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  1. OzStick

    Pin2DMD - Will it display same as a TV

  2. OzStick

    Pin2DMD/GoDMD with GRB Panels

    So are the settings saved on the Discovery board, or an SD-Card?
  3. OzStick

    Pin2DMD/GoDMD with GRB Panels

    Just to reiterate, the PIN2DMD units I make up are for use with VPin ONLY, so I'd prefer to avoid adding any non-essential components to the Shields. As a point of interest, if anything is altered via the onscreen menu then how are the settings saved? On the Discovery board? If so, then can I use a "fully featured" shield to access the onscreen menu and make changes, then once the settings are saved swap over to a "barebones" shield?
  4. OzStick

    Pin2DMD/GoDMD with GRB Panels

    Latest version of Sascha's Shield, however I only put the bare necessities on them as I am making PIN2DMDs to suit virtual pinball only. Looks like I'll stick to modding the cable to swap the wires over.
  5. OzStick

    Pin2DMD/GoDMD with GRB Panels

    Can't do that as my Shields don't have the button on them!!
  6. After watching your video I feel the need to give you some feedback, which I hope you don't take too harshly, but i don't know how else to put it. Just my opinion, but I don't think it's a great idea to take a swipe at people for "not ever praising" you in a video where you move the camera around excessively and ramble on at a thousand miles an hour in a generally incoherent manner. Having read (or more accurately, TRIED to read) many of your posts, I think the reason that nobody is replying or thanking you for your innovations and suggestions is that they have no idea WTF you are on about!!! You use very little grammar, if any, and when posting a new thread you tend to misuse the Subject line which is just confusing. If you have made the subject a bit more meaningful, such as "Simple solution to bleeding colours on RGB panels" and then given a full explanation in your post as to what you did to solve the problem then you'd probably find that a lot more people would not only read your post, but reply to it with some positive feedback!! Not everyone here (myself included) has an in depth understanding of electronics so although they may take a look at your threads, once again many of us have no idea what you're suggesting. You definitely have something to contribute, but for your own sake please just take a deep breath and think about the best way to present your contributions here!
  7. OzStick

    Pin2DMD/GoDMD with GRB Panels

    Is that the onscreen menu via PIN2DMD.EXE?
  8. OzStick

    Pin2DMD/GoDMD with GRB Panels

    So if we end up with GRB panels "by mistake", there will be a config option to change it instead of needing a cable mod? That would be great - how far off is the next firmware release?
  9. OzStick

    Pin2DMD/GoDMD with GRB Panels

    Yeah I figured that much out, but where do we find a pinout diagram to know WHICH wires need to be swapped? Is it just the one cable from the Shield to the one panel that needs to be done, or does the cable connecting both panels together need to be modified as well??
  10. OzStick

    Pin2DMD/GoDMD with GRB Panels

    Is there any info on how to do this? There seems to be a lot of GRB panels around so it might be worthwhile having a pinout with a simple tutorial available so the less technical amongst us can fix up their panels if they receive the wrong type.
  11. Hi Sascha,

    I've sent you several PMs recently and not had a reply - are you receiving them?


  12. OzStick

    Pc Hardware For Vpx Cabs

    Which i3 CPU exactly are you using?
  13. I run a fairly low spec PC so I need to disable the dB2S on some of the beefier tables so they run better. Rather than have no backglass at all, disabling the Hide Backglass at least gives me a static backglass for those tables.
  14. If I can add my 2c worth. In your original post, you mentioned that "I was able to unselect hide backglass". How did you do that? The reason i ask is that there is a "tag" that you can use in the table list XML file in PinballX called <HideBackGlass>. This is used so when you run a table PinballX keeps displaying its Backglass image. If you have all your tables set up to do that then the backglass image will probably be sitting on top of the B2S backglass.
  15. You can set the colour in VPinMAME if you want. Just run a DMD table then hit F1 and set the colour there. Restart by pressing F3 and keep doing that until you are happy with the orange hue your DMD is displaying. Take note of that colour code. To then set that for all your DMD tables, download and run SetDMD from http://www.pinballbulbs.com/files/setdmd.html and run it. Follow the instructions on that site and you should be ablwe to work out how to set that asame orange for ALL your tables. If you choose the Set as Default then every new table will automatically acquire that orange as the DMD colour.