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  1. Hi Sascha,

    I've sent you several PMs recently and not had a reply - are you receiving them?


  2. Which i3 CPU exactly are you using?
  3. I run a fairly low spec PC so I need to disable the dB2S on some of the beefier tables so they run better. Rather than have no backglass at all, disabling the Hide Backglass at least gives me a static backglass for those tables.
  4. If I can add my 2c worth. In your original post, you mentioned that "I was able to unselect hide backglass". How did you do that? The reason i ask is that there is a "tag" that you can use in the table list XML file in PinballX called <HideBackGlass>. This is used so when you run a table PinballX keeps displaying its Backglass image. If you have all your tables set up to do that then the backglass image will probably be sitting on top of the B2S backglass.
  5. You can set the colour in VPinMAME if you want. Just run a DMD table then hit F1 and set the colour there. Restart by pressing F3 and keep doing that until you are happy with the orange hue your DMD is displaying. Take note of that colour code. To then set that for all your DMD tables, download and run SetDMD from http://www.pinballbulbs.com/files/setdmd.html and run it. Follow the instructions on that site and you should be ablwe to work out how to set that asame orange for ALL your tables. If you choose the Set as Default then every new table will automatically acquire that orange as the DMD colour.
  6. I had a similar issue a coule of weeks ago where i was getting random "stuck" pixels that were illuminating in red. My initial though was that it was the panels, but I swapped them for another pair and it did the same thing. I then swapped the shield board - still the same thing. I then swapped to a different Discovery board and the problem was gone.
  7. Sorry to be a pain, but I haven't been able to find the README.TXT file you're referencing. Can you please point me to it so I can give it a read?
  8. Ah ok - I got the minimal install so I didn't see a readme file! So for Stern tables such as AC/DC, Avengers, Corvette etc where I've modded their ROMs with DIFF files and use DAT files called via the table script to get the 16 colour palette, how do I get them to work with this new VPinMAME?
  9. That worked - is it documented anywhere?
  10. OK, I did all that you advised but it doesn't work, either running a table via VP or using Test in the VPinMAME Setup. All I end up with is a blank DMD screen and VPinMAME appears to be working correctly. Have I missed something?
  11. So do we use this version of VPinMAME: Does that version work with PIN2DMD? I'm confused!
  12. Yes it was a firmware related issue - all good now. I also agree re power supply, as I have mine connected to a 5VDC 3A plug pack and it works perfectly well. Even when being driven heavily with every pixel lit up brightly it displays as well as expected.
  13. How are you doing that? It would be a much quicker process (obviously!!) than actually playing all the tables and hoping to trigger every possible animation in a "session" so I'd be interesting to give that method a try.
  14. I managed to get my VPinMAME dump working. Weirdly, it was in the tables DIR and appeared to work after I created a c:\tmp DIR. Go figure! I'm now at the bottom apex and the steep learning curve that wiredworm seems to be scaling with great aplomb. I just hope he comes good with that dummies guide as this one here could sure use it..........