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  1. New update on the google drive : - 1.13 start screen is now colored - skillshot : tried colormask sequence -> let's try - chicken countdown : I revert some changes and completed missing scenes - Benedict BOOST : changed the colors in big mistake which shares the same animations
  2. Hi @Flens, Thanks for the videos. For skillshot, I can see that I'm missing some frames as the end of winning or miss sequence. The beginning of the animation is colored, but my recordings might not be complete. I can try to work around the problem with "color mask qequence" but i was not working very good in my previous attemps( perhaps the lateste firmware might hel) or I will require some dumps from a real pinball. Would you be able to record those 5 missing sequences, 5 winning sequences ? - Start pinball, sorry, i've been lmazy on that just modifying the colormask without checking. I will load the 1.13 ROM to get thios done correctly ! - Catch the red eye : definitely the firmware update, I haven't changed this sequence in the last releases. As on the VPIN, there are still some glitches in the coloring, now that itr is working, I will dig a bit on this problem. - Chicken countdown : I changed the colors, but I see that I forgot to update the keyframes... will correct that quickly. - MBALL : it is displayed correctly but a few transition frames that cannot be done. Will be on the TODO list to do some improved coloring - GOTO MOVIES : some minor changed (light in yellow instead of white, plus additional transition scenes, a bit more colored for the intro) : now that catch the red eye and find benedict are working, I can try to use the same functionnality to color the "add a ball" efffect - Find benedict : so happy to see it works on real pin also I'm still frustated that the skillshot is not fully colored as it is one of the most seen sequences, but, I guess we're close to a fully colored release. And now, the real challenge will begin in improving the color choices. One thing I realize is that I'm testing a lot or my development computer with a onscreen emulated DMD, and the color contrast is not so visible on the real pin2dmd. I will change a bit the palette colors so to have the colors a bit more visible
  3. @Flens You were right for the skillshot... that's another point of not recording on a VPIN.. ! My ball was always hitting on the top shot?? meaning, the winning sequence was always the same. I finally find out how to record the other sequences on my pincab, and I added the colorization of these to the project. Let me know if it works now... I changed the color for the menu, the display should be good whatever the date. No news for now for catch the red eye... I also did some tweaks in the color choices or added some details in some scenes : play chicken, chicken countdown, multiball "add a ball", find benedict... This will be a new "official" release. Hope you enjoy.
  4. Ok, I've actually done again the 5 different ends of the successful skill shot sequence. The D-mask was not applied, i was displaying correctly on my pincab, but as the sync is different with real pin, I guess the copter blades were not a the exact same position meaning it was niot triggered for you guys. Let me know if it works like that.
  5. Hi @Flens, Thanks for the video, I've uploaded a new version to the Google Drive with : - new detection mask for "catch the red eye", I hope it'll wiork on real pin - change the colorization to cover 1.13 start menu - skillshot, for any reason, the Mask was selected but noit used in the keyframes. I've check the frames used in the video you've sent me. I'll double-check the others later on. Unfortunately, to colorize a bit better "ripper blow out" sequence, I uses the same algorithm as "catch the red eye". If I get the latter to work on real pin, I'll have a look at the former. All in all, from what I know from the Pin2DMD Editor, as it is right now, it won't be possible to have a better looking "background with the police cars". I didn't have a look at the latest 64colors that Lucky1 released, and if It can be used for this project. I'll check that later on. I'll have a look on how to improve carcrash sequence, as I was the first sequence I did on this project, I'm now a bit more experienced, and I agree this could be better done. BUT, ColorDMD is registered materiel, while working on this project I knew about that and forced myself not to look on what was done by ColorDMD in order to limit the risk of similar color choices. Therefore, I can improve some scenes to make them look better, but I will keep choosing my own style for it !!
  6. Skillshot : added missing scenes SmartMissile : converted to ColorMask Will jack slater loose : changed to colormask LAH Logo : fixed logo not flashing Crane runaway : changed detection mask Double-jackpot dountdown : fixed detection mask issue
  7. crane jackpot - crane red, see video (crane-jackpot) in dropbox -> was colored/trigger on the french ROM, i'll check the english one + additionnal moditifcations listed on the changelog
  8. Hi @ebor, The VPIN_1.0 is a copy of the release available for now on VPU download section. The WIP files are pin2dmd.pal and pin2dmd.vni directly from the folder. You should install them as is in sub-directory of VpinMame/altcolor/lah_112 Do not hesitate to give feedback if you have issues or bugs. Just have a look at the TODO list or latest messages in this thread to see if it is a known issue or not.
  9. Waouh ! Full report ! Thanks ! beginning multiball - dannys popcorn bag colour mismatch, see video (beginning multiball) in dropbox the first 4 seconds you see bottom left the popcorn bag. -> it was the initial ROM design, but I changed it to make it look clearer now catch the red eye - everything is red - see video (red-eye) in dropbox -> Lucky1 did change the DLL for VPIN to trigger the LCM scene with the first frame of the scene, but I don't know how it works for Realpin crane jackpot - crane red, see video (crane-jackpot) in dropbox -> was colored/trigger on the french ROM, i'll check the english one chicken car crash - at the end of carcrash car is a little yellow - see video (chicken-car-crash) in dropbox. -> BUG : 2nd scene was in wrong mode, please check as it only shows on real pin when getting 10 Mio points at chicken, the six 0 in 10. mio are orange and yellow -> for big scores, it is intended to have yellow / ornage / red (as in LAH) find benedict - countdown still missing i think -> same as for "catch the red eye" see above (works ok on VPIN)
  10. Hi, New update on the google drive : - Super jackpot is colored (countdown / starting screen / end screen) - Double jackpot and crane jackpot should be completely colored now - Changed again the attract mode to color the ball of the data east logo - Changed the "dont use drugs" screen -> hope you'll enjoy - Changed the "6 balls" colors - Continued some changes back from replaceMode to Replace and colormask modes Changelod is updated - I'll keep you updated while going on ! Thanks @Terranigma for the vids, it helps !
  11. Hi, I've updated the google drive with a new version that should be correcting some errors shown by @Flens video. Thanks for sharing, it helps ! The changelog on first page is updated if you want to have some details over the last changes.
  12. Hi, I've updated the files on the Google Drive. I've updated the color to use more ColorMAsk mode which seems to be more reliable with realpins : - data east logo in attract mode : the ball in in ColorMask. I've left the "Data East logo" in replace mode due to color choices, let me know if you see red frames. - dyn feat lit / dyn-feat-explode : changed to CM - magnet sequences (last / action / hero) : changed to CM - insert coin : changed to CM + support for French ROM - benedict found : changed to CM - end-scn (game over scrolling) : changed to CM - play chicken : changed back to Replace Mode (was changed to ReplaceSequence Mode) : let me know if it works - ball 1 locked / ball2locked : changed back to Replace mode (was in ReplaceSeuence) - dyn feat - big mistake : changed back to replace mode (was in replace sequence mode) - push start (both versions with our without border) : changed to CM mode If you could check these changes on realpins and give feed back before I go on changing everything ? Merry Christmas !
  13. Sorry, I mixed two scenes on the french rom... ! It's corrected on the google drive
  14. Hi, Thanks for the new videos, it helps ! - New issue - The initial words "Last Action Hero" animation now lag and look like they have dropped a lot of frames. => link to new ReplaceSequence Mode.. not sure I may change back to previous mode... - First Data East logo animation is still red. The next ones still get stuck besides the one before the DCS animation. => I 'll send you some files to check before modifying again my whole project - The DCS animation gets cut in half at the last frame => ? - The finger for the push start animation also is stuck same as before. => Modified to ColorMask, hope it'll help - Tales from the crypt animation is still good! No red at the end now. => Changed to ColorMask, which is the best option when not havong to much colors.. ! - Participate in local tournaments repeats at the end. => Link to the ROM ?? - Don't Move animation, after he pulls back his gun a white square is left on the image. => changed the detection mask, should solve the issue - Second run of the above and the Last Action Hero lag is not presenting and the DCS animation is ok. Not sure why. I am compiling a video now. - Find benedict scene has an initial scene but doesn't show a countdown. Just stays on "Shoot scoops to search for benedict" => issue starting the LCM mode, i'll send another file along DATA east logo, just to test the two scenes - Hitting the 3 eyes displays the correct scene but has a red frame at the end (Benedicts bonus boost) -> added on TODO list - Chicken Car animation seems to be frozen with just the image of the car -> not sure why - Wild Card animation doesn't look to be coloured. => it was... I changed the colors (still has work to find out better looking colors...) - Balls Draining animation not coloured? and has the red frame in between => added on TODO list - Scene with person holding a ball just has RA L letters => added on TODO list (to chekc and add keyframes) - Next Ramp 10 million running animation doesn't look fully coloured and some red frames in between => will be checking - M-Ball ready animation with cars, red frame appears when the 2 men with the machine gun and dynamite in hand are shown => added one missing keyframe, should be ok - The Word "Match" at the end has a frame of red => added a few extra frames, should colormask this if possible, let me know if you still have red frames in the end !
  15. Hi @Terranigma, @Yopi has tried to update his realpin with the lastest file, but it seems the pin2dmd is stuck at the very beginning. Did you have the chance to test the lastest file on yours ? I've been spending some time converting the animations that were in "replace" Mode to "ReplaceSequence" Mode in order to have a better sync for the scenes, and hopefully get rid of the final frames that remain not colorized. Did you see any improvements ? Could you please also confirm if the "catch the red eye" countdown and "find benedict" countdown scenes are colored ?
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