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  1. I make PIN2DMDs for customers based on a highly modded "bare bones" shield board that is loosely based on the V3 board and I stick with older firmware because I come from the school of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". This configuration has served me and my customers extremely well, with nobody reporting any compatability or performance issues to me for quite some time. Unless I'm completely missing something by not updating to the Nucleo then I'd really much prefer sticking with the Discovery board!
  2. Don't bother - if the PC is running XP that's a fairly good indication that it is running ancient/underpowered hardware. You're bound to find better quality and value if you look locally - where are you located?
  3. I've searched for the WIP Beta to download but can't find it. Could someone link it please?
  4. For anyone following this thread, we have confirmed that these panels do indeed run fine on v2.65. As it turns out the plug packs I normally use were found to be putting out nearly 5.4v whcih these panels do not like. Using a power supply with voltage adjustment and tweaking down to 4.95v produced perfect results. So the moral of the story for me is to take more notice of firmware updates and be better at understanding exactly what the updates achieve!!
  5. OK, so I plugged everything back in, switched on the power, hit the reset button (the one on the back of the Discovery board) and whaddya know: So I guess I get to be the village idiot for a while..........
  6. @lucky1 - are you able to say whether these panels will work: They are from a different supplier, but I need to source some more panels right away so I'm searching around for some that I KNOW will work!
  7. I don't include the reset button on my shields, so I have no idea what it would do!
  8. I went all the way down to 4.6v and no dice, the display just goes blank - not a single pixel is illuminated. It stays like that all the way back up to 4.95v and then it just goes straight to the nightmare seen in my previous picture.
  9. @lucky1 I've made some progress, bust still got some way to go. After updating the firmware from v2.55 (which up to now has been great for all my panels) to v2.65, I am now getting this: Could voltage be the issue? The above is running a 5v 3A plug pack.
  10. Hi All, I know I don't post much but figured I should with this as it may have a wide impact. As we know there are a number of suppliers out there with these panels and recently a few people have been having problems with them due to the manufacturer using different components. Up until a few days ago I'd been very lucky with the supplier I get my panels from as I'd not even had so much as a dead pixel on ANY panel they've sold me for over 12 months. That all changed with this last batch I got late last week as NONE OF THEM WORK. I tried going from 5v down to 4.5v as others have needed to do with their panels recently but still nothing. So I go back to the supplier and they advise me they've changed to a different IC chip on the back of the panels. As per the attached pic, they now use FM6126A, whereas they were previously using ICN2028AP. Apparently the ICN2028AP has been "eliminated" and they are using the 6126 instead. To me it's more likely that they are simply cheaper! This new IC is not compatible for use with PIN2DMD!!!! It might be a good idea if one of the admins can make a sticky in the PIN2DMD section where we can post pics of the back of our panels and/or quote the IC model numbers so we can create a list of what works and what doesn't. My supplier is refusing a refund as he insists that there is nothing wrong with the product and he is not responsible for knowing how every customer plans on using it. He is, however, willing to make me a batch of panels with IC 2038S, which "according to his experience" should be suitable. I'd prefer to know for certain before forking out more money for more useless panels! I'd be grateful if others could look at the back of their panels and reply with the model number of their ICs so I can go back to my supplier knowing what chips will work. Cheers, Chris
  11. So are the settings saved on the Discovery board, or an SD-Card?
  12. Just to reiterate, the PIN2DMD units I make up are for use with VPin ONLY, so I'd prefer to avoid adding any non-essential components to the Shields. As a point of interest, if anything is altered via the onscreen menu then how are the settings saved? On the Discovery board? If so, then can I use a "fully featured" shield to access the onscreen menu and make changes, then once the settings are saved swap over to a "barebones" shield?
  13. Latest version of Sascha's Shield, however I only put the bare necessities on them as I am making PIN2DMDs to suit virtual pinball only. Looks like I'll stick to modding the cable to swap the wires over.
  14. Can't do that as my Shields don't have the button on them!!
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