already did : - data-east logo - skillshot - dynamite feature (general animation when we see the flame going from left to right to lit the TNT) Could you please give it a try and see if the red frames at the end of these sequences disappeared ? If so, I'll go on resetting all the hashes of the sequences
  8. @Terranigma : I've well received the files, thanks, I h'aven't checked the dump files yet, but I watched the video, and I was surprised to see the "skill shot" animation, as it is different from the one I have on my ROM !!! I'm using 1.12, but it seems, that it is not the lasteste display file... ! I did see the Daat east, first not colored, and then blocked... so frustating considering the time I spent on it... ! I will correct that strating tonight...
  9. Again, thanks @lucky1 for helping me out with LCM mode. and correcting the Data-East logo sequence !! red-eye scene and find benedict are now corrected, and I will be working on world premiere sequence as this one is highly random ... it will ower the number of frames from thousand to a few hundrens ! I'm still to find a motivated realpin owner to dump somes sequences so I can check the keyframes that trigger the sequences, and try to find out what is missing ! I committed an update tonight on the google drive, so do not hesitate to download the new files, according with the new 3.17 firmware !
  10. Thanks having a look and for your feedback, I will make the modifications accordingly, when i'll be back from holidays ! @steven62118 : as didiscussed in PM, I will have a look at 1.13 to check the compatibility, but i need to finish the job on 1.12 before spending too much time on it. I've read the mod changelog, and it seems really interesting for the gameplay of this table !
  11. Hi @Terranigma, Are you on the latest pin2dmd firmware ? DataEast logo has been done with ReplaceSequenceMode which should present a red frame to appear even if the sync is not perfect. Tales from the crypt, i should try to record it again as i already add several frames, or perhaps change to replaceSequenceMode also. What animation after high score are you talking about ? Participate in local tournament ? Drugs ? No, i couldn't find an evo without the panels, therefore i ordered a nucleo f429 + shield v4. The support for french rom is more or less just a few keyframes to add, nothing really complicated for now. My main concern is the difference you have on real pin compared to vpin. If you could dump a file it would help me understand where are the differences and what is missing. I'm a bit stuck for the red eye countdown scene as for the world premiere, as i feel using LCM will be the best xau to cover all the variations possibles, i've been doing more than 200 frames for world premiere countdown and i'm still lacking hundrens, maybe thousands as the pedestrians are walking randomly. Before recording the few missing sequences, again, i would like to check and understand why the result on realpin has still some red frames as i can't see them on vpin.
  12. Hi @lucky1 , if you or an experienced user can help a bit on this problem related to LCM. For these last days, I couldn't test on pin2dmd due to a broken card, so while waiting for the new one to arrive, I'm using Visual Pinball 6 with DLL v3.13 from your github. First a quick preview of my problem : Here's how I colored the scene using LCM : 1°) 1st frame the backgroung with a mask on the bottom line to make sure that it is the same during all animation 2°) I assigned the hash to this frame as you can see on the pictures. 3°) Using the Add2scene button, I put all 28 frames needed to color all variations and defined 5 masks to assign the hash codes (3 examples below) 4°) For the blood animation I used the same masks as above All masks are unique and each hash is also unique (here's a picture featuring all masks done with Photoshop) 5°) To trigger the LCM sequence, i use the mask below During the first phase (no blood) it seems the colors are being well combined to display the animation of the eyes shutting one after the other. But when a strike occurs the blood is colored as on the frame but not the background or the other eyes. I tried multiple combination, but I'm stuck with this problem. Could you point out what I'm doing wrong ?
  13. I've ordered a Nucleo 429 + shield v4... (https://techizy.fr/) I just need to wait for a few extra days !
  14. Soooooo frustrated !! I was to update the firmware of my pin2dmd and I ended up ripping the USB socket of the board !!! I tried to solder it back in place put it seems the PCB itself is damaged... I guess I will have to switch to the new boards as this one is in the end deprecated ! But it might slow me a bit in testing the colorization !
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